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  1. akari

    no joke someone messaged me on facebook about it
  2. akari

    how dare you revive this. now im obligated to post more content tonight
  3. User: akari Comment: Thank you for your reply. While at this point I do agree that this piece was unnecessarily biased and already announced Kaizen would be making adjustments to our behaviour in the future, I would disagree that it contains false information. All of the information I provided came from factors that I experienced during my first visit. I have been continuing to make visits to your venue nonetheless, and I've noticed your team has been making small improvements here and there. This is good, and falls entirely within the kaizen philosophy at its core! Kaizen Corporation holds the firm belief that there's no point to running a business if you have no competitors to fight against. We have no intentions to run any venue out of business, including Legion Lounge. We simply hold everyone to a standard. We uphold these standards not only for progression of the venues themselves, but more importantly for the benefit of the consumer. We kindly appreciate that input in this piece has been taken to heart by the team at Legion Lounge, and we're happy to see what the future brings for you and your venue. Thank you!
  4. User: akari Comment: Hello! This is a corporate blog - Not a general news outlet.
  5. akari

    Are y'all done? I put my pitchfork down like two pages ago.
  6. akari

    This is a very good point - I’d say the entire /bad system could use a rework, tying it to business members rather than donator status - But as someone who isn’t involved in staffing here, I don’t want to hound about it since I don’t really know how much is in progress behind the scenes. And yes, I’d much rather have people actually use classifieds on FB rather than a whole separate website - If not that, the ad list suggestion we were talking about up there would also work pretty well.
  7. akari

    A SAMP server I was staff on did have something like that - ads were brought up in a list with a command. You could still post priority ads (one that showed up in chat) but they cost significantly more than posting on the regular list. Just an idea i’ll toss out for anyone lurking the thread👀 But on a general note, after a few days of mulling this over I’m realizing this doesnt bother me nearly as much as it did when I made this thread while grumpy and sleep-deprived. Still trying to figure out what I meant by “asset flexing”. And another good point was brought up - I’m so used to the three minute timer that I didn’t even consider that most people have a twenty minute timer. My opinions on cross-selling cars/houses in the same ad and the state of car flip rp (tho not really relevant to OP) still stand, though👀
  8. akari

    Facebrowser marketplace does exist and I wish it would be utilized more - especially in regards to personal sales.
  9. akari

  10. akari

    If this is the argument you’re making now, then it solidifies my point - These people aren’t actually flipping, since they don’t do any work on the cars. So you can’t consider what they do an RP job at all.😎
  11. akari

    I'll admit I wrote the OP when I was very tired. Nothing wrong with IC asset flexing in itself - My main does it all the god damn time. But I also acquired my wealth through actual in-depth roleplay which led to character development in several months' time - Which I do not consider comparable to people buying exotics, doing nothing with them as far as inspection and refurbishing goes, and selling them the next day if not sooner. I know this because when I was a wee lad on this server getting back into GTA RP, these are the types of people I hung out with. I tagged along on their car sales. I helped drive cars they purchased back to their houses. I can promise you, when it comes to singular players flipping vehicles, there is no in-depth RP involved, save for rare cases. My main's kid sold a popup lot her beaten-to-fuck Blista Compact, gave them detailed emotes of the car's one-step-from-death condition, and the owners of the lot went on to RP stripping it for parts and vscrapped the script car. They made negative profit from the entire purchase - It was solely for the roleplay. So how come every individual owner magically gains a profit on their investments? Rockford Autos is a popup lot, which is, again, different from someone selling their vehicles on the /ad system and nothing else. It at least allows for more interaction than a /sendlocation and two lines of paperwork RP. I've had fantastic interactions in popup lots, even if 90% of the time I never end up buying anything.
  12. akari

    Stop acting like I'm looking to ban people for selling cars. All I'm asking is that people put a little more heart into it, if they're going to make it their character's main source of income.
  13. akari

    But here's where the problem lies; If they got that cash through, not OOC trading, but minimum level RP, why should that cash be considered viable? We're here to roleplay. Unfortunately a huge chunk of the community puts script assets before their RP, which is how we end up with such a massive amount of vehicle/property flippers. To elaborate on what I mean by "minimum level RP," refer back to these two points.
  14. akari

    You literally entered this thread with an assumption.
  15. akari

    This is my exact viewpoint as well, and seems to be the point Zane isn’t getting. The vehicle script is so simplified in GTAW that, unless you find a seller and buyer who go really hard with their mechanic/resell RP, there is NO benefit to flipping vehicles other than the script cash. Buying an exotic, leaving it in /vpark for a day untouched, and then selling it with a few lines of conversation and some signed paperwork should not be considered RP-based income. Let’s not forget these resellers are the same people who used “maxed out” in their advertisements until the term was banned just last week. For the third time, stop comparing car flipping with it’s real life equivalent. Reselling vehicles on here is nowhere near as difficult as the same grind IRL, and nobody should be calling it “hard work.”