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  1. +1 Wouldn't hurt to add some customization to the UI i suppose.
  2. I believe it’s a streaming issue with the server as me and a few others have been experiencing this texture loading bug since before the 1.1 update for RageMP.
  3. Should contact someone in management, or the server owner himself. @Nervous
  4. Almighty


    Yeah you’re better contacting the staff member that denied you in the first place.
  5. the Traditional way is to roleplay living in that area and just begin hanging around that faction let them know you can RP by keeping everything IC and responding even if they’re hostile continue to roleplay with them if the faction members aren’t complete noobs they’ll respect your efforts and possibly give you a shot. if not move to the next faction that respects and allows newcomers.
  6. Had the same issue at one point, go to your mouse settings and under mouse input select “raw input“ it should allow you to move the mouse around while using the UI. Hopefully this helps!
  7. Keep up the nice work ???
  8. Could be a RageMP mod you have installed.. That is if you have any installed in the first place.
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