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    Updated the first post by completely redesigning it.
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    Added new membership program.
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    We're currently not hiring any new employees as of right now, but we will place an advertisement whenever a position does become available. In the mean time, feel free to email me((DM @MrValencia)) a resume for future reference. Thank you.
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    Valencia Capital is now offering membership cards to all Valencia customers. Check out the benefits that we provide our members with below and see why you should become a member as well! Loyalty Program All Valencia members will be provided the opportunity to advance into higher tiers under our Loyalty Program. The higher you advance, the more benefits you unlock with your membership. Loyalty points are rewarded to members through different factors such as length of membership, good credit standing, and participating in community events hosted by Valencia Capital. The different tier levels are listed below. Standard Membership Gold Membership Platinum Membership Corporate Membership for business owners (Available Soon!) Financial Consultancy Valencia Capital provides free financial consultancy to all members regardless of tier level. We help our members with establishing short and long term financial goals in order to provide them with the financial security that they deserve. We provide all kinds of financial advice such as budgeting, tax filing, retirement planning, and investment advice. Credit We provide members with the opportunity to apply for a credit as low as $10,000 and as high as $250,000 depending on the member's tier level. If a member is approved, the credit will be submitted under the member's portfolio where they can request it at any time. Upon request, the credit will then be deposited directly into the member's bank account. Interest rates and term of repayment depends on the membership tier. Standard Members are provided with a max approval of $25,000 with an interest rate at 20% and the term of repayment being one week. Gold Members are provided with a max approval of $50,000 with an interest rate at 15% and the term of repayment being two weeks. Platinum Members are provided with a max approval of $100,000 with an interest rate at 10% and the term of repayment being one month. Corporate Members are provided with a max approval of $250,000 with an interest rate at 5% and the term of repayment being one month. Life Insurance Valencia Capital provides life insurance to Gold members and above so that when the unfortunate does happen, at least you can rest knowing that you're family will be compensated. Gold Members receive life insurance coverage up to $25,000 that will be provided to living relative(s) depending on the circumstances regarding their death. Members can list up to three recipients. Platinum Members receive life insurance coverage up to $50,000 that will be provided to living relative(s) depending on the circumstances regarding their death. Members can list up to five recipients. Property Loans We provide members with the opportunity to apply for property loans that will be used to purchase property. Valencia Capital defines property as housing, vehicles, and businesses. The total amount that a member can request is dependent on the member's tier level, and credit standing. Property loans are only offered to Gold members and above. Join our membership program by emailing us at [email protected] ((DM @MrValencia)) to set up an appointment, where one of our representatives will meet with you in order to set up a membership.
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    Chronology of Valencia Patriarchs Carlos de Valencia, 1781 - 1861 Rafael de Valencia, 1842 - 1894 Nicholas de Valencia, 1877 - 1953 Carlos II de Valencia, 1912 - 1978 Antonio Valencia, 1965 - 2015 George Valencia, 1989 - Anthony Valencia, 1995 -
  6. THE VALENCIA FAMILY The Valencia family is one of the original families rooted in Los Santos dating back from its founding in 1781. The family migrated from its original homeland of Mexico to San Andreas when it was still a territory of Mexico. They were a prominent merchant family within the community and specialized in importing and exporting goods by merchant vessels. It was Carlos de Valencia who founded Comercio de Valencia (Valencia Trading) during the early 1800s which allowed the family to gain gradual prosperity. Much of the family’s success was based on Carlos’ stewardship and diplomacy which further expanded the trading company. In fact, the clasped hands in the family crest represents the origins of the family's involvement in trading. Upon his death, Carlos then passed down the company to his eldest son Rafael de Valencia. Unfortunately, Rafael was not as great as his father and the trading company suffered heavy financial losses due to bad deals and unforeseen events. It was around this time that war broke out between American settlers and Mexico over the control of San Andreas. Several wealthy Mexican families including the Valencia family and its patriarch Rafael were at the forefront of the war due to their prominence in the territory. The families sponsored private mercenaries in order to fight back the Americans. After many battles the Americans succeeded and San Andreas was now under American control. Due to their involvement in the defense of San Andreas, many of the wealthy families suffered heavy losses in both capital, and land. An exception however, was the Valencia family who mysteriously prospered greatly following the war. It is heavily debated on whether the Valencia family sided with the Americans and therefore benefited because of American victory. Valencia Trading continued to expand, but Rafael did not have the opportunity to see its full expansion because he became gravely ill shortly after the war. He died quite young in comparison to his father and the trading company was then inherited by his only son, Nicholas. Nicholas inherited the company at the very young age of seventeen, and although he was very young and inexperienced, Nicholas proved himself to be a very calculated man. Under his leadership, Valencia Trading expanded their vessels and trading posts throughout San Andreas. This vast expansion and careful dealings allowed Valencia Trading to become a powerhouse in Los Santos, and this ultimately secured a grand spot for the Valencia family, both politically and financially. Nicholas enjoyed a long reign of nearly sixty years, where he saw his family and trading empire become an ultimate success. Nicholas’ oldest son passed away at a young age due to illness so Valencia Trading was passed down to his youngest son, Carlos II de Valencia. Carlos II led the family and company for a total of twenty five years. During his reign, Carlos II led his family, and the trading empire to complete collapse due to terrible leadership, bad deals, and antagonism. He was known for being extremely arrogant, impatient, and hotheaded. His personality along with bad judgement is what ultimately led to the downfall of Valencia Trading and in effect, his family as well. Carlos II died at the age of sixty-six in his bedroom due to mysterious circumstances. It is believed that Carlos II was possibly assassinated with poison by a possible family member or one of his many enemies. After the sudden death of Carlos II, and the collapse of the trading company, the Valencia family went into complete chaos. Many of the Valencia went their separate ways, some moving to Mexico, while others moved to different regions throughout the United States. Carlos II had several children, including his eldest son, Antonio Valencia, who was thirteen during the death of his father. Antonio and his siblings did not inherit much, other than a once prestigious surname. Antonio Valencia had very little money and received no support from the rest of the family, other than from his siblings. At the age of eighteen, Antonio moved to an impoverished neighborhood in East Los Santos. While living in East Los Santos, Antonio worked at a local meat packing company where he was employed for several decades. Eventually Antonio saved up enough money to establish an investment company involved in foreign currencies. He named it Valencia Holdings and continued to slowly, but surely expand its investments into different securities. Antonio had four children with his wife Catalina, and the company that Antonio founded was then passed onto his two sons, his eldest, George Valencia, and his second oldest, Anthony Valencia. The Valencia brothers learned through the mentoring of their father and his teachings of financial securities, and investments. They particularly learned about the history of their family, and the collapse that their grandfather created. Throughout the many lessons that they learned from their father, one particular lesson seemed to be of high importance, and that was the lesson of impact investing. A form of investing that benefited the economic and social well being of the community. Later in their years, George and Anthony Valencia studied at ULSA, where they majored in Finance and Economics. Afterwards, the two brothers then commissioned into the Army where they served successfully for four years. It was around this time, that their father, Antonio Valencia became gravely ill, and unfortunately passed away at the age of fifty. The stability of Valencia Holdings was shaky due to Antonio’s illness, but it remained stable enough for the company to be passed onto the two brothers. The Valencia brothers have now inherited their father’s company and face the challenges of not only expanding the business, but to also restore the Valencia family from its ashes to its former glory. They first expanded the company by increasing their investment in commodities, securities, and then established a way to provide clients with proper credit loans. These expansions have allowed the company to prosper greatly. With these changes made, the Valencia brothers decided to re-establish the company into a financial institution, and renamed it Valencia Capital, Inc. The future of the Valencia family’s reputation will now rely on the capability of whether the Valencia brothers can prove to be successful at expanding the company.
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