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  1. perkydon

    Damn, those are some sick features!
  2. Timezone is GMT+1(BST) I usually play from 6pm-6am ish when at work, or 10pm onwards if I'm not. The server feels much better later than earlier.
  3. perkydon

    Loving this development! Keep it up!
  4. perkydon

    Gratz' folks!
  5. perkydon

    My love for all things Mara' is deep! Look forward to following the development here, do it justice!!
  6. perkydon

    SWAT4, is that you? Looks like it could be fun. However, these types of games are usually too much of a niche to do overly well. Point and case, Battlefield Hardline.
  7. perkydon

    Godly post. Legit was tearing my hair out wondering why I was dipping with a 2080ti and as soon as I turned off the stream on my second monitor it stopped. TY my dude! <3
  8. perkydon

    R125 can hit 75MPH. Significant impact can be done at any speed, but studies show fatalities are usually around 30+. So, whether you're on an R125 or a R1M, that gear could save a tonne of road rash. In regards to fatigue, that's why it's important to take regular breaks and hydrate. As the age old saying goes; "dress for the slide, not the ride".
  9. perkydon

    There should be no other way than ATGATT! Never squid.
  10. perkydon

    Most accidents happen on the shorter rides. It's easier to wash out sweat than it is to wash out blood!
  11. perkydon

    You may want to post this in the support section as it would get more attention.
  12. perkydon

  13. perkydon

    post a lot in off topic forum games ?
  14. perkydon

    I do love chicken.