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  1. Jennie

    You can use shadowplay if you are using Nvidia GPU.
  2. Jennie

    Mainly I meant if there is something established internally in the PD, that is, if there is something decided related to what you say, lights without sync and those things, because I have been since I joined the server skipping the traffic lights in red, carefully and slowly when there is nobody and nothing has ever happened, and some PDs have let me go, but today is the first fine I've received due to this and I don't feel like stopping at each light or accumulating dozens of fines xD.
  3. Jennie

    The main problem is that when creating the character you do it blindly, it doesn't have the numbers or values when moving the bar.
  4. Jennie

    Could someone clarify if the fine for skipping a red light is established (rule or something) or based on user criteria? I ask this because I have read that the red traffic lights can be passed slowly and looking from side to side, some PDs fine and others don't, I would like to know on what basis they do this, because I don't know what to do now if some fine and others don't, I don't want to receive any more fines for this. This is not a rant or anything like that, I just would like to know, thanks.
  5. Jennie

    Yes, I'm using NVR on EpicGames ver.
  6. Jennie

    If you have installed the mod as an "addon" it won't work, RAGEMP doesn't allow addons. You have to replace the original files (ROADS are hundreds of files in different folders)
  7. Jennie

    Download this one: If you already installed the "official" you'll have to delete the game and reinstall it again, because you've modified several .rpf files.
  8. Jennie

    Insurances are wrong, I could say in all of them. For example: Savestra insurance are 8000$. Kawaii and ZR380 are too cheap. When I had the Futo I had to pay 8350$, elegy were 39k, Sultan Classic were 15k before the update I think.
  9. Jennie

    You can also use the search tab to find out where the original file is located, for example: LA_ROADS LEFT: LA ROADS Addon Right: Original RPF file where the file is located. But this mod contains many files, some of them are located in the same RPF but in different folders.
  10. Jennie

    A pic has been updated.
  11. STATUS: Rented. Playa Vista, Luxury apartment, I'm looking for a roomie. Information: Very quiet area, without thieves or delinquency. 3 bedrooms, Dining room, living room and kitchen in the same room., 1 bathroom and 1 store-room. Has XMR Radio. Room decorated. Only me as roomie, you won't have more tenants bothering you. You can bring a friend of yours if you want to share the house, there are 2 free rooms. $300/cycle. Call me: 1195 (Ask for Momo). Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  12. Jennie

  13. Jennie

  14. Jennie

    Selling savestra, insured and registered a few hours ago. Buy it and take it with: Garret turbo. Sport transmission. Threaded suspension. Rebuilt engine. New brake discs. Visuals. Price: SOLD Number: 1195 or send me an email. ((PM on forum))
  15. Jennie

    That's why I'm here, it doesn't make sense for a car that costs 95,000 to have 15k insurance. There is also another problem, is that when you go to buy a vehicle you don't know the price until you go to the DMV, there is also no formula or guide to calculate the price of the vehicle, and of course, then surprises come, like when I had a Futo and the insurance was 8,300 (approx) for a vehicle of 50,000, when other vehicles like Savestra have similar insurance and I think less, costing 80K (I think). Kawaii is a damn MX5 NA from 1990, why is insurance so expensive? Not a supercar