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  1. Would be a great idea on paper, but never going to be able to actually happen practically without tons of different bumps in the road, from like 50 different angles.
  2. It will most likely come out for PC later down the road after it comes out for console. Usually they push it out a few months later.
  3. Totally possible, Rockstar is just a bunch of guessing games however, they seem to be extremely secretive until about a year before they release a game (for good reasons obviously as-well). Can even goto the point, where I can almost guarantee, someone will make a 'Rage' type platform for the next upcoming GTA's, once they are released for the PC.
  4. Like this a lot - showing a different view of RP, that I personally think, sometimes we are missing in the server. A lot of people strive for the biggest and best, but sometimes don't really know the true struggle to even get close to it. Look forward to keeping up with the post.
  5. 🎶 Whats a'matter with the car I'm drivin'? Can't cha tell that it's out of style? 💙🎶

  6. Locked & Archived - Over a year without a post.
  7. Will be locking this, glad everything was able to be fixed.
  8. On that Iphone 8 grind, boutta cop an Iphone 11 though.
  9. With Nervous clarifying the rules and regulations regarding Traffic Lights, i'll be locking this topic and archiving it shortly. I would like to applaud everyone on the topic for being able to be civil, but yet, show different views and be able to understand some of those views. Let's remember we are all here to do one thing: Have fun and RP
  10. Just wanna clear up some things: For one, when it comes to the Failure to Yield/STOP to a Traffic Control Device.. it says it in it's name, and specifically references the code that Fergie listed above.. Let's say I am going South on Strawberry Ave, crossing of San Andreas Ave.. my light is red, and I notice someone approaching from the left.. Players should STOP for those, that have the green light, and let them proceed. YIELDING comes into effect when their is no traffic visible, and the intersection is clear and safe to proceed through (noting, only for red lights).. Yielding can be commonly referenced as a "California Stop" (in California, it's only used for stop-signs, NOT LIGHTS) - you come to the stop-sign and no one is visible or present during the time.. people will "roll" the stop at 5-10 miles per hour.. and its *sometimes* reasonably allowed.. The main overall problem is that (from what I see as a PD Officer) people who forget to "yield" or "stop" are doing 100+ throughout the City, have no care in driving or paying attention, and then claim desync because while they were doing 100+ in the City, objects were not able to load in time and present with current sync (reference almost every PD/SD/FD scene, where someone drives through and goes "oh my bad guys it didn't load in time!"), and then continue to just FLY through every intersection they see. This is from how I have always seen it and enforced it as this way.. Sorry, but if someone else has the Green, and you have the Red, the person with the Green light becomes priority (I'm sure we have all been on those five minutes light where we all flick lights at eachother to let one another go, and I personally consider this reasonable, if the person with the Green wants to yield and let the other go). While I understand the point of what Nervous made, the Penal Code is the law that is enforced in-character. Now, for the example, Ellix, you had that screenshot ready at a touch of a finger.. but you and only a dozen people probably saw that message. Not the whole server. On an IC standpoint, we follow the laws we are told to enforce, and honestly? It's always been like that. I also agree however, their should be some clarification when it comes to the actual lights, and deciding what is correct. I think however, what Nervous was trying to say, is that you don't have to sit at a red light until it goes green, and that has been very clear on the server for a while now (I could be wrong, maybe I am misunderstanding what he is saying), but, if someone is actively also at that intersection, and the light you are at is red? Your required to stop to let the other person go... that's just common sense at that point.. That's how we have resolved traffic accidents for--- god knows how long now.. If you had a red, you need to YIELD at the LEAST, but that doesn't mean plowing through an Intersection doing 60+ - and you consider it yielding because you "looked both ways quickly".. if another car is already at the intersection, or if you both roll up at the same time? Whoever has the red stops, and the Green light goes.. ------- On a completely off topic situation: Let's continue to make sure this topic keeps clean, civil, and not to be bashing people/factions. This is generally a question/concern that is good to bring up and have a discussion about. -------
  11. I agree with everything you are saying, but it's the fact that people do 120 miles per hour through the City and claim its for no literal reason.. besides the fact of having "oh its a clear road though, no ones on the road!" - It's about immersion in my opinion. I am one to know car's in this game don't handle like in real life (I use to mod for the game, develop on FiveM and such), but just because those physics are different, shouldn't give a player the excuse to drive like a maniac on the road, or in fact, drive like they are some professional sports car driver, because they know how to handle a car in a video game, rather, then having a character learn a vehicle and it's limits.. Ill give an example: My (now crushed) 99 Durango, had a steering retention problem, and as-well, the steering shaft was basically broken, meaning, when I turned? I had no power steering.. I had to literally jam that wheel so far right to make that car turn.. the alignment was so far off, I let go for one second, and I would be in the far right lane.. I had to learn my car, and learn how to make it drive like a SAFE car on the road... which, overtime, I was able to master in a sense. However, in-game, that doesn't mean I am now going to buy an Elegy, and since I know the space-bar gives me access to drift, now I'm going to go drift. I'm not saying people should drive 100% like real life, obviously there will be breaks in the game, and limitations--- but from what I see personally, most of the people I pull over or have a daily encounter with, literally have no care in the world for an IC perspective of driving.. and only care what their OOC intentions are.. that being "I wanna have fun with my drift car why does bad mister po-po stop me" --- on top of that, most people I have also encountered with, don't even RP the fact of knowing the limits to their own vehicle.. As I said, people buy a car, jump in it, and act like their has never been a simple problem, and immediately jump to the fact of knowing how to handle the vehicle like a professional. tldr: just because you can drive 120 in the game, or at super fast speeds, because the game physics let's us, doesn't mean you should abuse that in a city full of thousands realistically, or a state full of thousands of drivers edit: Just saw this.. and it's mainly what I'm going for. I just personally think, even without the extra support of modding the cars to kinda 'dumb them down' - players should already take some of these into account.
  12. What I highlighted is the perfect example.. its really all up to the player for the small details that they want to include. I'm honestly baffled sometimes by peoples driving (as I'm an LEO in-game), and wonder, if they have ever drove a car in real life.. Sometimes I imagine it's people who have never drove and thinks it's easy to get up to 120 miles per hour, and control the car at 120.. But as you said, it's all about the detail. I like how you included the 2 meter distance, that's something that is SUPER REALISTIC (unless your a jerk that rides your butt), and not a lot of people understand that.
  13. I honestly feel ya! Sometimes I'm on super late and i'm like "okay im in a ghost city" -- its a particular situation thats one of those middle ground ones. I wish we were able to have a constant flow of like 1000 players, that would give the vibe that we would all need, especially when it comes to traffic 🙂
  14. Have to agree with this. I think people just generally--- let it slip off their mind that our City would have thousands and thousands of people driving daily... and for some reason, use that as an excuse to break traffic laws.. "Oh no ones on the roads though!?" --- well.. yeah.. sorry that the Development Team decided not to spam our game with 100's of NPC's.. but heres your citation!
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