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  1. These are the force guidelines of the LSPD that I stated. the make part has several stages.
  2. There is a use of force guideline that the department has to follow. Without context there is no one to determine whether he should have been tazed or not. Just because someone doesn't seem threatening from the outside doesn't mean they aren't a threat. However, a compliant suspect (someone who offers no resistance) should be verbally requested or commanded to do something. When someone doesn't respond to your verbal commands he becomes non compliant, then a physical action is required (hands-on), restraining techniques by use of pain compliance or other holding techniques. When the suspect attempts to evade those techniques or becomes physically aggressive towards the officer has his right to use a tazer. - if these steps aren't followed you are free to contact IA in the PD. Also you must be aware that officers don't always stick to the rules, they could even beat up a suspect if they are high up in their emotions. All of that is and should be taken IC. Just like IRL Officers can overstep their boundaries.
  3. There is an entire division focused on engaging with the community. PD does enter businesses and rp passively with customers and staff. I can only assume you haven't had the chance to see that.
  4. If insurance should be removed from the leases the prices are to go up as the insurance should be incorporated with the lease price. But I'm not sure if that's possible. Means the lease prices should go up, cause it shouldn't be right that a lease is cheaper then owning a car monthly. Usually when you lease a car the vehicle is registered to the company that leases the car. They have a registry that keeps track of who has which car. Usually everything from maintenance to insurance is incorporated in the monthly price and only the Gass money is an extra cost the leaser has to pay. Atleast that's what I know from Irl leases.
  5. Whatever you do and say reflects to who you are as a person and what GTAW is saying is that we have no place for Racists in our server. So if you do say dumb stuff, you have to own up to it and face the consequences of those actions. Whether it be racial slurs, cyber bullying, or being plain rude to someone. All of those actions have consequences on GTAW and everything that surrounds it. Edit: Ban appeals can be sensitive if not what confronting at some points, people deserve privacy and don't always have to make a public apology. Cause that's basically what happens in appeals.
  6. Ive actually witnessed this happening as a Leo roleplayer. Luckily I had ALPR and record everything, so I was able to catch them. Also when I pull someone over I usually check the time and dat, if it corresponds with the time and date of the traffic stop I know they pg'd it and admins can check the logs. If an officer sees this and is vigilant then it will be dealt with cordingly by admins. The call shouldn't be removed as it is great and realistic to be able to insure your vehicle at any point since we live in a digital Era. It just requires vigilance and maybe a 2 minute or 3 minute delay would be more then enough before from calling to having insurance. Edit: or turn the script around, have vehicles always insured and deduct the monthly costs from the players automatically. The players have to call 207 to uninsure the vehicle and call 207 to insure it again when they want to use their vehicle.
  7. My favorite VR game, the realism of the weapons, but the funny opponents as well as the many game modes and the constant updates the developer gives! A billion weapons available to play with. My favorite game mode is take and hold, ricky dicky random mode.
  8. I guess it's because people get really attached to some of their characters, and when things don't go the way they want them too it hits their nerves. I can definitely say that I did get salty once or twice.. Maybe more🤗 because somethings didn't play out the way I wanted too. However as long as you don't reflect it on your characters actions or show through ooc means to the other player it's totally acceptable. We are human after all and do have emotions right?
  9. I requested a property but this is their reply.
  10. Yeah I've attempted to get a building leased with an entire plan, but because there are too many dealerships it was tossed. So those aiming for indoor dealerships don't get a chance as long as there are that many dealerships around anyway.
  11. I suggest if you want the answer of the top boss, ask here This is the place these "questions" should be placed.
  12. To say that it's not about that one instance is a pure lie. It definitely is about that one instance. Specially since you keep discussing the details and combat the reasoning @xanx has given you. What you forget is that NO officer is the same, No officer handles a scene the exact same way as others do. No officer handles a traffic the same as the previous traffic stop as everyone stop has different details, different reasoning and a different history. No traffic stop takes exactly 10 minutes, or 20 minutes or 30 minutes nor does any other situation. Some officer does their reports during the stop, some do it after, some do it at the end of the shift and some do it at after a few days and some don't do it at all. There is a guideline IC. But everyone swerves around it. It's an IC action, it's an IC matter.
  13. @RoryR you stated it to be a genuine interest in getting to learn why a traffic stop could take that long. Whether you buy it or not should not matter. It's clear this is not the case but more a shaming on the so called officers from the pd who conducted the stop on you and are looking for sympathizers. Nothing more nothing less, otherwise the so called "learning" would have stopped from the moment @xanx told you the reason. This isn't a friendly topic nor has it ever been. Having that said, you having learned the reason behind the 26m stop, what are you trying to gain now at this point?
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