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  1. nateX

    You're a psychopath.
  2. nateX

    Holy shit. Amazing guide.
  3. nateX

    Not even joking when I say I stole a pack of bubblegum in 3rd grade right in front of a security camera to act cool in front of my friends. Never got officially caught but the store did write a message to the school complaining that their students are stealing from their store. Edit: Forgot to mention that said friend snitched on me to the teacher but the evidence was already disposed of.
  4. nateX

    ⛳ 🏌️ Looking forward to seeing more of this, take it far. Sten de Visser didn't die for nothing.
  5. Seems like the issue has recurred. I see boosted posts from a month ago about someone's characters wife dying, I still see half naked pictures that never get taken down from the boosted spot. Please, we need a change to this as many of my characters use Facebrowser to meet people ICly which otherwise I probably would've never met due to timezone differences.
  6. nateX

    I agree with this although the camera fixes most of the issues. Whenever I used to/do photoshoots ICly I use two tools which are /cam in-game and my graphics mod.
  7. nateX

  8. nateX

    finally my characters can stop looking like q tips 💖
  9. nateX

    In my opinion, as long as you properly roleplay your character's background, think about every little detail and make sure you properly roleplay it - it's fine. However, that is not the case with many of the players I see from day to day that farm money through their businesses, making profit of every slight detail in their establishment including taking the bartenders tips which usually end up around 7k per person and giving them a pre-set amount of 5 thousand for 2 hours of RP. This behavior, in my opinion, is unacceptable and should be dealt with as the persons priority on the server is not roleplaying, it's farming money to buy themself more expensive cars so they can race around with little to no interaction.