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  1. @Exploits Made some great points, there is only so much the SD and PD can do to teach people who just don't care, whether it's on an IC or OOC level and are going to keep doing the same thing regardless to rush from a to b. I can sympathise that it's just not going to be an enjoyable experience for them to pull someone over who's not going to act like a reasonable character ic because 'gta'. These are the kinds of players that don't value their characters lives and the kind of players we as admins, want to teach what we expect of them in terms of roleplay standards and correct their misconceptions. Whether that's driving standards, or job roleplay. Unfortunately some people just don't get it, and want to do whatever they like to do under the banner of "it's all IC". Ideally yes, we want to keep as much as we can IC but with some of the insane driving I've been witness to that's not always an option. As for AI traffic, that's a nice idea but it would just cause unnecessary lag and fps drops, people complain as it is when it rains. I don't think having to deal with derpy AI traffic at best too is going work, it'll probably cause more problems than it solves.
  2. The most common misconception I hear as an admin is; "well if I choose to drive around like a maniac, not slow down at intersections that's IC and that's my character's choice." Well yes but that only applies so far, but is choosing not to value your characters life or the lives of others also IC or does it cross into unrealistic behaviour? This even more so applies when you're driving a larger vehicle that could easily destroy someone's life with one wrong move. It is undoubtedly unrealistic not to take those consequences into consideration. There is a concerning number of people who don't seem to recognise the difference between IC recklessness and a complete disregard of their characters life. The same could be said if your character was held at gunpoit, sure you COULD choose to run away or fight them and you could also say that's your characters choice and they'd pay the price but is it something a reasonable person do? Whilst we are looking at various ways to enforce proper driving standards, it's impossible to keep track of every instance, but you can help us if you see anyone driving like a jackass by making a report with their ID in-game, or make a forum report after the fact with video evidence.
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    Archived since this was sold. I'd like to see less trolling with silly offers in future please.
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    Archived by request
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    Keep things civil and on topic.
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    If you're unban appeal hasn't been answered within 3-4 days you may tag the admin responsible in a reply once to remind them. Please keep in mind that many have subdepartment duties aswell as other responsibilities. Locked on that note.
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    @Brox For being the best worst support member!
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    ❤️ Better late than never. Thanks Mr Nervously
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    Consider it done! L&A
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    Thanks for the luv ❤️
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    That's just not going to happen, robberies should not be a means to an end but a temporary necessity for a character as it often is irl. Or at the very least, a well-planned event with carefully selected targets. There needs to be limits so players don't abuse avenues of roleplay offered to them to simply grind money. This has been discussed at length internally and isn't going to change. If you can't have fun roleplay without robbing or scamming constantly and want limitations removed, you're probably doing something wrong. Next time please keep suggestions like this in their relevant forums, not in other people's question threads. That said, I'll be locking this thread as I believe OP got a suitable answer.