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  4. Jo

    Looks solid. Really like your work, you can tell that all of them come from the same person.
  5. Jo

    Looking good. Always liked animated profile-pictures.
  6. Jo

    Great job, well done.
  7. Jo

    I liked the hoodie but would prefer the logo in the back instead.
  8. Jo

    Look decent. Was it done on photoshop?
  9. Jo

    Neatly done, well done.
  10. Jo

    ((Sorry for the comment repeat, had a small connection issue.))
  11. Jo

    Have you tried Geforce Experience yet? It does some automatic adjustments according to your graphic card's capabilities.
  12. Jo

    Do you use the steam-version of the game?
  13. Jo

    I agree. On the other hand, there are so many groups around LS and you don't see many big factions. I think it would be better if people join existing factions and perhaps make branches allowing those factions to grow.