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  1. Bidding Buyout.
  2. Does it have a garage?
  3. Matt -

    Looking to buy a house in Mirror Park, prefferably with a garage. Ph:185219.
  4. Matt -

    Bid Withdrawn.
  5. Matt -

    Name: Jess W Bid: $210,000
  6. Matt -

    Just going to cut in here, Japanese cars have a huge aftermarket community to be modified.
  7. Matt -

    The market price is $140,000 the interior is absolutely stripped just the bare walls. ((Has no interior.))
  8. Diamond Interior Designs For Sale Spacious One Story House in El Burro Heights Features Plentyful outside space for the area, grassy area as well as slabs been layed out around every side of the building. Two car parking space just off to the right of the property as well as on street parking. Enough room for two bedrooms inside of the household. Spacious living room/diner. Located near to the Mirror Park high street for supplies as well as a 24/7 just around the back of the property. Unfurnished interior meaning you can do whatever you want to this bare shell of a property avoiding taking out structual walls. The property can be fully furnished to your liking from the Diamond Interior Design Company (Portfolio) for a starting fee of $60,000 ontop of your bid (prices may vary depending on what you wish the house to be furnished like). Starting Bid - $160,000 Minimum Bid Incriments - $5,000 Bidding ending on the 15th of April 2020 the highest bid will then be looked at and contacted For viewings please call 185219 or 1500 between 14:00 and 16:00 if there is no reply please send an email to [email protected] to book a viewing. Exterior Pictures
  9. Matt -

    Found. ((can be archived))
  10. Matt -

    Looking to buy a Sentinel Cabrio. Please call 185219 or email [email protected] ((Private message)).
  11. Two bedroom apartment for sale in Pillbox Hill with a lovely open-plan kitchen, diner and lounge. Asking price $165,000 Contact No# - 185219 or [email protected] ((forum pm))