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  1. AJD


  2. Banned for having 0 interactions points.
  3. Kearia comes back home to realize that the lock has been changed on the door. She gets irritated.
  4. finally caught up -- my shorty then went from being a peaceful ass teenager living with her parents to hanging with bangers from multiple neighborhoods to losing a close friend - then losing HER BEST FRIEND - to getting deeper in drug dealing - getting comfortable with a nigga that used to bang with her - NOW THEY TOGETHER - to getting that dough and bouncing out. It's crazy the Character Development that we can see from the three months combined. I love it bro.
  5. Keontae is walking in Davis - near Chamberlain Hills - when he is confronted by a few bangers. Keontae is so busy playing with his braids that he doesn't even realize they're speaking to him.
  6. inspired by @South LS Resident -- your Erica thread is dope asl. Page 12 / 15. Almost caught up!
  7. The gang bangers eventually leave him alone and he walks off -- he's called out again by the female banger of the crowd who offers to walk him home -- he tries to avoid but she stays with. Keontae becomes comfortable with the shorty after her show of sympathy. He allows her to walk with him for a while, then jogs off.
  8. Keontae is walking across the street from the bangers in the above screen when they all approach him. Keontae shows his anti-social side as he looks at the ground and avoids eye contact with the bangers. They assume he's faking until he continues to act as anti-social.
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