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Profit Prophet

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  1. Profit Prophet

    Username: Hope Comment: LiKe, EvErYoNe? MoSt SuV's CoMe StOcK wItH tUrBoS aS wElL. StOp FaLsE aDvErTiSiNg YoUr LoCkS aNd aLaRmS aReNt uPgRaDeE eItHeR. i WaNt To SpEaK tO tHe MaNaGeR!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!one!11!!!!eleven11!
  2. Profit Prophet

    Finally proper consequences. I support this.
  3. Profit Prophet

    There is no OOC masking though. Masks are completely IC. Agreeing with Syrike here. If someone MGs it because of a /b given, the player can easily be reported.
  4. Profit Prophet

    Maybe when the DoC comes in with a proper prison, yes. But for now, if you jail someone for 20 hours, it'll suck for them since they'll be forced to AFK for 20 hours most of the time. And even if they RP, there's so much u can RP being in a cell 24/7 which is also quite unrealistic. Plus some people don't have a lot of freetime, if they play 1-2 hours daily, or even less than daily. These people would sit out prison sentences for days/weeks, depending on their activity. And I doubt someone who plays like an hour daily wants to spend nearly 4 weeks for a murder charge, they'd probably either abandon the character or get demotivated.
  5. Profit Prophet

    Please add this in. And yeah, not just that but some people RP them as walkie talkies and such, doesn't necessarily have to be shoulder mounted like for FD/PD.
  6. Profit Prophet

    I don't use FB.
  7. Profit Prophet

    I'd like to test drive it when you're available.
  8. Profit Prophet

  9. Profit Prophet

    10/10 cisti balkanac
  10. Profit Prophet

    NOICE. Thank you, man!
  11. Profit Prophet

    How do u revert a Nvidia driver update? Bc I can literally see when my gfx needs updating bc itll start fucking up shadowing and a bee-comb octagon type pattern will be visible
  12. Profit Prophet

    You can search "info" in your windows bar, it'll give you an option to check info on your PC. I got 1803 n got the same problem for example
  13. Profit Prophet

    I've been having the same issue the last 2 days. Although a friend of mine has a similar issue, but claims it's only since the new GeForce update that came out 2 days ago for RAGE 2. If that helps any?