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  1. Selling a generation 2 Cavalcade. Stock besides tinted windows (legal.) Fully performance wise upgraded Sultan. SMS 40932648
  2. Buying a Karin Futo, any condition. Max 59678382 [email protected]
  3. Now this is lit.
  4. I'm also interested Ronald Hayden 9481146 or Facebrowser
  5. Buying a fully modified Schafter V12. Offer via e-mail or hit me up with an SMS at 9481146. Ronald
  6. Selling a brand new, slightly pimped out Dominator GTX. White, tinted windows, minor performance tuning. Hit me up with a call or e-mail. Ronald 9481146 [email protected]
  7. Kardo

    [SELLING] Mule

    Nah man, hit me up and I'll roll up with it so you can take a look.
  8. Kardo

    [SELLING] Mule

    Sellint a mint condition Mule. Hit me up with offers. Ron [email protected] 9481146
  9. Still looking for one. Updating the ad, not looking for one anymore.
  10. Buying a 2'nd generation Baller. Call, e-mail or SMS you offers please. Ron [email protected] 9481146
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