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  1. Lawliet

    Looking to purchase a Weeny Dynasty. Currently my budget is $75K.
  2. Lawliet

    Sold. L&A
  3. Lawliet

    Looking to sell my Washington. Seeking around $40,000 OBO. Barely driven, insured, registered, GPS installed.
  4. SmartBus is now seeking investors for a buyout, and offering buses at liquidation prices! Three city buses, and a highway coach, need to go! Asking $75,000 per unit. One sold! Down to a single highway coach.
  5. Lawliet

    As someone else in the courts, I'd like to bump this. As it stands, all primary court business is handled on the forums. Unlike in game, we can't directly speak to one another ICly, or have the process flow evenly. It would be helpful for those of us who want it to be able to receive e-mail alerts, that we can be aware sooner and respond faster.
  6. As someone who's likely going to have frequent business at the prison, as well as the sheriff's department, I'm really excited to see how this comes out.