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  1. Serower

    I'm all for mayor roleplay, honestly speaking. I think the government should be more active in game and especially participating in events that involve governmental agencies, as well as their own, whilst marking their own presence as well. There should be a mayor as well as a mayoral security detail, secretaries, receptionists, engineers and such. Not only will this provide more roleplay experience, but I think it'll also allow people to view government roleplay for what it is, because it can genuinely be fun. I'm all for a player-run government and elections but I don't view it as an extremely high priority for the time being and think I'd be okay with it taking a lot of time till it is done. I'm sure this is already in the works though.
  2. Serower

    Amazing screenshots. Following.
  3. Because Ammunation does not control the flow of weapons and under realistic terms, they operate under certain conditions which I suppose they'd be disallowed to sell more than two guns in that case. Either way; I think the solution to the aforementioned scenario isn't to increase the amount of guns you can purchase, but rather increase the security measures taken when guarding a business. For example; if you're opening up a club, you should have a doorman that asks to frisk people before they come in as a preventative measure to stop scenarios such as this from happening. I'm shocked at how many clubs I hvae been to without any real doormen searching the people that come in, which is fine, but it only leads to the existence of a topic like this when it could be easily avoided. I agree with you, I did role play a security guard in the past and I know what you're talking about. Do read the comment I left up there to Pan Grama and let me know if that doesn't work out, because I honestly believe there are many ways to prevent this. I'm sure no one will come up to you and kill you if you don't allow them into the club without a search. Should be fairly easy to deal with, to be honest.
  4. Take it how you want it, but in a realistic scenario, shooting is your own responsibility. I never said go for warning shots, I said stall the shootout by not trying to get involved in it too much but rather making sure you're safe but also in a position where you can protect yourself until the police arrives, not being "out there" and trying to act like a cop. The moment your character gets killed, that's it, this is why I suggested this as not only a more realistic approach to the way you handle things, but also because it'll save you that gun slot you're complaining about. If you choose to call that dumb, then I don't know what you'd call the entire scandal you've been ranting about in this entire thread about how "two guns a month isn't enough" because it clearly isn't working when you lose them that fast Whether you choose to take me serious or not, that doesn't matter. There are consequences to be had and there are laws that exist within IC terms that disallow you from owning several weapons at once anyways, and I doubt the IC rules of gun licenses will be reformed to suit your needs because they exist under a realistic dimension. What you're suggesting only encourages further stockpiling, no matter how you look at it. You can request to own two different kinds of pistols in your applications for a weapons license and it'll be legal in that case because they're two different models, not to mention how it wouldn't eat up a slot for nothing because you can only buy shotguns and pistols legally anyway, so you might as well just request two pistol models and a shotgun model. All I see is excuses on your part; If you need more than two weapons IC'ly then I suggest you find a solution for the problem by your own term. If you think stash vehicles are shit roleplay, which I agree with by the way, but if you're going to be complaining about how this hinders your roleplay as a guard then I think considering them as a preventative measure is probably a much better alternative to complaining about an issue that could otherwise be solved if you were to put more planning in the way you go about dealing with your weapons.
  5. No reason to type like this and bring in a childish attitude. If you're that worried about your profession then you'd be better off buying two handguns and storing one somewhere for work and another for personal use rather than suggesting to buy five guns a month because you get robbed or killed a lot. The likelihood of your gun being stolen while it's stored in your car that you don't use while it's parked near a safe zone or as you're offline is zero. Why don't you count that as a precaution?
  6. Serower

    I disagree. You act like PD members plan out their every move over TS. You do realize that PD has extremely strict rules over planning and saying things that could be said IC'ly over TS? For example, if PD is in pursuit with a suspect and he crashes into a wall and they have him surrounded, from there, most of the chatter will be IC because there is no reason for them to be using TS anymore as everything else can be stated IC'ly. PD is also heavily monitored by Faction Management whereas the same can't be provided for every single faction on the server, not to mention the abuse that would come out of it, but because PD manages to set those rules in place and are capable of executing them whilst remaining under extreme FM supervision, that makes it easier to do rather than just monitoring every single faction and being in their Discord/TeamSpeak or other VOIP programs. I think that'd be really hard to do and I believe PD maintains a proper standard when it comes to using TeamSpeak to make sure it is fair for both sides.
  7. I believe a lot of GC holders misunderstand the concept behind the license. The goal of having this license is to simply guard any assigned premises or subjects whilst also minimizing shootouts as much as possible. The correct way to go on about this would be to call 911 and stall shootouts rather than taking the matter into your own hands just because you get a thrill out of shootouts. In my opinion, it should stay as is, this only encourages negative behavior and stupid decision-making that'll be reflected on all guard card holders in game simply because it is influenced by their OOC knowledge of how many guns they can purchase. You shouldn't willfully engage in combat because you're a guard, if you have the ability to call 911 whilst also stalling the shootout as much possible, then you should use that opportunity to act based off that thought. By stalling a shootout I mean not shooting to kill but rather shooting to keep the shooter focused on you whilst others can escape and police can arrive ASAP. Not to mention how this may fuck up the entire process of finding stolen weaponry in-game for police officers now, because if you have five guns attached to your name every month, the likelihood of them being stolen away from you after you is very high, which is another reason why I think it shouldn't be taken lightly. When you have access to two firearms a month, then it makes the search process easier and it makes it quite a big deal for your character to lose their weapon, whereas if you can just access guns like there's no tomorrow, then you wouldn't mind your gun being stolen.
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    European Broads
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    European Broads
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    Unregistered; looking at 165k to sell it. Brand new condition, low mileage. Stock with no modifications whatsoever. Send a message if you are interested. Looking to sell it ASAP.
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