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  1. Omerta

    this is 🔥
  2. Username: DS Comment: Great magazine.
  3. Omerta

    Username: SINNER Comment: the officer said nothing wrong fuck monkeys
  4. Omerta

  5. Omerta

  6. Omerta

    Name: Daniel Santoro Phone number: 34589917 Offer: $610,000 Signature: D.S.
  7. Omerta

    chigurh is an innocent man
  8. Omerta

    take it far boys
  9. Omerta

    my hero
  10. Character name: Daniel Santoro UCP name: inuyasha (Discord name?): brian#1829 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 4614 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Rothstein's Jewelry NOTE: The exit is inside of another property that is the garage of the Rothstein's Jewelry building. The name of the property itself is "Rothstein's Jewelry Garage" and the ID is 6053. Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor?
  11. Omerta

    All sold. L&A please.