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Momo's Revenge

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  1. Momo's Revenge

    Character name: Prashanti Thapaliya UCP name: Cheesymomo (Discord name?): Karen#9053 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1687 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 213 imagination ct Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://gyazo.com/ae6393d3184b04c4540c1a298a794778 Screenshot of teleport exit: https://gyazo.com/d60e3d04b03d7fd560d1c8dfa6b641bd
  2. Momo's Revenge

    Character name: Prashanti Thapaliya UCP name: Cheesymomo (Discord name?): Karen#9053 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1687 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 213 imagination ct Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://imgur.com/a/Xecm1IT Screenshot of teleport exit: Behind it Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Other side of that door.
  3. Momo's Revenge

    If it is such an amazing team then why do they have such incredibly low activity? There is a difference between having good ideas and actually laying the ideas out and being able to implement them. The government is great.. If you only focus on the niches of licensing and the courts which is just forum work. It is terrible in every other aspect that requires real activity and real interaction on the server. Then you got issues with that lack of activity directly impacting whether or not issues can be fixed that only scripted faction leaders are able to do.
  4. Momo's Revenge

    The thing is that these companies that do security systems and panic buttons typically aren't responding themselves. They coordinate with police and try to contact you. That's something that could've been facilitated. Discord gets used for record keeping because the game itself doesn't do it and if it were it'd probably be a clunky & bloated CEF system. Examples: Time clocks for companies are something that shouldn't be considered metagame that are put on discord channels so employees know who worked and when.
  5. Momo's Revenge

    Well if nothing else at least the monthly activity of key leadership roles in gov shouldn't be 0.00 with this system. My experience is that it mattered as long as players had it as a position that genuinely mattered. People care about positions that have a real impact on what they do. That's the case for legislative and executive positions.
  6. Momo's Revenge

    From a quick look at the list its just the opposite of this suggestion. A lot of incredibly undesirable vehicles spike in price which just steers them to other vehicles instead. It weirdly goes against what was said by you two in the thread. The cars that should be getting deterred are muscle cars and sports cars. It makes more sense to instead make vehicle costs more influenced by maintenance which leads to roleplay opportunities. Adjusting market prices doesn't do that and instead raises the investment to roleplay something new. A lot of those aren't even necessary. Why do compact cars, vans, buses, motorcycles, and dirtbikes need price bumps?
  7. Momo's Revenge

    We roleplay in America. In America we can set our cars speedometer to either MPH/KMH. Even if it's not an electric display KMH lines are on the very same speedometer.
  8. Momo's Revenge

    If people are gonna troll with it then it's clientside anyways and wouldn't matter? :/
  9. Momo's Revenge

    Yeah! Except that... It's not really. It is just avoiding confronting issues (spammers, copy paste emphasis, time wasting) till that new system gets implemented w/ notifications or whatever. A better system however would've been if they just went with the queue system that got suggested multiple times. A better system would've also been to not let people spam ads so much to begin with. The system that is there at the moment just makes it so the discord ads are much more valuable than before to have and that if people want to do multiple ads they'll have another person do the ad for them. So either we need a way to check all the ads that've been getting posted ourselves in game or a queue to be convenient and stop ad spam by having multipliers. Ads themselves you're right though don't improve RP quality. It's RP opportunities. W/ that being said, if you got friends you play with the system that's there atm is better in terms of you won't waste your time trying to make an ad because of the lack of a queue system.
  10. Momo's Revenge

    The metagame I'm referring to is that donator status is what is putting those icons on the map rather than if those businesses are being roleplayed at or not being on the map. Nervous is right that no business deserves special treatment like that. Therefore, no business should benefit from a p2w model. Donator statuses shouldn't at all be interacting w/ your ability to promote your business activities past discord commands. Whether there are actual icons or not, making it rely purely on a GPS system whether that's a phone or a car system makes it so everything about you knowing a business is open or not is dependent on IC assets. I don't think they would approve having icons because at least for garages the issue was they put too many in and now there's 20. In the future there'll be more businesses when roleplayed ones are more viable. A part of reason why roleplayed businesses are less viable is because if you aren't a donator whether or not your business is found depends on "SMS for location" or being in an easy to spot place. The other reason to use the GPS system instead for icons is so that people really got to hopefully notice other businesses that are open as well instead of just who is a gold donator. I wouldn't mind toggable icons via the GPS system but I got a feeling that would be a lot harder to do and in turn would take a lot more time.
  11. Momo's Revenge

    The current limit is 200 bullets afaik which is more than enough for shootouts and allows you do target practice. I might be wrong about this because I didn't try but you also aren't able to get the three guns you got approved for anyways in a month. At the least that covers the # of approved weapons you would get off a PF anyways so it should've been 3 from the jump. So in the first month if someone wanted they could either save one of those slots for a replacement gun if they lose it or for a second pistol, shotgun or rifle if they put more than one roleplayed type on their paperwork instead of going for three different types. With all that being said, I don't got much stake in this anyways. I just dislike that I've seen a guard that couldn't work for a month because they lost a gun once and even one more gun would make ammunations a more viable business.
  12. Right now GPS systems serve little purpose. You can only use them on exact addresses and I guess to roleplay a tracker but that whole system is buggy anyways. What I propose is that the GPS system is revamped to include: The GPS system is changed to have two buyable versions. That's not really a necessity for the suggestion. I just thought if there's two versions then that's one way to circulate more money and make it so not all cars are trackable like that. The cost between the two shouldn't be very much if they are separate. The basic version would just be the actual GPS that can handle addresses and see a list of opened businesses. The enhanced version will include a GPS tracker as well that can be used to find the car. That can work two ways so it has a downside, the car can be traced by the police if they have a warrant and all that or with permission if it's stolen I guess. With this system there will be a menu that can be accessed on 'I' or by /gps to find an address, get to the closest X business, and access a list of businesses by categorization (Convenient stores, tattoo parlors, salons, clubs, park, hospital, and so on). Of those businesses, only OPEN businesses should be displayed. It could be optional maybe to show unopened ones as well so those can be found too. Landmark locations and places that provide scripted services regardless of if it's manned or not would be displayed at all times. With that change, icons altogether would be removed except for the scripted businesses that got to be there. In addition to the address system there can be a way to get a suggested address if you type out only a street name. So if I put Forum Drive all the forum drive addresses will pop up. That'd make the address command actually useful in that aspect. Certain phones from the phone store would have a basic GPS included. With the tracker system put in vehicles would then be able to be found via the phone interface or MDC so it can be done remotely. If it's too powerful to have it update automatically each time it's typed there could be a delay on the command so it can only be used once every one or two minutes. To negate the tracker being an issue for criminals, the tracker could be disabled scriptly. That'd just include roleplayed the action out and typing the command. There could potentially be the option to save preset destinations like with contacts. That would give a big boost in usefulness to the GPS system. Regardless of the business type with this, preferably /startshift would be something any business could do while relatively near the entrance or interior. If those were logged for owners in the future that would be useful. For this suggestion, that could be used instead for marking them as opened easily with a familiar command. Why should this happen? There's too many icons all over the place on the map and it makes the server look like GTAO or rather FiveM. It also mixes IC and OOC since some businesses have icons while others do not. Overall it's a bad system, reeks of MG and isn't creative. The system I'm saying isn't the most creative either but it's at least very useful, user friendly for everyone, and ultimately optional. GPS systems are useless right now. They may as well not exist. If these changes were done they would be extremely useful all around and it would all be in character. Finding desynced vehicles is pretty much impossible without an admin. The ones that tend to get desynced are boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and bicycles. Players can easily access what businesses are open while in their cars. But hey, I'm not opposed to this being put in the phone system either. I just want a better GPS system overall. All businesses that are actively roleplayed would benefit from it and would no longer need to do 'SMS for location' unless they actually wanted to. They could instead just put their address or just put that they're open. To an extent, this can lower the amount of ads but probably not by too much. If the GPS is done on phones it could be a package added onto the more expensive phones so they have a better value. If that's done then the GPS for vehicles would basically just be a GPS tracker scriptly. So on top of that it can add value to phones. To answer Nervous saying 'It's such an important donator perk', that sounds like a problem with how you structured donator statuses more than anything else. It is special treatment for IC assets that directly influences income. There are other ways to work around having icons all over the map like... A GPS System and not giving out businesses to almost everyone in a short period of time. It also makes people not want to donate because, why would anyone other than p2w players want to support such a practice? Me personally, no thanks. Off the top of my head you could actually put more than one namechange in donator packages to make people want them. Not even LSRP follows such a gross money grab, in fact they got a good portion of the described GPS system. Anyways, disregarding that, businesses that don't got script incentives to go are severely hurt by icons being the only way to easily find places other than /ad in game. That fact discourages people from wanting to try creative ideas when it comes to businesses. The reason by the way people don't say it is because that fact is in many ways this server hasn't displayed a willingness to change when it comes to things being asked like that.
  13. Momo's Revenge

    Having 4 guns instead of 2 or even 3 is not the end of the world. In fact, it makes it so right now businesses have a monopoly on ammunations because there's a limited market. If you still put a limitation on bullets that's the same then the guns aren't anymore useful than they were before.
  14. Momo's Revenge

    This government is already inactive so what is there to lose?
  15. Momo's Revenge

    Is this LSRP? lmao.