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  1. Glenn.

    Carson Avenue, Davis
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  4. Glenn.

    Contact: [email protected] ,PH:8181 Bid: 600,000
  5. Glenn.

    Contact: [email protected] ,PH:8181 Bid: 490,000
  6. Glenn.

    Contact: [email protected] ,PH:8181 Bid: 450,000
  7. Glenn.

  8. Glenn.

    What are you talking about? Asking for a way to simulate competitive golf into an experience is not metagaming. Edit: I have been trying to figure out a way of doing this with a tabletop game that uses a grid over maps with a D6 and a D4, with 4 different clubs (pitch, driver, put and one iron club with different variables for where you can choose to go on that grid depending on what you roll with the D6.) I can't find the manual for said tabletop game, but I got half finished guide on how to simulate it with pictures of grids for all the current 9 holes. If this may help you guys in any way of figuring out a simulation I'll be happy to send it your way.
  9. Glenn.

    I have a question. Do you guys have some kind of simulation for how you can roleplay-wise do competitive golf? I'm very much interested in reaching out to try and figure out if there's a way to set up a charity event with this organization if there is?
  10. Glenn.

    Buying any house property with a garage in the region of Vespucci. (Preferably Vespucci Canals). Open for any offer. Contact: Telephone: 8181
  11. Glenn.

    Going to be interesting and hopefully the ck requests will work out. Hopefully, we will get more clarification on what requirements that needs to be done to request and get such a request approved.
  12. 2 years have passed quickly. ? Awaiting the surprises coming up! POG
  13. Glenn.

    If u want to upgrade ur computer you need to buy a new motherboard at the moment, otherwise, it's not worth it as your motherboard possibly has an am3 socket for your CPU and ddr3 instead of ddr4 for your RAM. You should also remember that in a years time the new CPU gen will have a new socket on the Intel side at least, not sure about AMD's ryzen and vega architecture. Best sockets available for the newest generation is am4 for ryzen cpu's and Intel's socket 1151 (remember that coffee lake is the latest gen and that it also goes under the socket 1151, but only fits with the coffee lake gen motherboards and not the old ones with the same name.) Regarding ddr4 it also seems like there's a new socket (ddr5) for RAM might coming out next generation as well, but that's only rumors at this moment from the latest tech expo's as they've only shown concepts so far. I would wait until January and see if anything new will be released during the las vegas Consumer Electronics Show.
  14. Glenn.

    Well deserved promotion! I don't know how many times the last few months I've been helped by @Ikechukwu
  15. Such a shame that the client got sold to somebody who clearly got the wrong intentions, but I guess that's life eh? Mad cred to Nervous for telling us about the possible issue that will happen with the client and hopefully the server will become bigger with the move to another gta client.