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  1. Smonk

    Am I gonna get ajailed for this if I do it in Menyoo like the video in the post is? I don't know how cool a video of 1 person could be.
  2. username: Lexington_Steele comment: medina latina LMFAOO missed opportunity to call vix twix instead rip
  3. Smonk

    because the only thing that happens is what happens in the server, everytime people are offline their characters dont exist and there's no consistent "ic" world right? :') this is dumb LOL. the only rules they need on menyoo is doing shit with stuff you can't get/don't have. A making up a little ic thing that doesn't happen RPly but just meant for fluff or some goofy post on FB is literally harmless. You're complaining about quite literally nothing lol.
  4. Smonk

    oh shit finally, nice
  5. Smonk

    my other fave scumbag char rper next to cap, dope shit as always WEY
  6. There is? Vinewood Studios is a thing. Ofc they aren't making movies every other day, but they're around and doing stuff.
  7. It basically just gets fucked over because the elegy copbaiters with guns gangbangin these racetracks outchea. These legal race events are one of my favorite things to pop up on the server as a big car enthusiast myself. I gives me hope in the car scene and I really hate seeing it get disallowed cause the illegal side of racing and it's complete lack of RP standard in majority of that rp, with the general lack of strict methods and the "I don't care, it's a game, so I treat my RP as a game" kind of mentality that you find in just about any scene on any game that has roleplay. When a game's in the mix, people have a harder time treating it as RP and as a real person, with real cars, guns etc. They probably aren't the main reason but I know for sure they're a big part of it. People look at anything car related and assume its the same level of quality as that. on a more serious note, tho; That said, it is a very IC issue (most likely a mainly IC issue, even) as well with groups like LSAC/URL and even 40oz who's pretty rowdy we're actively doing stuff out in the boonies, but less in your face than the other groups cause of that around like smoke fragrance who's less active these days and streetnet kinda making cops bring the hammer down a little, so legal events get throw into it because the illegal racers show up to them and practice them before it happens. I think a way to combat that would be keeping the tracks extremely secret to outsiders that aren't involved with the legal side of getting these events handled and approved that way the people that don't follow the law ICly have a harder time ruining your reputation by driving the roads illegally before the events are a thing. Pair that with seeking out active sponsorships and a petition like HaveADream suggested and get as many people on board as possible to help your case, you may just stand a chance at getting these things more legally situated. Get the government to trust you as a reputable and professional group that knows how to handle their things and has contingencies to provide safety to the public as best as you possibly can (as I suggested with things like keeping track location and route more private etc until it's actually track day, and have those practice runs teach them the track instead) and I think you'd get that kind of IC and OOC view needed to get your things approved so your roleplay isn't hindered by it. It's mainly an IC issue, however there is a small amount of OOC no matter what anyone says that needs to be handled. If all people see you as is another John Monroe or Katsu Salvatore streetracing and running from the police (not saying this as any offense or insult to them, don't lynch me. i don't mean it in a toxic way. Its just fact, they street race and run from the cops a lot, and are good examples of the types of characters that hinder the legal side of the car scene by making the cops crack down on everyone. It's a consequence of actions whether good or bad.) I also think the government currently really doesn't know much about motorsport as said, and that I think needs to change, because people shouldn't be getting denied for something as silly as "muh muh dangerous" lol. Motorsport is dangerous. Rally is dangerous. Hill climbs are dangerous. Track racing is dangerous. Yet it's still an extremely popular thing, much like combat sports etc. The street racing thing I get, hence the "distance yourself from that, and become reputable with the government as a professional and legit party" suggestion that'll help. Much similar to arguments I've had in discord where people treat me like a retard for the 1st half of the argument until they see my point because they see what car my character drives and lop me in with the problem. People are generally keen on the legal racing events as it's a way for them to keep their legal characters all the way legal, but when they become tainted by actions of illegal racers it tends to get a little tricky. I fuck around a lot with the people I encounter that I don't really feel like they care about maintaining a good rp atmosphere but there's my honest two cents on it, at least in terms of car roleplaying events such as RIA's championships. I think it's a great thing and you guys put a lot of effort into it which I can appreciate.
  8. Smonk

    Looking for either bikes, any condition. What I'm willing to pay varies based on the state of the bike. Hit my line at 0-251-4328, or hit me up on facebrowser(< click for a link) I don't care if the bikes stock, unregistered etc, but I'm not gonna pay what I'd pay for a built, registered and insured bike for a stock, unregistered and uninsured one. Holla.
  9. im tryna see less factions and more population, like more people i can actually just sit down on some steps at my place with some others and have multiple hour long convos with that are just realistic people-like chars and whatever happens happens. if some crazy development-filled rp happens or just some chillin happens doesn't matter long as the rp's good. always prefered that with factions as the background to that rather than such a heavy focus on factions, not all the factions, but a good few i've encountered just feel like everyones trying to play a role in that faction rather than a person that's involved. could just be me but i dunno. lot of murda murda, less life-like, in my experience, there's been a few gems but that's p much all i encounter in terms of factions and it drives me away. if i had to say faction ideas, mainly just factions that have more of what i talked about ^ but I'd like to see some more car enthusiast related factions with proper RP standards not running around slamming into eachother and trolling 24/7. shit like lowrider car clubs (all these hispanics and no low rider car clubs wtf is goin on, its the west coast icly show us some love), some dedicated car show shit maybe, but in terms of more heavy dev-related facs. I'd love to see some shit like Wilcox waaay back in the day on lsrp, those dudes were legit as fuck, some properly intelligent mafias, not just bozos with suits & bad accents trying to extort everything poorly. i mean some legit shit, like some fuckin Valenti type shit, ooooldschool Valenti was terrifying from an outside perspective when I first encountered them. Would really love to see some harmless and fun factions that are more icly inviting like some goofball hillbillies or some hippy caravan full of some long haired surfing pot dealers and or some funny shit like that. Just creative shit, not "ayy these guys are doing this, lets make a faction to be their enemy lmao" cause that's what it feels like the server is partially rn. Again, not everything, but I feel like there's a lot of that and a lot of poor rp standards among some groups. That poofing is what i'd rather see first, then it would atleast make way for the good factions. seen/heard of a few real good ones pop up and just disappear cause the competition was so nooby it was demotivating to even try and carve a spot for themselves.
  10. Smonk

    one of my faves
  11. Smonk

    depends on your character rather than your money usually. A rapper ain't gonna act the same as a long time businessman and CEO in most cases, for example. Only "rich" character I've had was only really semi-rich cause of her trade and saving money since her taste in cars and living wasn't exactly expensive, or not as much as some other types. The stereotypical "I make too much money to know what to do with so I'll just let it sit till I find a purpose for it" type, essentially. I usually either RP rich characters as very humble hardworking people that've put in the work to get where they are, or rich ass inheritance babies that are snobby asf and entitled, somewhere inbetween can be fun as well. At the same time if the character's main purpose is being a rich character it's usually a bad character, so I hardly focus on that. A few quick points jotted in my head on how they treat their money and that's pretty much about it. This is a pretty good question though, I look forward to seeing other people's perspectives on rping rich/wealthy chars.
  12. Smonk

    RIP Bohdi Hillier (aka Bohdi Hitler) One of my fave groups on the server.
  13. Smonk

    Yeah feel you that's the only real harm with the characters that don't exist is that you pretty much won't meet them unless you somehow unintentionally convince their player to make the character ingame via the chats you have with them on FB. Pretty sure that happened with 1 or 2 of em but not many. That said, I don't think it's heavily commonplace for that to be a thing but I don't know confidently so I won't really give a firm opinion/stance on it. then again i feel like half the people that chat to eachother on there never meet ig anyway even if they do exist LOL as for the why rp a char u dont possess thing, I think that kinda falls into what I said to invictus with the whole "well, yeah, but people are people" argument, cause I mean. People quite literally are people. We do some questionable shit to entertain ourselves. I don't think it's harmful enough of an issue to really worry about or get angry over as some people might however considering how minor and few they are.
  14. Smonk

    Yeah, I agree on that for the most part and wasn't arguing that, any of the pictures that aren't possible IG are kinda bad, or at least I mean in terms of outlandish shit like creating whole scenes that just won't happen. (i.e guns you don't have, cars you don't have/are literally unable to obtain) My point was pretty much just to clear the air and try and make people stop generalizing everything, as that's pretty much the reason of this topic's existence even if unintentional on the poster's part, which just gets back to the stigma we both referenced. Can't tell you how many people i've watched see a menyoo pic and quite literally lose their shit for no reason at all. It's a fuckin picture LOL. Wewlad someone cares about how their character looks. On the flip side though, what I was saying also applies to some of the things in that aspect as well. There are characters that don't exist, however, what's on their profile is harmless. It's selfies, modeling-like pics. It's people just having fun with menyoo and using that character to post stuff so they can say "hey look I made a cool pic!" essentially. There's nothing wrong with it. It does no harm. The amount of bad compared to the good is pretty much minimal IMO. The worst parts of menyoo are the lack of consistency within character looks because people don't take the time to make their faces identical, which is easy if you create your char in gtaw first by 5's and 0's like menyoo has it (takes some finesse as some of menyoo's ids are swapped with gtaw's, some negatives are positives in menyoo) and boom, it transfers over almost perfectly. The wacky photos of things your character doesn't actually have in the server (I.E if someone other than Sam Courtland takes photos with a Sultan RS, it's kinda fuckin weird considering he's the only one in the server that has one?) ETC. Same with guns all that. It'd be no different than if I gave Nathaniel Byers a Turismo R and recorded a track race like he owned the car or something, even though he's a broke college kid. That stuff? It's bad. Yes. This we agree on. Characters on FB that don't exist IG? Harmless, sorry. Literally harms nothing, it's not bad. Big deal. Really. No reason to complain about this and I have no idea why some are. ICly there would obviously be more people in the city than the 200ish peak playerbase, otherwise that would be really fuckin weird to literally be roleplaying a massive LA-sized city with 200 people to live in it and maintain it, so why can't there be faces on FB that you won't see because they don't actually exist as an alt/player IG. It doesn't hurt anything. It's just idle fun for the person doing it. I'll touch on the whole "don't make the pic if it's not roleplayed" with the above logic as well. If you're offline does your character magically stop living? Menyoo's a good way to get pics and just post idle fluff on FB. Also harmless. (not saying you argued against that, just something i felt like adding) ------ This whole subject in and of its self though is kind of useless anyway as it hasn't changed a single thing other than the quality of pictures both cringy and good. People were posting the same stupid shit and doing that before Menyoo was around too. It's just more high quality now. It's not really a question of "did menyoo do this", but rather, why the hell are some people with extremely low standards of RP even allowed to be around. Good conversation, but pointless to worry about as it's not harming anything ig. Just making the occasional cringe lord moments on FB. Why people are worried why a very select few out of multiple hundreds of people playing aren't coming ig cause they spend all their time on menyoo is more worrying to me. Just because they're in the community doesn't make them obligated to come in-game every single moment they get the chance, and it doesn't make them any less of a roleplayer if they are or aren't active, it just makes them simply that, active or inactive. Menyoo doesn't really change this. (whether it's plausible as the one we agree on with the unrealistic photos that are impossible to have ig in terms of materialistic things in them) I personally feel it'd be good to create a proper IC company that manages the site. Moderators that actually have a brain and won't just delete something cause they don't like it or have a preconceived notion that it shouldn't exist. That way things can be moderated and we can just get rid of the stupidity currently going on on the site that everybody - including myself - joins in on because it's pretty much the only thing to do on there if you're trying to avoid the people just hunting erp. also holy fuck text wall i can really fuckin shit these out with 0 effort when im bored tl;dr for the real ones i agree but this is a pointless topic cus menyoo's p much harmless no matter ur feelings it didnt change much if anything at all on FB, and p much nothing IG, it just made the shitkids with no rp standards/character consistency more obvious cus they post dumb shit that shouldnt be allowed being busy doesn't mean you can't enjoy things enough to waste money on stupid shit like that. it's very questionable, i agree. however, some people just have the money to waste and feel like doing it. thats on them. is it harming anything? no. it's benefiting the server since they're getting donations essentially, so why worry bout it? I'm poor as fuck and I've donated to the server (for vip mind you, not fb pro) so it really doesn't surprise me when someone does that so they can boost pics they spent time making. It's very pointless and not everyone/anyone wants to see boosted pictures, however they paid for the feature, you can expect them to use it to show off the pictures they make, whether it's a basic selfie/model shoot or a cringy pic on a car you don't own IG.
  15. Smonk

    thank you daddy gall