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  1. Moonsong

    ((Send all applications to @Mecovy ))
  2. Moonsong

    The text on tyres is a client Issue I believe, it's somewhat watered down compared to GTA:O as we've had to remove many of the mods that would be non-rp, weaponized stuff etc.
  3. Introducing - WeazelTips We at Weazel understand that some of you may be reluctant to come forward to us with tip-offs for stories that may be of public interest. Perhaps you fear for your job if you came forward, or even your life! That's why we've launched WeazelTips, a new service allowing people to anonymously submit their stories, along with any files and evidence that may be relevant to it. Whistleblowers play an important part of our community and thus we want to encourage people to come forward with their stories. Of course, within legal boundaries! WHAT DATA DO WE COLLECT? We don't need a name, phone number or even an e-mail address. Submissions are 100% anonymous! MY NEIGHBOUR KEEPS GOING THROUGH MY TRASH, I THINK IT COULD BE A STORY! Nope! We're not interested in petty gripes, who punched who at a nightclub or the guy that keyed your car. We're interested in things that would effect the whole community; things like political coups, criminal organisations hiding in plain sight, corruption and drama within public services etc. Of course that's a non-exhaustive list, there's a wide variety of stories we would consider for further investigation but it's just to give you an idea! DO YOU READ EVERY SUBMISSION? Yes, each submission will be manually reviewed by management before being forwarded to the relevant news division for further investigation or publication. Of course, we can't guarantee that we'll use every submission but they will be reviewed. CAN I GET PAID IF YOU RUN MY STORY? No, that would defeat the purpose of an anonymous submission wouldn't it? WeazelTips eliminates greed as motivation for handing in stories. More often than not when people come to us with stories looking to get paid, they tend to be very one sided. If you want to get paid for writing stories, consider a career with us instead! >> SUBMIT YOUR STORY ANONYMOUSLY<<
  4. Moonsong

    Just adding some context for @Dashing Original application ban reason was as follows; This was after multiple opportunities offered by handlers.
  5. Username: Beka Comment: @guest This ain't a mainstream news site, if you want local news go watch TV or read a paper. I'm not surprised by any of these responses though. Society has been conditioned by the mainstream media to shun and ridicule any theories or discussions regarding alien life, ufos etc whilst the government pretends to be completely clueless on these matters. Yet the same government is willing to let dead people run in local elections, need I mention Dennis Hof? The same government listens to people wanting to legally change their gender on their birth certificate. Yet discussions about aliens and ufos aren't anywhere near the agenda, really? It has more fucking merit than people who want to change their birth certificate gender that's for damn sure. Keep living that lie people, apparently we are alone in this vast universe despite the trillions of stars and billions of planets even in our own galaxy. Seems legit.
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  7. Moonsong

    Username: Beka Comment: The real 'lizards' are in NASA and the government who hide the truth from the people.
  8. Moonsong

    I'm sorry Samid but you've done nothing to convince me that you deserve another chance and your responses have proven my decision was justified. You will stay banned.
  9. Moonsong

    I appreciate your enthusiasm to play on the server but as I explained on my original denial reason, it would be an unfair burden to expect other players to have to deal with language barriers too. We don't discriminate against players from other nationalities, far from it. We have players from many countries from across the world, all we ask is that they are able to communicate effectively in English without constant interruptions to rp for others to have to explain things to them. Currently you don't meet that requirement yet, as you've just demonstrated in your response. Nor do you seem to understand what you've done wrong.
  10. Moonsong

    Hello there, Whilst I can sympathise that sometimes it can be frustrating when application handlers each pick up on different points on your application it is sometimes necessary. Before we go into the ban evading we'll cover the points you raised. When I reviewed your application on your Ulrich account I noticed that your English was very broken and not up to par. I explained this to you in my denial reason; Note that I denied you rather than banned you, to give you a fair opportunity to address what I requested but you failed to even try, which is why I initially banned you because you demonstrated that you weren't up to par with our minimal requirements, or at least didn't seem interested in trying. I believe I was more than reasonable with the answer I gave you, which also explained why it was important to have good English skills. Instead of appealing on the first ban, you attempted to ban evade on multiple accounts only making matters worse for yourself. Do you see where you went wrong?
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  12. Moonsong

    I've reviewed the story you sent me @rainbowhair and discussed it with management and generally I'm pleased with the effort. However, whilst there's no harm in having characters with wealthy backgrounds keep in mind that this is a heavy roleplay server, thus should you be accepted you may wish to adjust some aspects of your story to make it more believable. Can be unbanned
  13. Moonsong

    PM me in 3 days and I'll unlock the appeal.
  14. Moonsong

    I appreciate your honesty here. We understand English may not be everyone's native language but we do expect players to be able to communicate effectively in English. If we let people who struggle to construct coherent sentences (let alone a character story) play, then it's just going to lead to repeated communication issues. This is why our application process exists. However after speaking with management regarding your ban, I've decided that you may re-appeal on 10/1/2019 provided you PM me a character story on said date and work on the grammar, spelling and punctuation. This and your application afterwards, should be perfect. Your honesty has been taken into consideration regarding the length of the ban, however there was still a willing intent to circumvent our application process. I think this is a fair compromise compared to the ban you would otherwise receive. Reply here if you agree, then PM me on said date. Again, thankyou for your honesty.