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  1. cryybabyycryy

    I had the same issues, also a ryzen 5, 16gb and a 2060 but i fixed by moving to a ssd. I also noticed that my ram wasnt being read right at the same time and i was only running 8. Let me know if i can help anyway since the setup is so similar.
  2. cryybabyycryy

    Here is some clarity on ads and why you got kicked for that.
  3. cryybabyycryy

    first time mapping months ago, beach walk talk and pawn
  4. cryybabyycryy

    Cute tiny corner of a generic apt for a dog 🙂
  5. cryybabyycryy

    Traphouse. Solo project finally.
  6. cryybabyycryy

    https://youtu.be/QrdjQKQrI3I elegance runway and office, made by myself at @Mishka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WrpElKXLEw&feature=emb_title La Puerta Apartment, made by myself, @Jura and @Modesty Pipeline office, I did not do the structure but the room was empty and I did the furnishing. I believe @Cara did the structure.
  7. cryybabyycryy

  8. cryybabyycryy

    I cut hairs. Lots and lots of them.
  9. cryybabyycryy

    ❤️ so glad to be part of this. You are an amazing bunch.
  10. cryybabyycryy

    Just Kidding! its all in good fun!
  11. cryybabyycryy

  12. cryybabyycryy

    Make him some lunch cause he looks like a good guy
  13. cryybabyycryy

    Price? I am intrested Offering 250,000