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  1. Coil Raiden costs a crazy amount when IRL Tesla Model S isn't all that expensive it certainly doesn't cost as much as a Ferrari when a car like Carbonizzare is cheaper than Coil Raiden. Hell the new Coil (mod) forgot the name of it the one that is based on Model X costs more than Raiden which is based on Tesla Model S which is more expensive than the Model X.
  2. That's basically mixing, people buying that bike to abuse it's speed and off road capabilities is litterally non rp. This wasn't a huge issue before but every time I see a robbery happening it's always a bf 400 being used and very rarely a car. For one BF400 has no license plates it looks exactly the same as every other bf400 this is just used to avoid consequences if they rob someone who is capable of tracking them down.
  3. I agree with this I have noticed a huge increase in the abuse of bf400's every time you see one it's basically as sign of you about to get robbed or worse. It became a plague and it's completely unrealistic, a solo hitter on a bike for a swift escape sure for a very targetted hit. But people ride around as two on these bikes it's just horrible rp in my opinion. Something needs to change.
  4. Casinos being legal for just anyone and illegal gambling being non existant despite that being the opposite irl in California/LA
  5. What frustrates me the most is the lack of metalic and prealescent colours which have been available on rage for over a year now.
  6. Do not roleplay a sniper, at such a distance a pencil would be a more effective weapon of choice. Why was a sniper needed in such situation, you want someone with a vantage point? Sure that's all fine, but why would in a situation like this anyone use anything but an M4 rifle (or w.e they are rping the carbine as )
  7. Not sure what it has to do with anything, but as I mentioned above one mention in some random ass article doesn't mean anything. There is abundance of information about their existance, activities on the East Coast yet not so much actual information about their activities in the West Coast.
  8. People here are complaining about their ideas being denied, this isn't LSRP where you can start any faction you want. LS is based on LA. Albanians simply do not operate in West Coast in huge numbers they are on the East Coast mainly in New York. Yakuza, yes they do exist in California but they do not exist in the stereotypical fashion that everyone wants to roleplay, walking with suits and full body tattoos cutting off fingers. Yakuza's presence in California is simply money laundering and legal investments into real estate, hotels and so on. They do not have an "active" presence if you want to RP a Yakuza your faction is gonna be made up of 1-3 people that are basically legal characters and do not participate actively in crime. Same goes for Ndrangheta whoever mentioned earlier, their presence outside of Italy is mainly in Canada. People always bring up their ideas and say "oh we got denied this is so unfair" If you truly believe your concept makes sense in California based envrionment then provide your research to IFM, one article of a rumour is not confirmation that your ideas are valid. Also research doesn't mean that you found out how the organisation works and how it should be portrayed in their native enverionment, the point is for you to research how that certain group works and exists in CALIFORNIA not in some different part of the world.
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