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  1. Smonk

    server crashes fucked my logs rip
  2. I'll take it for the buyout price hmu 879-4502 or facebrowser
  3. Smonk

    good shit
  4. very much agree with a lot of this. I'm still roleplaying the effects of stuff on some of my characters that happened a year or so ago ICly lol. Traumatic experiences don't just vanish, especially if you don't actually get help to move on from them. As for injuries I honestly get triggered when people just go to the hospital get fixed up and RP like they didn't even get injured, especially if its shit like gunshots/stab wounds in vital areas etc. I get that there's a fine line for certain rps and they wanna be involved but damn, at least make up a rule for yourself to RP it depending on the injury. severe injuries rp it for a few days/week+ etc, simple injuries rp anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, something like that I.E my character Keiko when I originally had her rolled her car off a mountain and down a hill and only survived it due to the extensive cage built in her car, and I RPed the injuries for 2 ooc months & she's still overcoming the mental side of that crash while most people would do that and RP fine 3 minutes later and go on about their day is the point. I tend to overdo it, so I'm not saying EVERYONE should roleplay that if they don't want to but outright ignoring it after 3 minutes of npc roleplay or an hour or so of giving a medic/doc some RP and pretending like it never even happened aside from bringing it up here n there in the future is so wack to me. Creating RP out of it can spawn a lot of interesting RP when you get into the mind of your character and the people around to do with their own as well. Although, I think there's a fine line between what's bullshit and what's up to you personally preferring to roleplay though, I think standards should be high but also still provide fun. Nobody's going to stay if they're not having fun, afterall. The whole condensed thing is a valid point and there's a blend you kinda have to finesse between realism and the simple fact that people go around killing and robbing and raping like its a simple thing for human being to commit gang member, cop or not. With that, you're bound to have much more happen to your character as a person in a small amount of time than a normal person would ever have happen to them in their lifetime. Especially with the inconsistencies between each roleplayer's view on this topic as well it's a weird subject to confront IMO. I suppose in the end it all just boils down to how seriously people take their roleplay and how they view the idea of what they're character is (i.e is it a role as in just a gang member or is it a person behind that role that you're acting as and respecting the character's personality, mindset and all that goes into being a person etc), since a lot of people tend to have different ideas and/or abilities to portray it well. It's a really interesting conversation to have but at the same time I feel like it's almost a pointless one since most of the people who think one way and agree on that one way typically disagree with the other way of doing thing. (i.e i'd much prefer roleplay that has extremely lasting effects on my character and i do that for myself, and most of the people I frequently roleplay with do the same, since that's what I like to surround myself with, but I don't like and tend to stay away from people that have all the RP only really provide short term mental development that goes away when they want to do the next crime or w/e and only really care about treating it like a game and doing as many crazy things as they can and RP the consequences for 10 minutes max, and that person that does that would most likely argue that the way I do things is stale and boring and not fun.) I kinda just accept it and go with it though, as long as I'm enjoying the roleplay and the people around me are too we gucci my guy, i could ramble about this shit all day tho honestly. 100% agree with this but I can't say shit cause I kinda do this a lot, to my own demise. I'm hella skeptical about new people to rp with unless I'm in a faction for some reason. I'll RP with anyone generally but getting myself to go out of my way to do it, first thought that pops into my head is like "naw its gonna be some dumbass" and I don't lmfao. I'm not even the greatest rper around but I'm a total bitter fuck about certain types of rpers
  5. i already dig the vibe in this thread
  6. Smonk

  7. idk why but it happens to me pretty often, that or i tend to do it to other people, my old char lily used to prank call people all the time after looking up numbers from adverts and i've had some of them last an hr + like this one did
  8. Smonk

    started on sarp, then i was around a bunch of lil ngg edit servers like lssrp and other randos, some shit in palomino etc then i played on lsrp from 2010 to 2012 (got banned cause i was using my homies account that let me try it to see if i wanted to play lsrp and i forgot it wasnt mine LMAO.. go figure) then bounced around for ages, main server i played was some gay apocalyptic shit called parp that was dumb fun, rped on several mmos too, fallen earth, swtor, eso, bdo and some other randos. main samp servers i played tho were SARP, LSRP, PARP & PRRP cant remember my sarp name, lsrp names back in the day were Delroy & Rodney Owens, Daniel Haruhi, Antoine Turner, Lamont Wells, buncha shit tbh and PRRP i was Chino Ramirez for like a few months before quitting cause my homie that invited me got banned lmao, been all over random ass servers since 2009. gone by smokey or casper on all of them.
  9. Smonk

    This shits fire. Keep it up. s/o to Vicente for that 30 bucks
  10. whoever play's sekhar, i honestly love u man. i really tried to give u that 452. enjoy the funny ass read: https://imgur.com/a/dS7ltCh here's the album for anyone that wants to view it off the forums or some shit later idk i was left to my own decision of whether to pay him with my own money or try to bum cash off randoms to pay him, so i decided to rp with other people and try and earn 500 bucks for my indian friend by begging, back to the runescape roots i went s/o vicente ur a real one g if i find u im payin u back fr got the money, time to call him back and save my phone bill and get these viruses off my dude and thats how i made 530 dollars by accident trying to pay an indian scammer.
  11. Smonk

    wow someone understands now if the gangs would learn from this shit everything would be dope
  12. Smonk

    damn it was a body double after all