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  1. Roza.

    Taking for buyout.
  2. Roza.

  3. Roza.

    Exactly. If there is no negative effect from the picture - what is the problem?
  4. Looking to buy a house around Mirror Park or even better if Vespucci canals. Also willing to trade for 1122 Procopio drive, Paleto Bay. If found Paleto house will be going for sale anyway. Contact on number 2500 or email me at [email protected]!
  5. Roza.

    Is there a buyout?
  6. Roza.

    So you're saying this electric car has turbo?
  7. Roza.

    Yep finally
  8. Roza.

    Or just add a way to disable it.
  9. Roza.

    I don't see any bidders. Where is the bid from?
  10. Roza.

    Short description: This idea will probably get negative feedback but I'm gonna post it anyway. So as our player base is growing and people need places to RP in. I find it's a good time to slowly add villas players can buy. Detailed description: Right now every player who has played/earned enough have a house at mirror park, sadly these houses there are limited and prices keep rising, I find it's a good time for wealthier characters to move up and make some room for new players or so. Commands to add: Items to add: Properties. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would make room for new players to enjoy server while owning a nice house at Mirror and wealthy characters can actually do something with their money. Additional information: I suggest that they would be added one at a time, so new one won't be released before previous house is bought.
  11. Roza.

    It got annoying, this is way more realistic 🙂
  12. Roza.

    4 vehicles left, price reduced.