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  1. nateX

    Was a good run while it lasted. Good luck on your future factions.
  2. As stated in the Character Kill Applications thread On another note, good guide. Good job as always, Bash.
  3. nateX

  4. I'm available right now to buy the trailer if possible.
  5. I'm ready to pay 220.
  6. If the deal doesn't go through, I'm offering a buyout. Phone number is 78205333
  7. Username: notElBurroresident Comment: shit alright aint trynna hop on your business or anything
  8. Username: notElBurroresident Comment: Damn, all these people claim this to be fake but then threaten the author for posting it. Looks like someone hit a nerve. Yikes!
  9. nateX

    Seems like you got into a bad group to RP with. I can't agree with any of your points beside the PF guns.
  10. nateX

    I never understood why they called him ''Tuna'' until I found this Regardless, looks good. Following.
  11. Offer him a handshake, looks like a nice guy.
  12. The auction will close at 8 PM on Sunday 17/MAY/2020. I'll post once more when 24 hours is left.
  13. nateX

  14. You can bet $250.000 but the buyout will remain at $300.000
  15. I'll leave the auction open for another few days, gonna close it by the end of the week.