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    Username: TheRealCharlieTrill Comment: These people are not nazis! The real nazis all fled to Cuba. These people are just some worthless, edgy bullies... That's right... BULLIES!! One of them even took my lunch money the other day.
  5. Drugs currently are a bit inbetween. Scriptwise, yeah, drugs have no benefits other than a few janky buffs that I don't even know if they work and a couple of visual effects. I'm pretty sure the developers are working on that already. But if we're taking RP here, then you got a whole whole lot to do. If you know /what/ to do exactly.
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    Can't wait to see Truth and this guy look eachother in the eye.
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  13. Username: TheRealCharlieTrill Comments: How horrible.. Such a vile young mind. I am surprised the Police are even doing something. But I bet he'll be released in two years... MAX!
  14. Username: TheRealCharlieTrill Comment: Figured him for a bad vibe from a mile away. Hope he gets the worse of it all.
  15. PaganFears