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  1. Management were harmed in the making of this update...and who the hell let @HaveADream HaveASnitch get a green name? Should've been demoted to reserved for supporting such a shit team.
  2. If we have evidence someone lied about being over 18, they'll be the ones punished not you if you truly didn't know, it's as simple as that. It's very easy for us to check logs if needed for situations like this too. I think for a lot of this post your overanalyzing the new rules, we'll just have to deal with each situation as it comes up. It's not something we can make premptive judgements about because every situation will be different but I can assure you, nobody will be punished for the fun of it. I'm going to lock this thread since I doubt it'll lead to anything good judging from the responses, but it'll be forwarded to management all the same incase their response may differ to mine.
  3. Username: Straight Outta K-Town Comment: Need I say more? Also love how you people are complaining about racism, when you're screaming white bitch this, white bitch that. Some real double standards hypocrisy there, good job on showing everyone what a model retard you are. FYI I do contribute to FD and all the public services, it's called PAYING TAXES. A concept which I'm sure is completely alien to you. Why does every sentence you write have to contain bitch this, dick that yadeyada whinge whinge tryhard. You found my pic? Surprised you even figured out how to use Facebrowser, but er..I found your picture too, pretty good one by the way. ((Warning: Some may find the image offensive))
  4. Name: Blair Comment: Maybe now those brain dead idiots trashing our streets and destroying forestations will shut the fuck up.
  5. Username: Blair Comment: Legit didn't even know there was a Mayor until I read this, this isn't going to change anything though. Politicians only care about their own image, how big their next paycheck is and bowing before 'cancel culture' mooks who want to oppress free speech because they're mildly offended by some bad words.
  6. Username: Blair Comment: I haven't said that they aren't you chin dribbling infadel, what I'm saying is that it's completely pointless to put even more lives at risk by burning down a firestation that has absolutely fuck all to do with your 'grievances'; they save lives regardless of race, gender or color. So some people got killed, that's sad but it doesn't give you the right to run around destroying shit that doesn't belong to you, let alone has nothing to do with your issues. And who pays to repair the shit you people destroy? We all do out of our own pockets. The irony of your assumption of my gender, misogynistic comments and rape threats after bitching about racial profiling and stereotyping is not lost on me. Though I'm sure if I called you any number of racially explicit names it would be completely uncalled for.
  7. Username: Blair Comment: He's obviously a misogynistic virgin twat who's just mad he can't get laid with complete strangers using a couple of lame compliments. There might be some wrinkly old hags loitering around Strawberry who might be able to sort him out for a few bucks though. Probably desperate enough to take it tbh
  8. Name: Blair Comment: This is what happens when you inbreed folks, you get idiots like this sugar coating mindless destruction of property as some release of frustration. Which we apparently have to suck it up and deal with it, even though their actions are directly putting innocent lives like those they're protesting about at risk, with every rock, Molotov and gunshot fired. You really are a pathetic and exceptionally stupid human being. I hope Darwinism takes care of you and others like you.
  9. Username: Blair Comment: @homiedead Your quarrel is with SD and has absolutely NOTHING to do with FD, but sure go ahead and burn down fire stations if it makes you feel better. Just don't expect any help when rioters lob Molotov's at your house, you brain dead moron.
  10. Username: Blair Comment: "We want to protest peacefully." Proceeds to set a fire station ablaze, k seems peaceful enough. Lock them up and toss the key.
  11. Let's keep the topic on track and be mature if we can, novel concept I know.
  12. Locked - please keep BLM out of server related events))
  13. Thanks for the love brother. Grats to those who made it, but definitely not lambchops.
  14. General discussions isn't the place to discuss admin decisions let alone those made by FM/IFM, nor is it the place to bash factions. Scenes are voided on a case-by-case basis but I assure you all the circumstances in each situation are weighed together before any decision is made and where IFM/LFM are involved, discussed with the entire subteam. Locked on that note, I don't see anything good coming of this thread.
  15. Roleplaying covid-19 or Floyd related activities are already prohibited. Whilst they can be referenced in-character it shouldn't go further than that. As was stated GTA:W is a form of escapism for many during troubled times, if you want to roleplay the exact same thing IG that most wish to avoid then that's just inconsiderate and lacking common courtesy. We don't want to limit what people role-play by any means, but there does have to be a middle ground to keep the game fun. Locked on that note
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