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  1. ashes

    Ohhh okay thanks guys.
  2. ashes

    I saw a guy in-game wearing gloves but in all my searching through the clothes menu I haven't found any. I know they're probably in the accessories lists but I can't find any. Can anyone help? I should also note that many accessory textures don't show up for me, for example when I flick through Accessories2 nothing seems to change at all.
  3. ashes

    Thanks, I wasn't sure where to find the right place to post it
  4. ashes

    I was browsing Motorbikes at the dealership and when I went to preview the Dinka Double-T my game glitched and registered my inputs as purchasing the bike. So now I've lost 53k and gained a bike I hate. Hoping a refund is possible. Or if someone wants one of these bikes and is willing to take it from me, instead of the dealership, for the same price, I'd be okay with that too.