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  1. Username: shrimpdick Comment: https://face.gta.world/fuckrabbits
  2. Username: shrimpdick Comment: im actually impressed. i do yoga on the daily do u wanna see my profile lol i'm very proud of what i've accomplished
  3. Username: shrimpdick Comment: orale ill cut u up into bulgogi n pack ur ugly ass into a takeawayaaaa box n spice it up with sum laxatives before forcefeedin it 2 one of ur homies so he can feel u tear his ass one last time ORALE du ma fuk ur mother ur bloodline n ur ancestors
  4. Username: shrimpdick Comment: hahaahaha imagine tryna act hard when u rep some gay ass group called playboys mf go home and play some minecraftnnnnn suck ur homie off wack ass low life coordinate asking motherfucker. fuck rabbits i eat ur kind with my fried rice bitchaaaaaaa
  5. As seen in the Little Seoul thread: Annabelle Seong: Promise
  6. Annabelle Seong: Promise
  7. thanks cutie
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