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  1. I wonder the same thing on a lot of suggestions here lol. Support for the idea.
  2. @Fergie I know, I re-read and edited my entire post. Apologies!
  3. Re-read the suggestion and completely changing my post. I agree with removing the “Checkmark” being purchasable, but just leave the rest of the package the way it is. Let the check mark become something that must be applied for, like an application. I don’t see many people getting all worked up if all they lose is the checkmark, but keep the rest of the package the same.
  4. This. Pretty simple concept and easy to implement I would think.
  5. What's the animation called where they are actually holding the phone as if they are standing in a mirror taking a picture of themselves. You actually see them holding a physical phone in their hands. I can't find it and I'm still learning Menyoo lol. Or is it Photoshop or something? Like this: https://face.gta.world/photos/4662 or https://face.gta.world/photos/4806
  6. Chief

    Kidnapping rules

    I'd say it would be more realistic to target married couples or people with siblings. There are quite a few now in this server. Realistically, I'm not sure if it would pay off to just kidnap people and call their friends. Unfortunately, a lot of people are really tied to their money and they may just not elect to pay it and deal with the IC consequences. If you target people who are invested in their RP with a significant other (spouse) or a family member, that may be doable. Still would take a lot of proper IC planning and build up so that you cover all of your angles, as you mentioned. You don't want it to be something that's completely random.
  7. Chief

    Kidnapping rules

    It would fall under the $5000 limit as its cash that you're taking. As for the second part of your question, I would say that's a tad bit on the unrealistic side considering normally you wouldn't just perform a kidnapping, then blindly call their friends and demand money. Ransoms don't work that way generally. It's usually someone with a deep emotional connection like a family member (you kidnap someone's son/daughter/etc) and you've already done your research into the people you are demanding money from. It's not just a "let's call friends in their phone and ask for money". I'd report you if you did that to me lol.
  8. Chief


    This is something you should find out in-character.
  9. To me this is mostly an issue of oversight and I think that would slowly fix the other issues. Used car dealerships are not being held to the same standard of RP, it's that simple. However, it's on players to help and report these people when they do sub-standard RP at dealerships. Admins can not be all places at one time and these things tend to slip under the radar after a while, especially with 400-600 people online during peak times. Report car dealerships who sell/buy cars with zero RP or little/half-assed RP. Keep reporting them. There wouldn't be so many fly-by-night dealerships, trust me. Car dealership properties should be required to have a building where business can be concluded, the way it would be realistically. Personally the one-two line /me's with the paperwork in the middle of a parking lot is a joke. The standard of RP for these dealerships needs to be much higher. Players need to help Admins by reporting the bad apples. The Admin team needs to have an overall higher standard for who/where/what can be a dealership. As for the money to be made, it's not realistic but we're not in a realistic economy. Can't blame capitalism for existing in the server, even if they do make a lot of money. Better RP standards would help improve this area as well though.
  10. Found this suggestion that might help build towards something more concrete.
  11. Username: HelloThere Comment: .... We had a mayor?
  12. It's simply. Make the Applaud and Thanks reactions not add to the "REP" that's listed on your profile and thus being able to be used without a daily limit. Only the Upvote would add to the REP and thus keeping the system of people not abusing the friend-for-friend likes crap that will inevitably come with this suggestion. Best of both worlds.
  13. This. I’d love to hear from the continuity team.
  14. Chief

    The recent riots

    Lol and here is where I stopped reading. Completely false. Have you ever been a part of a protest turned violent? Probably not. Explains why you have no clue.
  15. Username: HelloThere Comment: 3 days and no word from the Mayor or anyone in the Los Santos Government. This seems totally fine. No wonder this is a complete shit show. The people in charge don’t give a shit.
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