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  1. Roza.

    Able to see it in person in about a hour? Number 2500.
  2. Roza.

  3. Roza.

    Price lowered to 115,000!
  4. Roza.

    Selling this beast! Comes with many aftermarket upgrades. New tires! Registered and insured until 29 January! Asking for 125,000. Contact Gracelyn West on phone 2500!
  5. Roza.

    Still looking...
  6. Roza.

    This is property page, mister!
  7. Roza.

    What do you define as fully tuned?
  8. Roza.

    Waiting until Tuesday!
  9. Price lowered to 500!
  10. Selling this lovely house at Vespucci Canals. It has balcony and parking under house. Call or SMS for viewing. Phone : 2500. Asking price 500,000!
  11. Roza.

    Looking to sell a clothing store located on Great Ocean highway. The store comes with small office room in the back and private parking lot. Store itself profited ~320,000 at the month when I opened it almost every day! Starting bid : 350,000 Minimum bid raise : 25,000 Bidding will end this weekend. Contact Gracelyn West on phone number 2500 for viewing and additional information! Includes a Facebrowser page!
  12. Roza.

    Does it run okay on "Normal" settings? Pretty sure you need more than 8gb of ram to play smoothly on high/very high settings. My laptop has exactly the same specs and runs smooth. Another thing that would help with laptops and gta 5 is running it from SSD.
  13. Simple as that, I'm looking for a 2 story Mirror Park house. Call or SMS on number 2500 with your offers. Budget 1M+!
  14. Bidding close at 10PM!