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  1. No... it’d just be another thing limiting rp. And people could easily be on at those early times for the simple fact of time zones and work schedules. And if they’re acting un-rp and not rping fear of being caught then report em 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. WirelessMind

    Just a local...?
  3. WirelessMind

  4. WirelessMind

  5. WirelessMind

    Lol no stop trying to change how faction threads have worked on rp server before gta 5 RP was even a thing. It’s the faction itself right to post extra if they want to, if they aren’t pushing quality they’ll be dealt with by fmt or even be bashed by the community for having low standard rp
  6. WirelessMind

    As the title says I’m looking to buy a restaurant in the city, if you have anything in mind feel free to hit my DMs with pictures and a price.
  7. WirelessMind

    Ight waiting for the deep sea fishing rod mods to be added to your game glhf
  8. WirelessMind

  9. WirelessMind

    Close this off with 666 replies amirite 😉
  10. WirelessMind

    When the Italian white boi turns ghetto, good luck
  11. WirelessMind

    Damn didn’t expect this
  12. WirelessMind

    Yes... or even raise the limit at least 2 isn’t enough.
  13. WirelessMind

    Free the homie from irl-rp 🙏🏼