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Profit Prophet

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  1. Profit Prophet

    Username: Hope Comment: LiKe, EvErYoNe? MoSt SuV's CoMe StOcK wItH tUrBoS aS wElL. StOp FaLsE aDvErTiSiNg YoUr LoCkS aNd aLaRmS aReNt uPgRaDeE eItHeR. i WaNt To SpEaK tO tHe MaNaGeR!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!one!11!!!!eleven11!
  2. Profit Prophet

    I don't use FB.
  3. Profit Prophet

    I'd like to test drive it when you're available.
  4. Profit Prophet

  5. Profit Prophet

  6. Profit Prophet

    10/10 cisti balkanac
  7. Profit Prophet

    NOICE. Thank you, man!
  8. Profit Prophet

    How do u revert a Nvidia driver update? Bc I can literally see when my gfx needs updating bc itll start fucking up shadowing and a bee-comb octagon type pattern will be visible
  9. Profit Prophet

    You can search "info" in your windows bar, it'll give you an option to check info on your PC. I got 1803 n got the same problem for example
  10. Profit Prophet

    I've been having the same issue the last 2 days. Although a friend of mine has a similar issue, but claims it's only since the new GeForce update that came out 2 days ago for RAGE 2. If that helps any?
  11. Profit Prophet

  12. Profit Prophet

  13. Profit Prophet

    320, last offer. - J.R
  14. Profit Prophet

    305 - J.R.
  15. Profit Prophet