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  1. LordThaher

    This is a special post to my brother @Jaynex AKA Andrew Baker. Always had great RP with you and was genuinely a good experience, but I'm sorry it had to end this way. To more RP between us in the future. Thank you for being an awesome friend and person in general, much love ❤️
  2. LordThaher

    The Sandy Diner
  3. LordThaher

    Yayaya you already know I’m following 😍
  4. Always waiting for the next post. Qualityyy stuff right here!
  5. LordThaher

    Nothing but quality from you as usual. Love it.
  6. LordThaher

    Pimp caught slippin'
  7. LordThaher

    Had nothing but top-notch RP with you guys. No luck needed.
  8. LordThaher

  9. LordThaher

    Looking to buy a Sabre Turbo Custom. Email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) if you are selling.
  10. LordThaher

    Can’t wait to see more of this, definitely following!
  11. LordThaher

    New Recruits - New plans
  12. LordThaher

    Offering $275,000.
  13. LordThaher

  14. LordThaher

    Big Plans Brewing