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  1. I'm planning on joining the FD as soon as I RP'ly finish my last month in the Los Santos University, Emergency Medicine classes. I'm honestly inclined to RP as much as it needs to. Like some said, it's about realism. I don't spend hours on reading medical practices, learning names of this and that just to be told "rush it bro, move fast". No, this is a heavy RP server focused on realism, right? Idc if you find it boring, idc if you get annoyed. I will RP, AS MUCH AS IT NEEDS TO BE depending on the situation. TL:DR? Keep things as they are, don't rush and enjoy the RP.
  2. SezzeseParola

    Love the scam ❤️
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    Dissa' rave.
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  5. SezzeseParola

    UPDATE: Weeks passed by as her paranoid schizophrenia started showing around the ones she considered family. Small outbursts, from her mind not agreeing with reality to delusional denial of past events and mild halucinations of the faces that hurt the most hauting Ynez. She soon became trusted enough to carry on with the protection of Faith, putting her own life on the line for Cross' future wife. One day, as she was working on a car for someone in the workshop, heard on her hidden earpiece Aria's voice trembling from fear. As the word started to spread around the barrio in a matter of minutes, Ynez alongside other members followed Aria's description of where she was. They found Aria, shreds of clothes ripped apart, laying on the cold ground under a bridge in Chumash. At that moment Ynez felt devastated since during her time in Los Santos, she developed a bond with the kid. Her PTSD from her previous abuses started to show up as she was driving back to the Barrio, in a close call with another coming from the opposite direction. After they finally reached the projects, they got Aria in Cross' house and Ynez had to be the one that took care of her, putting a whole lot of stress on her mind. She did her best, cleaning Aria's cuts and bruises and patching her up. As the night started to set in, Ynez spoke to Aria about the attacker and managed to gather vital pieces of information, which ultimately led to his capture. A white supremacist, nazist, with a swastika on his bald head. Ynez spent days looking around the most common places where Nazis usually gathered, not finding anything. Unbeknownst to her though, Cross already spoke to some dangerous exponents of the cartel about finding him. A phone call, some weeks later, woke Ynez up as she heard an unknown mexican voice on the other side:We got him. Seconds later, the call ended and in a matter of minutes she recieved a location. She made her way there as quickly as she could, after packing up a set of knives from her apartament's kitchen. Upon arrival, she spotted a tied bald man sporting a swastika on his head. A deep, scary silence set upon her senses as she made her way towards him. She didn't speak, as her anger was about to get unleashed. Ynez pistol whipped him as blood and some teeths flew from his mouth, the man falling on his side. *Disclaimer: Gore content.* She then took out one knife and carved on his chest, into his flesh: Chomo & Rapist. As she was admiring the blood flowing from his wounds, reached for his pants pulling them off alongside his boxers and took gripped his dick with her head, as tight as she could and in the end, cutting it off. A fountain of blood splattered on her clothes as she still wasn't satisfied and blunged the knife deep into his chest, pulling downwards towards his belly completely and effectively disemboweling him. He soon died from extreme shock, followed by critical hemorrhage. After the deed was done, she didn't even look into the two mexican's eyes that were standing next to the body as she made her way to her car with bloodied hands and clothes. That added to her mental conditions greatly, making her more and more cold and desensitized to everything that surrounded her.
  6. SezzeseParola

    This, is, godtier.
  7. SezzeseParola

    Love the unique concept you're bringing on the server, kudos and keep up. ❤️
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    Pirate rave radios ❤️
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    God tier genre.
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    Stab city god tier <3.
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    Ait ok, you won.
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    ^ ^ Fuckable 10/10
  13. Shit.... holy shit... 187 in da' house over there forreal..