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  1. Jax

    K-Town 깡패

    죽은자는 말이 없다
  2. Jax

    Outlaws Motorcycle Club

    Imagine being named Jaxon... Other than that, looking sexy 💪😳
  3. Username: HughHefner213 Comment: Shit dog, being beat and laid out is entertaining to you? That's some sus shit homie LMAOOOOO
  4. Username: HughHefner213 Comment: Take the L kiddo like you took a nap on the concrete... rabbitK 😭😂
  5. Jax

    Seoul Boyz 청소년

    Good shit boys, uncle JJ is proud, but also... I will keep an eye out on you all 👀
  6. Jax

    K-Town 깡패

    Me and the individuals from K-Town would like to personally thank @RSZach for the great roleplay and the good times. Wish you the best of luck. ❤️
  7. Jax

    ktown shorty

    u ok ? Nice thread my pocket admin @nateX
  8. SOLD. Yogarishima Gym. Located in Little Seoul, on the corner of Calais Ave and Vespucci Blvd. Exterior. Interior. Top floor. Changing room. Shower room. Bottom floor. (( OOC info )) (( )) (( It has the custom item script )) Starting bid is: 350k Minimal bid increase: 10k Buyout: 500k SOLD
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