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  1. Roza.


    Still on search.
  2. Roza.


    Looking to buy Elegy Retro, vehicle must be well maintained and preferably tuned! No rust is a MUST! Contact via 9250 or send email to [email protected]!
  3. Roza.

    [SOLD] Penumbra FF.

    Sold a few minutes ago! Sorry.
  4. Selling a Penumbra FF, street tuned, basic security features. Asking for 200K. Call or SMS for more info (Number : 9250)
  5. I’m looking to buy one, regular not old XS. Please send an email on [email protected] ((Forum PM)). Aftermarket parts are a big plus, car shouldn’t have any rust or damage.
  6. Roza.

    [SOLD Karin Everon

    Still waiting for a new owner!
  7. Did you find a bike? I got Hakuchou for sale.
  8. Roza.

    [SOLD Karin Everon

    Price lowered to 110K!
  9. Roza.

    [SOLD Karin Everon

    The truck comes with performance and off-road package. Great for crawling and mudding. No insurance but it's only 6K. Also has top notch security features. Asking for 110,000! Send email [email protected] or call on 2500!
  10. Asking price is fixed on 590,000! Insurance has expired. Call 2500 or message [email protected]! *Clean looks *Improved performance *Low milage *Advanced security features ((OOC STATS))
  11. Player reports. https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/17-player-reports/
  12. New landstalker is ridiculously underpriced. 96K for such modern SUV.
  13. Roza.

    [SOLD] Manana

    Selling 1974 Albany Manana. It's a true classic coupe. No rust, taken good care of. If you want to know more, come take a look yourself, my knowledge about vehicle is not the best! Call 2500 or send message to [email protected]! Asking : 30,000!
  14. Roza.


    Email me [email protected] if you have one. ((FORUM PM))
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