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  1. Username: ktS213 Comment: damn dropping locals on their way to work or summin is real gangsta bro cant wait to beat a 4 year old and call myself a gang banger 🤡
  2. Username: ktS213 Comment: ??? we aint even know them fuck you talkin bout they aint nobody homies
  3. Username: ktS213 Comment: word? last time i was down there i fucked one of your bitches cuck mfker 🤡💀 no 🧢 L
  4. Username: ktS213 Comment: why take the effort to take the trash out when it magically grows legs each time and does it for you dumbass, imagine trynna beef over the net when none of yall last on the street for longer than a month you clown ass e-bangers 🤡🤡🤡
  5. nateX

    [4SALE] Park Jung

    Please leave your contact number in my email [email protected]
  6. nateX

    [4SALE] Park Jung

    Park Jung Restaurant, a small Korean fried chicken restaurant in the center of Little Seoul is now for sale. Website Market price: $75,000 Furniture value: $35,873 Starting price: $160,000 Buyout: $300,000
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