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  1. SmartBus Introduces the Yellow Line - Los Santos Southwest Corridor SmartBus is pleased to announce the arrival of the long-anticipated Yellow Line, which serves the Northwester and Southwestern parts of Los Santos. The Yellow Line connects neighborhoods like Burton, Morningwood, Del Perro, Rockford Hills, Vespucci, and others. All transfers to and from the Yellow Line can be made at the SmartBus Transportation Hub in Textile City. We look forward to serving you on our third line. Thank you for choosing SmartBus!
  2. SmartBus Introduces the Red Line - Los Santos North Corridor SmartBus is pleased to announce the latest route addition, the Red Line - Los Santos North Corridor! The Red Line serves travelers in the Hawick, Alta, Vinewood, Rockford Hills, and Burton areas. The Red Line also makes familiar stops at City Hall, Legion Square, and the Mission Row Police Department. Transfers to the Green Line are done at the SmartBus Transportation Hub, located in Textile City. If you wish to transfer to the Green Line or to future routes, you'll be able to do so at the SmartBus Transportation Hub! Thank you for choosing SmartBus!
  3. Reserved. Website under construction.
  4. WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION Thank you for choosing SmartBus - San Andreas' #1 Customer Rated transportation system. It is our mission to provide the State of San Andreas and City of Los Santos with affordable, comfortable transportation. SmartBus operates a fleet of city-style and coach-style buses (with FREE Wi-Fi!), offering a range of services including scheduled routes, on-demand transportation, and more. If you're looking for a comfortable way to travel the State, SmartBus is the way to go. Our fares are unbeatable and we will get you where you need to be. We are still in our beginning stages, and we are currently working on expanding our scheduled routes to include Western Los Santos, Blaine County, and more. CURRENT SERVICE GREEN LINE - Los Santos East Corridor RED LINE - Los Santos North Corridor YELLOW LINE - Los Santos Southwest Corridor On-Demand Door-To-Door (Coach Service) FUTURE SERVICE BLUE LINE - County Zephyr GREEN LINE The Green Line - Los Santos East Corridor offers scheduled service to twenty one bus stops in East Los Santos. Please see the route map and station list below for more information. FARE: $50 STATION LIST - GREEN LINE RED LINE The Red Line - Los Santos North Corridor offers scheduled service to twenty four bus stops in North Los Santos. Please see the route map and station list below for more information. FARE: $50 STATION LIST - RED LINE YELLOW LINE The Yellow Line - Los Santos Southwest Corridor offers scheduled service to twenty eight bus stops in Western and Southern Los Santos. Please see the route map and station list below for more information. FARE: $50 STATION LIST - YELLOW LINE ON-DEMAND DOOR-TO-DOOR If your transportation needs are not met by our Green Line Los Santos East Corridor route, you can utilize our door-to-door coach service. All you need to do is call or text 406406, send your location, and once you've received a reply, a SmartBus coach will be on its way to pick you up. It's simple, and smart! Relax in total comfort in our brand new coach and take in the view. This service is State-wide, meaning Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, and Grapeseed are no match for our $50 fare guarantee. CONTACT SmartBus Inc. 1200 Sinner Street Los Santos, SA 90210 Telephone: 406406 See something wrong with our routes? Do you have an idea on how to better improve our routes to be more inclusive? Send us an e-mail and receive free ride credits! Are we hiring? Not just yet! Keep checking back!
  5. Griz

    I miss the fact that I was playing SA:MP in 2007 when I didn't have bills to pay. That's about it.
  6. (( Feel free to post any additional signage one might see when passing through Paleto Bay ))
  7. 1124 Procopio Drive, Paleto Bay, San Andreas If you want to escape city life, Paleto Bay is the place to be. This town is quiet and tucked up against both Mount Chiliad and the beautiful rocky beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Friendly neighbors, good eats, and a relaxed lifestyle can all be found here. If you're looking to live in a place like this, Paleto Bay is the town for you. Luckily, a a small ocean-side home is available for rent. You and yours could be steps away from the beach or the mountains, all for a very affordable price. Start living a more relaxed lifestyle and place your roots at 1124 Procopio Drive. Your arrival will be turn-key, where you can apply online and be in the front door within minutes ((Property currently rent-able upon your arrival)). $3,000 / month (( $60 per pay check )) NON-EXCLUSIVE Contact Hank for more details at 406604
  8. Dear interested reader @Noah Nomad, Your interest is appreciated, however, Los Santos Aviation no longer does business in the State of San Andreas. We certainly apologize. However, our services may be revived in the coming months pending further regulation and resource availability. Again, thank you for your interest.
  9. Griz

    Never mind.
  10. Griz

    No kidding. I remember when it debuted in 2007..................................................... Aging ourselves... haha.
  11. None of the aircraft will be put up for sale at this time.
  12. BUSINESS HAS STOPPED OPERATIONS Due to inevitable circumstances, Los Santos Aviation will no longer be doing business in the State of San Andreas. It has been incredibly difficult to cater to the needs of the general population, and resources from the Los Santos International Airport and beyond have been idle at best. We appreciate our clients and hope you find a suitable aviation company that will suit your needs in the future. Just remember, "if you think it costs a lot for a professional's service, wait until you hire an amateur."
  13. Griz

    Thank you for your hard work!
  14. They always have the time, until it involves sitting in the back of a cop car ?