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  1. Moonsong

    Updated! More to follow once we reorganise our internal structure, meanwhile please send all applications to myself!
  2. Username: Beka Comment: I'm only interested in truth my friend, if you've any evidence to back up this religious artefact hoarding you're more than welcome to E-Mail me. Though I don't doubt, that the government are hiding many things from us. Hell, look how many times they changed the Roswell story.
  3. Moonsong

    Username: T.Morgan Comment: As Weazel's Division Director I'd encourage you to get in touch with Irelia herself personally to discuss any issues, instead of making press releases based on unconfirmed reports.
  4. Username: Beka Comment: I'm absolutely not going to condone any acts of violence or vandalism, there are more peaceful means of making our voices heard.
  5. Username: Beka Reply: Not quite that, but there was something called MK Ultra that the US government admitted to. Basically illegal experiments on humans, I will see if I can get a piece done about that.
  6. Moonsong

    MINING - Frequently Asked Questions Mining is understandably an attractive job for the newer player, but many don't seem to understand the various complexities and logistics around it. I don't think a full-length guide is needed but I've put together a non-exhaustive list of common misconceptions and questions. In no particular order. DO I NEED A LICENSE? A mining license is only an IC requirement, there is a license for each type of ore. If you wish to mine without a license you risk being fined or having your ore confiscated. It's also not against the server rules to mine, which seems to be a surprisingly common misconception amidst new players. CAN ANYONE MINE? Yes anyone can, but does it mean that you should just because you can? No. Consider whether or not it's a vocation that suits your character, given their background. It's a very physically demanding, and skilled job from an IC perspective. Not just anyone would be able to walk in off the street and say "Hey, I'd like to work as a miner please. I need to raise money for a new car." CAN I USE MY SEDAN? No, unrefined & refined ores are heavy and not to mention very dirty. Ordinary vehicles simply wouldn't be able to transport them in sufficient quantities. To give some perspective here is a picture of some unrefined copper RAW COPPER: REFINED COPPER: Now would you put lots of this stuff in the back of your family car? Or your brand new Audi? I didn't think so. Use an appropriate industrial vehicle to transport your ores like a Mule, or other truck would do the job. This not only applies to people who are mining the ores themselves, but anyone considering robbing these items off another player. OK COOL, BUT CAN I MINE IN MY ARMANI SUIT? No, whether it's an Armani suit or a sweet pair of hotpants you should dress your character appropriately for the job. Again, it's very dirty and physically demanding. You would need protective gear to protect your body, even your face from dirt and from flying debris. SUGGESTED GEAR: WHAT DOES THE RED OR GREEN MEAN IN THE MARKET INFO? The red and green is an indicator of demand but doesn't necessarily reflect the most valuable ore. You should find that out IC. WHY CAN'T I MINE ANYMORE? It's likely that you have reached the asset cap. When your net worth (value of cash in hand, cars properties etc) equals $400k or more, you won't be able to mine. This is a cap put in place to help curb unrealistic use of the system. We want to encourage players towards the roleplay and player provided jobs as soon as possible, rather than encourage grinding for assets. NOTE: All information is correct at time of posting, it is likely to change depending on how the mining system is reworked in the future.
  7. Moonsong

    Good answers were given, in addition if you'd rather sell the bike. Consider an advertisement in the vehicle advertisements section. Locked & archived!
  8. Moonsong

    I'd encourage them to make a report if someone has escalated situations inappropriately, deathmatched etc because you'll be refunded your weapon more often than not. It sounds like these shitty situations are not being reported as often as they should. Again I must stress that a lack of roleplay must be very clear in order for such reports to be accepted. We don't want to see reports coming up just because you lost in a situation you had no business in, or chose to escalate yourself. That said in the case of stolen firearms, I don't see any harm in letting the PD give players an extra credit to buy a replacement on condition they report it stolen with sufficient evidence, backed up with an incident report or whatever on pds end. The player would then go to the HQ with their case number to get the credit. Additionally if GC holders value their weapons so much, perhaps they could consider only carrying it to and from their place of work or during assignments. If they know robberies are rife, why would they risk their livelihood more than they need to? I can understand why it might be a frustrating limitation though, more so if you're a victim of simple bad luck.
  9. There are way too many lazily roleplayed robberies as it is without raising the limit. We absolutely want to encourage criminal roleplay but there are many more imaginative ways to engage in criminal roleplay. You want a juicier score? Pick your targets more carefully, not at random. I strongly feel that raising the limit would not encourage healthy roleplay in the long-run. If anything reducing the robbery limits would be something to consider. This would actually encourage criminals to look elsewhere for a more reliable source of illicit income or give their robberies much more thought. At the end of the day, robberies shouldn't be a reliable source of income, not without careful planning. Otherwise it's an act of necessity. I'll leave this open for further feedback but it's highly unlikely that the robbery limits will be raised.