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  1. Serower

    No real paparazzi, no "fans", a city that is collectively full of people trying to go after their own ambitions. All those are factors that will lead to the failure of your celebrity character. No one that'll roleplay a paparazzi will be able to capture the scene in a proper way with the right sound effects and the hard work that goes behind the creation of the video, not to mention the lack of things your character will be doing. Unless there's a genuine faction that is truly gigantic, making this work will be very hard, especially not with a playerbase of 150 players, with a huge amount of cops that probably won't care, civilians that run their own companies and doing other jobs, and criminals that are just committing crimes. Very rarely do you see this kind of roleplay succeed, and a lot of those celebrities end up being ingrained in the public eye too much that slowly there would be no real meaning to their fame because of how easy they are to find and speak to. If you wish to do it, go ahead, but you'll burn out quicker than you think. Development wise you won't go anywhere, because there isn't a faction to host you or work with you to shape up your character, unless you wish to start an already developed character, which will be impossible in this case because you can do anything except have predetermined fame for a character you have done nothing on.
  2. Serower

    Sounds like latency issues to me, only choice you have is upgrading your internet.
  3. Serower

    Love this. Very interesting to see characters like this pop up.
  4. Serower

    It's all good man, I understand. If you're in game for 30 minutes and nothing happens to the download then let us know and I'll try to see if there's anything I could do to help.
  5. Serower

    Calm down buddy, people aren't constantly refreshing the page waiting for your topic to pop up. As for the issue, I had it but after some time it just kept going on its own and then I gained access to the server. You should just wait, the download will go by fast once it starts.
  6. Serower

    u boys still playing? thinking of returning but apparently the pvp classes are still imbalanced and mystic is the new meta lmao
  7. Serower

    Impossible to do unless you tweak the files.
  8. Serower

    Archived as OP didn't update the topic. Message me if you want this back.
  9. Serower

    Politics and religion are sensitive topics, especially in a gaming community. I've always felt like the politics channel was out of place just because it didn't fit in on a gaming server. I like to keep everything on a Discord server associated to the primary purpose of it, in this case, it's a gaming community, I wouldn't want it drifting off in any other religious/political direction. But I don't mind it until people start pushing their political beliefs down your throat. I'd say I tried to be neutral towards this channel but it just became a hotspot for indirect racism and political arguments that simply have no benefit or hold any value at all.
  10. Serower

    Sorry I didn't notice this. They've been paid though. L&A
  11. Serower

  12. Serower

    Try checking active Windows updates, see what's going on.
  13. Serower

    It's a common PUP, run your anti-virus and see what happens.
  14. Serower

  15. Serower

    Simple, when one player deletes their character, make it so that it takes two days before it's gone permanently. Just in case a player gets hacked and this happens to them, or if someone's having a bad day and they end up deleting their characters and regretting it later.