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  1. Your Luxurious Adventure Awaits. 2018 Buckingham Nimbus - Now For Sale. Asking Price: $875,000 - Accepting Offers This 2018 Buckingham Nimbus has been professionally managed, flown, and maintained by Los Santos Aviation since it was purchased new in 2018. The aircraft has no damage history. She is currently located at the Los Santos International Airport, and movement to an airfield of your choice is complimentary with your purchase. Find more details and specifications below: 2018 Buckingham Nimbus - N777X Engines - Rolls Royce AE 3007C APU - Honeywell GTCP 136-ISO Avionics - Primus 2000 Avionics Suite with 5-Tube EFIS WAAS/LPV Capable ADS-B Out & In WiFi ATG-5000 Total Time - 437 Hours Engine 1&2 Time - 437 Hours APU Time - 126 Hours Maintenance logs available upon request. Demonstration flights require a hard deposit of $50,00 which will be put towards the purchase price of the airplane. Please contact Chad Grizforth at 406406 for your inquiries, or send an e-mail to Los Santos Aviation ((Forum PM Griz)).
  2. Griz

    Username: Fellow Pilot Comment: Flying commercial flights with a private pilot license, are we? It seems that Ralph has become bored of his white only parties. If a status symbol is important to anyone, it's Ralph. I'd recommend other options for travel, unless you're into paying more for less, potentially with your life... Post-scriptum, it isn't an airline... it'd be better classified as rent-a-plane.
  3. Griz

    I own a business as well. In fact, I own two. However, I don't pay my staff $4,000 per hour to sling drinks. If someone wants a business to make money, they need to be smart with their finances. Don't pay employees $4,000 an hour, don't invest more money than you have, and be fiscally responsible. Otherwise, you probably should not be owning a business. The $20,000 can go a LONG WAY. I understand that you open at least once a day, on either shift, so I agree that the up-time problem needs to be resolved. But, still, $20,000 can go a long way if you know what to do with it.
  4. Griz

    I believe you are missing the point as to why everyone is playing here.
  5. Username: Chad Comment: The crime in Los Santos couldn't get any higher. It's as if there's an endless want for people to engage in criminal activity. I wish people would have better respect for themselves... I highly doubt that will be the case, but that's the egregious world we live in. Similarly enough, no bar or club in Los Santos knows how to properly make a martini. Surely, that could drive any man mad!
  6. Username: SmartBus, Inc. Comment: SmartBus, Inc. waited months for the city contracting office to hold their end of the bargain. From a plethora of attempted contacts to no-show's on the city government's behalf, SmartBus tried everything in its power to ensure the contract was completely executed. The contract was first applied for in November of 2019. It was not until January that the first "meeting" occurred. Afterward, no word was ever heard from the city again. Many phone calls and attempts to contact were made by SmartBus to no avail. The city should be ashamed of themselves for publicizing such a contract and failing to act as they say they would. SmartBus had a fleet ready to mobilize and employees on standby, however, they completely neglected their duties in finalizing the contract. Their interests must have been far too different than providing adequate transportation to the public. You can find SmartBus Inc.'s former website here: CLICK HERE. If you'd like to learn more, please file a Freedom of Information act to see the dates in which these events occurred. This would certainly expose the City of Los Santos' lack of coordination and clerical skills; certainly something our city government should be capable of managing. The people deserve to know that the city government is not efficient, for which they should be ashamed. Slight amendment.. The initial filing for the city contract has since been removed from public view. This comes at no surprise. I implore interested readers to request the documents from the city government so that they may see how poorly and untimely their handling of the public transport city contract was handled.
  7. R&R News - LOS SANTOS AVIATION: AFFORDABLE GRANDEUR Read R&R's article about Los Santos Aviation.
  8. ARE YOU AN AIRCRAFT OWNER? Los Santos Aviation is seeking aircraft owners who would like their aircraft to make money when they aren't using it! We are in the process of building the largest fleet in San Andreas - You could be a part of it. When you aren't using your aircraft, Los Santos Aviation can put it to work. We are seeking owners of all types of aircraft and helicopters, including small, mid-size, large, single engine, and multi-engine aircraft. Our professional management team will ensure your investment is protected at all times, cared for by the best in the industry. BENEFITS * Professional Aircraft Management * Continuously Fueled & Ready To Go * Hangar Space at LSI * Aircraft Cleaning * Industry-Leading Maintenance * Catering & Galley Fulfillment * Professional Pilots * On-Demand Aircraft Delivery * Executive Lounge at LSI * Fleet Sharing Options * Make Money! Contact Chad Grizforth at 406406 (or e-mail) to learn more or to become a fleet member.
  9. Griz

    Username: Hank Comment: I much prefer to hike Chiliad alone and without an annoyingly loud helicopter buzzing over me. Quit wasting fuel.
  10. Griz

    I believe there should be administrator intervention if a lender OR borrower goes inactive. People don't (typically) disappear after doing a large monetary transaction. Screening someone would have absolutely no bearing on if they go inactive, leave the server, or otherwise take off. The loopholes need to be closed and the people running these loan companies (for the betterment of other characters, mind you) need to be protected, likewise with borrowers.
  11. Griz

    I support this wholeheartedly. If we are aiming for a semi-realistic economy, debt should certainly be a factor. I believe this would contribute to GTA World's heavy role play image.
  12. Illegal FM?... For the prison?
  13. Disregard this suggestion. It is already illegal, however not very enforced.