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  1. King

    I assume what OP is referring to is jumping to the last page of a topic without first having to open the first page of it. So when you want to go to the last page of the LSPD faction topic from the Factions forum, you don't have to first open the first page and then switch to the last page but instead can do it straight from the Factions board.
  2. As a police officer in the Air Support Division I noticed that train tracks are frequently used by criminals in pursuits in an attempt to lose the police. I feel as though this is highly unrealistic - especially in sports vehicles. Therefore I want to suggest either the implementation or the active enforcement of not driving road cars over train tracks. I was told that it already is against the rules to drive over train tracks, falling under either Common Courtesy or Powergaming, but have not seen anyone being punished for doing that. If that is the case, I suggest that incidents of players driving road cars over train tracks should be reported by witnesses and punished by admins. If it is not against the rules yet, I suggest adding that rule. This server calls itself strict roleplay and already disallows unrealistic driving such as doing jumps over ramps or driving road cars off road up steep hills which is why I find that driving over train tracks should be added as an example of what not to do in the In Game Rules section.