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  1. PaganFears

    As you may have heard, Peter Fonda, the voice actor of the original Truth, has just passed away. Namaste, Peter Fonda, and may you be as wild on the other side as you were here.
  2. PaganFears

  3. PaganFears

    Any news on this?
  4. PaganFears

    Offering 90k
  5. PaganFears

  6. I feel like I've seen this conversation before... The best thing for now is wait for the admins to post the actual gtaw lore they've been working on the past year Half of the community uses ingame brands and such, another half uses real life brands. Both are free to do whatever until we're actually placed on the same wavelenght
  7. PaganFears

    Shout-out to @Brox26 and the rest of the Sinful Kings for the far out interactions I've been getting with them ~~~~
  8. PaganFears

  9. PaganFears

    Our interactions were interesting. Wish you guys safe travels towards your next plans. Namaste, dudes!
  10. PaganFears

    Random talk with random strangers...
  11. PaganFears

  12. PaganFears

    Yes it's a JoJo reference
  13. PaganFears

    I'm not sure if this works ingame since I never actually got into a fist fight, but the problem with them is that you could just hold space and dodge all the attacks and deal OP damage. I'd say the best thing is to roll a dice and RP it until stuff isn't that clogged up.
  14. PaganFears

    Shopping for supplies