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  1. Serower

    u boys still playing? thinking of returning but apparently the pvp classes are still imbalanced and mystic is the new meta lmao
  2. Serower

    Impossible to do unless you tweak the files.
  3. Serower

    Archived as OP didn't update the topic. Message me if you want this back.
  4. Serower

    Politics and religion are sensitive topics, especially in a gaming community. I've always felt like the politics channel was out of place just because it didn't fit in on a gaming server. I like to keep everything on a Discord server associated to the primary purpose of it, in this case, it's a gaming community, I wouldn't want it drifting off in any other religious/political direction. But I don't mind it until people start pushing their political beliefs down your throat. I'd say I tried to be neutral towards this channel but it just became a hotspot for indirect racism and political arguments that simply have no benefit or hold any value at all.
  5. Serower

    Sorry I didn't notice this. They've been paid though. L&A
  6. Serower

  7. Serower

    Try checking active Windows updates, see what's going on.
  8. Serower

    It's a common PUP, run your anti-virus and see what happens.
  9. Serower

  10. Serower

    Simple, when one player deletes their character, make it so that it takes two days before it's gone permanently. Just in case a player gets hacked and this happens to them, or if someone's having a bad day and they end up deleting their characters and regretting it later.
  11. Serower

    500 is a good cap. If you want to seriously begin renting your property, then put an advertisement and let someone rent it for a price YOU set. This is how it should've always been in my opinion.
  12. Serower

    Member applications are now available! If you're looking to get involved with the faction but unaware of how you can contact or meet us in game, the process is very simple! You will have to fill the application format below which regularly takes less than two minutes to finish, in order for us to learn more about your character and understand it's purpose. Doing this, we will be able to arrange an in-character meeting afterward, in order to smuggle your character into the United States. If you wish to roleplay a Mexican-American, then you may just attempt to meet us and contact us to figure out at which times we may be available in game in order to come and meet us. The moment you meet us in character, we may hook you up for a job in order to prove yourself if we see that your character is proper and deserves a spot. Here's the application form for your character to be smuggled into the United States: Topic: Firstname Lastname
  13. Serower

    Really don't see the importance of this when user groups exist though.
  14. Serower

    You can connect forum accounts to Discord with the help of a bot. Many sites and Discord servers I'm in have this option, so it is indeed possible. Thing is, this will probably spam the chat with the user's information so I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.
  15. Serower