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  1. Jennie

    The expiration date I think was changed mostly because when the license expired, it forced you to redo the driving test.
  2. STATUS: RENTED Playa Vista, Luxury apartment, I'm looking for a roomie. Information: Very quiet area, without thieves or delinquency. 2 bedrooms, Dining room, living room and kitchen in the same room., 1 bathroom and 1 store-room. Has XMR Radio. Room decorated. Only me as roomie, you won't have more tenants bothering you. $300/cycle. Call me: 1195 (Ask for Momo). Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  3. Little Seoul, Luxury apartment. Information: Very quiet area. 2 bedrooms, Dining room, living room and kitchen in the same room, 1 bathroom and 1 store-room. Has XMR Radio, alarm and doors locks. Room decorated. PRICE: 180.000$ MARKET PRICE: 240.000$ Call me: 1195. Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  4. Jennie

    You have to play with "gameconfig.xml" if you want to make it to work in RAGEMP (That it works in SP does not mean that it works in RAGEMP and vice versa) Fix with "archivefixer" every .RPF (including the DLCs, DLC NVR_textures and NVR_Carcols must be installed in RAGEMP > clienteresources). To edit the clouds you have to modify the file "weather.xml"
  5. Jennie

    Yes, I have my own NVR with some clouds, (Unfinished, I need to change some stuff) So yes, it's possible.
  6. Jennie

    Socialclub has offline mode but ragemp doesn't load when using it. The main issue is this intrusive launcher, verifying every file.
  7. Yakuza or triad, but the first one is not allowed and nobody wants to create a triad.
  8. Jennie

    The city is full of people, even if you don't see them, although many people don't know it or just don't care, hence they can commit murders and robberies in very crowded and safe areas. LS is not a small town, it is a city with millions of inhabitants.
  9. Jennie

    Just do the RP that you want to do and ignore those people, you are the one who decides the RP you want to have, not someone else, they're nothing.
  10. Jennie

    I would agree if the server had a phone system like GTA V SP, Rockstar editor (RageMP thing) and many animations, (I sent them +200 animations months ago but they didn't add them to the server),
  11. Jennie

    The only problem I see is people invading private property without RP, I've seen many people in Michael's pool or Madrazo's house when it's almost impossible to be there. I don't see bad the use of Mods for faces, hairs or clothes, people decide how their character is, but as the game and the server are limited in this aspect, you have to use Mods to put your character to your liking, even if the server looks different, your character looks like you want it to look, not how the server wants your character to look, Or are we going to also oppose the /attributes if we put on a different face than the one seen on the server?
  12. Jennie

    You can't use mod on ragemp, unless you convert them.
  13. Jennie

    Can be Locked, please. Thanks for reading, but due to IC stuff I can't continue with her story. EDIT: 13/09/2019, I've uploaded another part I had done and I was going to upload before locking this thread, you can take a look at the screenshots here. Note: Only screenshots, I couldn't finish the text story, I've upload them because I thought it would be a waste of time and effort if I had eliminated them, I won't continue her story even wanting to do it, I just can't.
  14. Jennie

    Bought! OOC: Can be locked.
  15. Jennie