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  1. ((Post has been edited with Furniture Worth and end of bidding day))
  2. Two Bedroom, One bath. Located in Strawberry. Balcony in the back. Starting bid: $110,000 Buyout price: $220,000 Market price: $75,000 ((Furniture Worth: $52,504)) Bidding ends on 07/15/2020 Exterior: Interior: Balcony:
  3. ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Meteor Gentlemen’s Club Hiring: Exotic Dancers We are currently looking for both experienced & inexperienced dancers! We are happy to help you learn and grow in the club environment. If you are interested please contact us at SMS #19210 or email [email protected] ((forum pms)).
  4. ^^ This one. I did this a ton when I rped my first stripper. Plus the vlogs are so interesting.
  5. I would say not to rp all your wealth. A lot of strippers make really good money especially if you grind like shifts and it’s extremely unrealistic in my opinion to rp all the money you get. I would say to take it slow and rp your wealth up but it depends on your backstory tbh. Also another thing I find unrealistic with some people is they just automatically turn to escorting or getting paid for sexual favors. A lot of strippers/strip clubs irl would never allow that.
  6. Barely Russian Erik Tarasov, a strong and confident man moved to Los Santos from Moscow, Russia back in 1989 with his parents. He was only fourteen at the time and would attend a public school. This public school would be where he met Angela Davis. Angela, charming and generous were only a few of many wonderful words that could describe her. These two would take no time to be wed shortly after graduating high school. They'd soon start a family. The first of three to come was Bryant, easy-going and collective. The middle child following shortly after Averi, outgoing and adventurous. Lastly, the youngest pride and joy Gwen, smart and quiet. The three of the children so close in age most of the time found themselves fighting for affection and acceptance in the household. May that be grades, sports, jokes, and the list goes on. This story doesn't follow the parents or all of the children. This is about one in particular. The black sheep of the family. This child was always on the bottom of that list. Grades were not at the deans list. Sports should of been non-existent. Jokes were always spot on, but not tasteful. There was always one phrase that stuck in their head though, they earned this name. Erik would pronounce this out every time in shame of this child. He would tell the young and still learning child "You are barely Russian." Those words hurt. They always hurt. This child didn't live to the legacy Erik had always wanted. The look in his eyes, disappointment that's all that could be seen. The way he shook his head and walked out of the room with no other words said. They'd shape this life. Averi Tarasova, in-different and courageous now a twenty-four year old woman. A lover of astrology and all types alike. A complete psycho hot head. After extreme ups and downs of her life she still had grown into a young woman. She was running and managing a gentlemen's club, successfully at that. She had loving and motivating friends. A blooming love life. Beautiful apartment that she called her own over the water. But, something was missing and those words that shaped her life would never leave her head. She still wasn't equaling up to a legacy her father and grandparents had achieved for their families name. Something had to change. **Averi Tarasova has been an evolving character for the last couple of months. This will follow her story as she goes on with her LS life. I hope it's an enjoyable read and you see how much time and effort I put into her. This will be updated as I see need with important RP to her evolving business life, relationships, and hopefully breaking some Russian roots.**
  7. Username: AveriT Review: 10/10. This business is nothing, but professional and amazing with what they do. I look forward to using them even more in the future.
  8. KussArsch

    K-Town 깡패

    Hands down one of the best forum posters right here.
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