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  1. . Contacting Emergency Services in a Non-Emergency - 24/MAR/2020 How to use the correct resources to contact us without misusing the hotline. Throughout the past several weeks, Officers and Detectives within the Los Santos Police Department have reported to Supervisors that Community Members were using work numbers to contact them for Emergency Related Incidents, Scene Information, and as-well, trying to gather evidence related to the scene of a crime. While the Los Santos Police Department appreciates the courtesy of the Community to give tips about situations that are happening throughout the City, and as-well wanting to keep up-to-date with previous incidents that might have happened, work numbers assigned to Officers and Detectives are not monitored for emergency and non-emergency calls that directly relate to needing the Police Department, or other Emergency Services. Law Enforcement Officers within the Department cannot be held responsible to respond to an emergency call or to relate information to one another when contacting them through a work number that is assigned. The following is what the Los Santos Police Department suggests to use: When reporting an emergency Please call 911 - follow all the instructions given by the Dispatcher, and remain calm, give details relating to the incident that can help Officers figure out the situation - example; if you are calling to report an incident regarding a shooting, be as descriptive as possible, the location you are at, what the person is wearing and or looks like (hats, tattoos, scars, color of clothing, vehicle description, plates, occupants, and last seen heading) When calling for a non-emergency Please use the 991 hotline Explain what you need, or, what we can do to help This line can be used to request ridealongs, speak with a representative of the Department, schedule interviews The non-emergency line can be also used for reporting a crime that has taken place in the past, or, if you feel it is not an emergency or a direct threat to life where an Officer must be on scene, to have the abilities for Officers to take the report over phone or to schedule a time needed to have the report taken To request information regarding Community Events and how to properly set them up. If your vehicle has been stolen, and you did not see it happen, nor was there an active threat to life or the public, please describe your vehicle as best you can, including, make, model, color, if there are any modifications, and the license plate. We ask that if you recover your vehicle, to please call and let us know. ((Following a call, please use the command /reportstolen to put your vehicle on a list of reported vehicles)) If you are requesting press release information, we ask that you please direct yourself to the Los Santos Police Department's official website, and direct yourself to the Press Information Request Area - where a member of the Media Relations and Community Affairs Division will respond as soon as possible with information regarding the incident. Due note, it can take up to seventy-two hours to gain information, and as-well, while Investigations are still undergoing, the Department may not have all the information needed to release a statement, and will follow-up with a response in the future. A press release can be requested for any incident that the Department has been involved in. Police Officer III+1 Nick Muller Community Affairs Coordinator Media Relations and Community Affairs Division . .
  2. Ah - the good ol terminology from SAMP.. Light RP = NGG Type of server, you don't really show your RP, you get away with certain things like PG, MG, DM, VDM, things like that. Rules are a lot more 'lighter' per say. You still have to show some RP - maybe like taking out a heavy weapon like an M4 or something in the sorts. But, were able to get away with it if you did not.. Medium RP = You have strict rules and regulations, like we do on GTA W - but you enforce them lightly per say. People still need to show there RP, but maybe not as detailed as some of the players on here. Heavy RP = Rules that are placed on are strictly enforced, all RP must be shown, and in general, a lot more 'realistic to life' then a MRP/LRP server.. Just my thoughts in basic detail instead of having to go full out.
  3. Pillsbury

    Even though there being other black community gangs, in a City like Los Santos, which is heavily replicated to be like the City of Los Angeles... There are about nine gangs that I easily counted off of here which is referenced by the LAPD and another article published. Los Angeles is now filled with Mexican/Hispanic Gangs.. but I think we can all know why (hence Mexico being right there). Within the Gangs however, even though there are only nine that I easily counted, they are filled with thousands.. and thousands of members that actively still commit crime and gang related activity. Most of the common black gangs that are on the link provided above, are 'power' gangs, meaning, they have the step above anyone else wanting to start one, or even attempt to get in.. Theres not a chance your joining at 16 and raising to the 'leader'. My overall point is, we need another black community, specifically in the South LS/South Central. Aslong as everyone RP's like they are suppose to, I think it's a great idea and some great RP can be used from it. The only other general problem I've ever had with a Gang in general is the whole "I'm 15 and this is my territory" - and your sitting at a red light... I'm not pointing any fingers, because I've had it happen with all different 'racial' type of gangs inside the server.
  4. I know this sounds crazy, but one thing that helped improve *my illegal* RP - was actually have a back story to my character, having a *life*, having *family* - having things almost every human has. People tend to think that during Illegal RP, the only thing you can do is rob stores, rob people, murder, sell guns/drugs and the same old goodies. Illegal RP can be extended in so many different ways but it is up to the player themselves to want that part of the illegal RP. On one of my previous posts, I said the value of ones life is what makes RP so much more fun. If a character has nothing to look forward to after they shootup a store, or rob a store, does it really make it that fun after the rush has died down? Or after the LSPD comes and guns everyone down? Though my character that I did illegal RP on wasn't in a 'gang' or 'mafia' - however, he was a normal day person who had a job, but then sold drugs in the back to his friends, helped with guns, and also from time to time would attempt a contracted hit on someone. What made that all fun? Honestly, it was the 'secretive' part of having to hide all of my characters illegal activities from my family. That was the real rush, when my character had to come home and his wife would be there waiting like "Where have you been mister?". If you have no value to your character, no value to the RP you do on the daily, the illegal RP will suck..
  5. Character name: Devon OBrien UCP name: Pillsbury (Discord name?): Bear#4961 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 5043 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 107 Playa Vista - Floor 4, Room 2 Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Exit will be back into the room from the Balcony Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony
  6. Pillsbury

    Apartment sold to a private bidder - $250,000. ((Can be Locked))
  7. Pillsbury

    Hello all, A few days ago, Nervous posted on the discord stating that all licenses will now have the expiration date of 2099. What are all of your thoughts on this? I think it is good for the sense of 'it's a game' - but adding an expiration date to the licenses for a realistic time, only adds more RolePlay to the server. In real life, almost every state in the USA has an expiration date for drivers licenses, CCW's, DOT Certs, even trade certifications for jobs like HVAC, Plumbing and Electricians. As I am looking at my license now (in real life) I see it expires in 2023. To me personally, I think it was a neat little thing in the server knowing within a year time, you would have to go renew your PF License/CCW and or your drivers license. It adds more immersion, and more of an actual 'civilized' feel to a character with regards of real life responsibilities. I can see some saying that 'it's just a game' - and you are right, but a year is also an extensive amount of time to play one game, and I am sure a year from now, if you are that big into RP, you would probably have no problem going to renew your license. On the side of LEO's, it also adds some additional enforcement for them to do. When you pull over someone in real life, there is a good chance there license might be expired, and if so, it can be cited (at-least in my State). Either or, to me it is not that *big* of a deal, to keep the expiration or to allow them to 2099, but just my thoughts.
  8. Pillsbury

    Where: Rockford Hills, Eclipse Towers Floor: 19 Market Price: $325,000 Asking: Best Offer Exterior: Interior:
  9. Pillsbury

  10. Pillsbury

    If we are talking about the value of life, I suspect people don't care because they don't have something else to look forward to in there RolePlay.. Ill give a bit of an example: From what I have seen, people that go around and attempt to rob people, really, that's all they do in the server.. so what makes the difference if they die or not? If they do anything else, it is usually heavily crime related, and nothing to do with actually a simple life RP. One of my characters has two sides to them. One side is a very evil, dark person, but on the other side, is a very nice polite person, works in a small company and would never be suspected of a thing. Some of the decisions that are made for that character, are depended on his family and what he thinks could happen in the future. He has a very big fear of doing public crimes, he likes to do everything very quiet and planned, professional, he doesn't want his family to be hurt. He will even stop in the mid of action because he realized what he is doing wrong, what could go wrong. If someone has nothing to look forward to, there RolePlay and value of life really doesn't change, besides for the mentality of "oh, I'm just going to die and respawn, we be all good" also the "Oh, it's just a PK, we just forget about this" - However, I am not saying there are people on the server that do a lot of crimes, robbing, shootings and hits, that do not know how to RolePlay. I just think the general 'civilization' that we see will always have two different RP'ers. Some that are new and not really caring for the 'heavy RP' and the other group who has been doing this for years, and know every aspect of RP, and basically the wrong from right. People need something to value besides themselves, to want to keep them alive. If the only thing we had was ourselves at all times, we would be in a very deep and dark place.. Imagine if you didn't have family, friends, someone to talk to in real life.. However, that is how a lot of people RP on the server. They hold these things back because it doesn't matter to them. PTSD is a real killer, and yet, half of the people on the server that kill, probably not once have valued what happens when you sleep at night, close your eyes, or get into a deep thought after you have killed someone. When it comes to the 'quick draw' as stated above.. that's all I ever see or have been encountered with sadly. There is never a time, unless I have presented the RP, to where fear of a gun actually comes in place. At all times, from what I have encountered or have seen, it is usually someone just running up on you, placing a gun to your head, and as someone stated, being able to do nine things at once.
  11. Pillsbury

    If i'm going to be honest about above --- You go into a Goodwill to "donate" (for you non Americans, its a place you goto to donate clothes/items for "free") - and you do not receive anything back unless the state allows you to write it off for taxes.. We are *paying* for extra services and goodies to the server.. Not "donating"-- In FiveM (though not a lot of servers followed this rule) - you "Donated" to the server and got *nothing* in return.. It was actually against the TOS while running the server to give a player/community member anything back for a "Donation" - hence why it was called a "Donation". Same example can be used for Twitch.. If you donate to someones twitch, you might get a Discord Role and that's about it. On topic though: Why do I continue to keep donating every month? Because Nervous and the rest of the administration/development team puts in 100's of hours of their life, and some don't even get to play on the server they are developing for... When I ran a FiveM server, it sucked having to pay out of pocket, especially when people were never actually *appreciative* of the work you have put into the server. So I personally know every little bit helps.. Especially when you are paying for multiple websites, the maintenance of sites, the maintenance/development of a server, assuming either a Dedicated Server/Very Strong VPS and the up-keep of over a 1000 members. Also as stated in a previous reply, I enjoy the perks that come with the packages. I could agree that some more things can be added (extra name-changes instead of 1 and such) - or, the ability to just donate for a name-change, a phone number change or something simple instead of having to buy world points. I have however found it personally frustrating when I have to buy 180 World Points for Gold, and then have 30 points hanging around that can be used for a name-change, even though you get a free one with Gold.
  12. Pillsbury

    I see the issues and I actually some-what agree with them. Being in the North American Time-zones (specifically EST) - I am five hours apart from the server, witch is not to bad compared to some others who are six, seven and even eight-ten hours. At the time of 07:51 AM in-game, there are 48 players on. In realistic terms, since San Andreas (supposedly being near/in the USA, or a remote island near NA), we would think the timezones would either be PST, CST or EST. I don't see it being a big problem in-game, but in reality, in this time in the morning, people would be getting up and getting ready for work, sending kids to school and preparing for there daily lives. Me being the epic gamer I am, staying up till 04:00-05:00 AM every night, the player base usually does not rise from there, and by that time, it is usually around 10:00 AM. At 10:00 AM, the majority of the world is up and running. At 10:00-12:00 AM my time, the server is already at 04:00/05:00 PM. We are in the middle of the day, and half of the North American population has not started there day yet, due to our timezone differences within our country. The server (from what I have seen), peaks around 02:00 PM/03:00 PM EST, at this time, North American timezones are fully up, and either in the mid of there morning, or in the afternoon and have started there day. At 03:00 PM - it is already 08:00 PM, the sun has basically set, and the NA Population has just joined. I have also found it extremely hard to run a business with NA Timezone workers. We have to RP having meetings at 02:00 in the morning and call it 'normal'. I definitely think we either need to set a custom sort of time to meet in the middle, or move it to a realistic terms for actual life RP. Five hours is not that *big* of a difference, however, in RP terms it really sets certain moods with RP terms. I also would like to say, EU people seem like pretty big gamers themselves.. I have plenty of EU friends that stay up at the times Americans would stay up to get night and even morning sometimes. Edit: I looked into some timezones, I decided these might be helpful to meet in the middle for all of the players: UTZ+0 (Hour behind the typical UK timezone) GST-2 (King Edward Point Island - this is two hours from both UK timezone and EST Timezone - IMO, this is the most fair one, it gives NA 2 more hours of daytime, and EU Area's still have time for night-time RP.) Edit 2: Per say if we used GST-2 - at 03:00 PM in-game, it would be 05:00 PM for EU and 01:00 PM for EST, this meaning 12:00 PM for CST and 10:00 AM for PST - at 08:00 PM in-game, it is only 10:00 PM for EU.. GST-2 splits the difference completely and gives both sides the opportunity to have day and night-time for a few hours. I personally think it's a bit unfair to lean one way and not the other. Giving up two hours of night-time RP as-well for the EU side would seem like a decently fair deal in the trade as-well.
  13. Pillsbury