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  1. Character Name: Emma Armstrong Forum Name: Matt - Discord Name: Matt Property ID: 1800 Property Type (House/Business): House Number of Interior You Want on the List: ID 2 Price of Interior: $180,000 Location of Property: Vespucci Canals Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: I, Matt -, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  2. Matt -

    Roze Goga
  3. Having fake plates on a car makes a lot of sense as that is what a lot of criminals IRL do as stated above to look more normal. The police will not instantly look at a car with fake plates as much as one with no plates.
  4. Matt -

    Can be archived.
  5. Matt -

    I accept this quote.
  6. Matt -

    CONSTRUCTION REQUEST Full name: Roze Goga Phone/Email: 6987183 Description of request: Liquor Store - Needs to have work done to the exterior and interior in order to make it look more modern. Property location(address) Vespucci beach Basic material cost price: Dollars: $165,000 + Ores: 450 unrefined iron ores + 100 refined aluminium ((OOC request thread)):
  7. Matt -

    Character Name: Roze Goga Faction name and thread (If needed) : Forum Name: Matt - Discord Name: Matt Location of your request (If needed): Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): https://imgur.com/BtUxEZa https://imgur.com/HaxcV8N - Couldn't find it on the list but looking back through old requests I found them and I assume it is still allowed. ID 227 I presume. Reason for this request (You may go in detail): Roze is in LS with family and has taken the role of opening up a liquor store with the help of friends and a sizeable loan. She has two goals of helping her friends and families get along with business as well as opening a liquor store in her local community for everyone to visit and get their alcohol from for events. Exterior screenshots of the requested property:
  8. Matt -

    I am all for some cars becoming cheaper, just cause cars are old doesn't mean they are expensive. You could get the car the Issi Classic is based on for about 10 times less price.
  9. Character Name: Alicia Lauritsen Forum Name: Matt - (Discord Name?): Matt Property ID (of your house): 1669 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): 71 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 2114 Bay City Avenue Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  10. Matt -

    why not?
  11. Matt -

    Grats, especially to Matical for how much work he has put in.
  12. Matt -

    Well, it hasn't been shut down yet? :D
  13. The sync on Ragemp that I have seen is better than that of GTMP.
  14. At the end of it all, it comes down to what is the best for them. With Durty it is the money which he wanted which is fair enough I think that most people would do it and then with the other guy it is a business opportunity. And everyone knows that in business money talks.