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  1. Gambler

    This interests me. How do I aproach you? My character is stylist.
  2. Gambler

    Guys, if I start speaking on HEAVY RP terms, my answer to HARDCORE RPERS, wich are super edgy to me, is that PD is not allowed to tow vehicles for being wrongfully parked. Only fine. If I go to court right now, PD has nothing to defend against. AND HEAVILY RPish speaking I would get not only refunded but also have the state pay me more. So, who wants to do some heavy RP with me and respect the penal code? 406. Illegal Parking (I) Any vehicle parked: In a manner that obstructs a lane of traffic and prevents traffic from properly flowing. In a manner that obstructs an alleyway used by traffic and prevents traffic from entering and/or exiting the alleyway. In a manner that obstructs a parking lot and prevents vehicles from leaving or entering the lot. Within a marked crosswalk. On any sidewalk that completely obstructs pedestrian foot traffic, or on any median. Facing opposing traffic. On a bridge outside of the City of Los Santos or inside of any tunnel. On any freeway. On or within range of railroad tracks, where such a range poses the risk of the vehicle being struck by any railroad cars. In the immediate ambulatory parking or bay area of a hospital or clinic. In the immediate vicinity of the Bank's entrance, including the sidewalk adjacent to the metal barriers. In front of or obstructing a private driveway or an entrance or exit to a private road or path. Parking next to a fire hydrant, or firelane. Parking in a fashion which blocks the flow of traffic. Shall be liable under a Class C offense only, and shall receive a $1,000 fine. Now someone find me where towing is mentioned, and also explain the 5000$ fines. Please. Should we go hardcore on court and fire the whole PD now?
  3. Gambler

    Oh so the overall fine of impound is 5000? No matter what kind of law is broken?
  4. Gambler

    At least lower the fine. 5000 is really devastating for someone who makes 500 per paycheck like me. That's 10 hours of gameplay only to pay for the fine.
  5. Gambler

    Please let's reach some common sense that impound should be nerfed a little. I'm getting impounded almost every day. I can't handle making 500 per hour played and paying 5000 for impound every two days. You might say "JUST /VPARK LOL". But If my game crashes and I don't log back in, or I altf4 and It skips my mind that I left my car on a bad spot. It happens. One time my car was stolen, and left in a bad spot to be impounded. All these things add up. My suggestion? Please don't impounds vehicles of offline players.
  6. Gambler

    Thank you. I had a subject just for pitching in university, and what you said about writing concisely and make a good point, is what made a good pitch/presentation/interview. You're totally right, that is a skill. The IC applications are just bureaucracy. And if the application is not enough, I gotta time my day with the person who will interview me, wich he/she will probably end up delaying the interview. And that's fine, because he/she is just another human being after all and can't really blame for being busy IRL.
  7. Gambler

    You're completely right.But isn't the application for joining the server enough to make sure that ther person can make an essay if needed and fluent in english. I encounter people who start the sentences with lower case, and don't use commas, yet wondering how these people make it past the application. So what I mean is, there is no way of knowing someones true motives, unless you take a leap of faith. You missed my point and proved it at the same time. I bet you went on TL:DR mission and said what you wanted out of context. Nowhere i mentioned that applications to join the server are complicated. My whole discussion is that, this is a game, and when I want to roleplay a medic, a detective, a politician, a lawyer, I actually may end up putting way too much work on the respective forums applications, and wait two weeks to even learn If I'll be able to join the faction as novice or not. Too much bureaucracy is the whole point of this discussion.
  8. Gambler

    Yeah, well probably in my line of work I'm more of a pitcher for ideas but anyway, I'm not concerned about staff, that was just an exmaple as it actually is supposed to be hard to get in. But If I want to enjoy the FD, GOV and PD and it takes me 2 weeks to know if I'll start roleplaying with them or not? That's meh.
  9. Gambler

    During my 10 years of roleplay on samp, I've applied for many positions. I've applied for FD, GOV,PD, Helper Positions, Admin position etc. And I've made it most of the times. But what I always noticed is the tendency for application recievers and makers, to push the issue on quantity, and that's why I made it, cause I just wrote and wrote endlessly, to make the paragraphs longer. Now I know, people want insurance, but speaking from the perspective of director and screenwriter In real life, I'm pretty sure I never wrote more for a short movie proposal, than I ever wrote for application in a videogame. I never stayed in an office for an interview more than 5 minutes, otherwise I would be called off as unclear on what I want. I've been in staff teams long enough to review applications, and i know that other people who reviewed application would rather have the TL:DR version, but also judge by saying, "Cool Effort". Then aftwerwards accepted to be banned by the staff team cause he was judged only on the numbers of letters. I brought this topic up because this community is blooming, and showing insane potential. But the effort I have to put in GTA roleplay servers when it comes to applications(excluding here staff positions as they are more of a delicate case), considering the fact that it's a game, it's INSANE compared to what I ever did in real life. Cheers and hopefully this drags some attention cause i wrote alot. ?
  10. Gambler

    There's the screenshot. Thank you.
  11. Gambler

    There's the screenshot. Thank you very much.
  12. Gambler

    Thank you very much but, the delay made me invest money somewhere else. Hopefully 10 days can be enough to get if not, I would like request like 2-3 days more of tolerance.
  13. Gambler

    It should be Joana Kaciqi, but just to be sure check Joana aswell.
  14. Gambler

    Paid. Thank you!
  15. Thanks. You're amazing.