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  1. cryybabyycryy

    Make him some lunch cause he looks like a good guy
  2. cryybabyycryy

    Price? I am intrested Offering 250,000
  3. cryybabyycryy

    off topic, but you can order lockpicks off amazon..
  4. cryybabyycryy

    This you missed the point.. He implies he isnt into erp but says right in it that if others do it cool. The post is about the legality of advertising sex work publicly.
  5. cryybabyycryy

    Its a fine line. I live in a place where prostitution is legal, when regulated. Ads for it are not in any way legal. I am all for some prostitute/escort rp as these are real life things but I wish it would be kept at a more illegal thing and done quietly. Also I don't know many if any that rp this long term.. Rp a escort, make money fast..name change and get all you want. That is a popular thing round here.
  6. cryybabyycryy

    Hood shit.
  7. cryybabyycryy

    call 911, cry, pee a lil.
  8. cryybabyycryy

    Glad to see you are back at it Killy and Co!
  9. cryybabyycryy

    ^ yea that. Thanks ❤️
  10. The illegal economy is bunk. Few ways to get cash other than your paycheck.. Robbing people leads to salt and admin reports, jacking cars is hard to do and not very profitable, broken when the server resets, and most vpark anyway. People use OOC knowledge not to hire you (it happens, it isn't provable) and I think that is a big turn off for illegal rp.. Players get bored. I am not sure its even money being the issue, money is easy to get, its activities that are available when your faction isn't online,
  11. cryybabyycryy

    Big difference to me of npcs in the background and rping with a npc. A npc or four in a menyoo at a pool doesn't hinder any of my rp.