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  1. Username: LF3120 Comment: stfu rice bags your opinions are worthless one more retard off the streets
  2. I'd rather see some sort of phone group chat like we have on Facebrowser than having people walking around everywhere with radios and also like Marksman said, having people use radios and rp it as if they're sending a text in a group message sounds stupid. You either have a radio on you or you don't.
  3. Buyout has been offered, bidding on hold.
  4. This cozy house in Mirror Park is currently up for sale, it has been freshly renovated a couple of months ago. Comes with a small front and backyard as well as two garages. Contact me at 1125141 or [email protected] Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/axS4ySb Market Price: $195.000 Starting bid: $350.000 Buyout: $660.000
  5. Rease

    New cars vote

    1.Annis S-230 2.Annis ZR-380 3.Annis ZR-350 4.Karin Sigma-Two 5.Karin Sigma-Three 6.Ubermacht Sentinel SG4 7.Maibatsu Revolution 8.Benefactor Schwartzer Classic 9.Annis ZR-150 10.Ubermacht Sentinel XS (4 Door)
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    Found something.
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