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  1. Hey! Let these guys get the 24/7 back. It's amazing. They're like the PD's deli at VHQ.
  2. Saccs

    2 things. Make sure you understand the situation entirely, and make sure you’re not mistaking a rubber bullet shotgun for a real shotgun, or a tazer. If we unjustifiably shot someone, we’d be investigated and fired. So yeah, bring us some hard facts and don’t throw that garbage around.
  3. Saccs

    No pictures of the inside?
  4. I love the graphics. Wishing you the best!
  5. Saccs

    You can check the record, it was between 12:38 to 12:41 PM on FEB 1, 2019 IN GAME TIME.
  6. Character Name: Noah Davidson Forum Name: Saccs Discord Name: Zani Property ID: 1256 Property Type (House/Business): House Number of Interior You Want on the List: 6 Price of Interior: $20,000 Location of Property: 1234 Mirror Park Boulevard Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: http://prntscr.com/mewtrd I, NOAH DAVIDSON, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  7. Saccs

    Thing looks great man. +1 for this. Great roleplayer too.
  8. Definitely supported. Always wanted this change from the day 1, so +1.
  9. Saccs

    +1 this suggestion. Very good idea.
  10. Saccs

    Still selling?
  11. I’ll be able to buy the house out on Saturday or Sunday. Contact me via email posted if interested. (( Forum PM ))
  12. Saccs

    After the Morina Crime Family gathered the information on the Dutch from Deborah, they drugged, physically abused, and left Deborah up North to possibly die. Deborah called the only Albanian she could possibly trust at the time, and gave him directions to her location. Adrian was able to convince John Mathers into letting him take Deborah back to Los Santos by persuading him that it was worse to leave her in her current state; drugged and left out in public in Paleto.
  13. Saccs

    He’s just getting workman’s comp that’s it
  14. Saccs

    Why all of dem for female? :( Seriously though I hate the aged look on everyone's face.