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  1. Username: A.Hendricks Comment: For a moment I thought I was reading an article from PaintsNews, that's if there's any difference between Paints and Saints. I think you forgot to write about the fact how you guys are so friendly with Bloodhound and probably got paid to write all these articles so they can eleminate Executive Security from the competition and hold the monopoly like Saints News holds on the News companies. When you have actual evidence of the accusations you are making regarding my nightclub, feel free to send them to the Los Santos Police Department, I have nothing to worry about. [Insert paragraph about how Executive Security is horrible here] [repeat every few hours] Regardless, thank you for the free advertisement, love it. Come down to AURA on Sunday, I'll give you a free VIP pass.
  2. kilerbite

    And... reserved.
  3. kilerbite

    OPENINGS 05/OCT/2019 (Grand Opening) 12/OCT/2019
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    Lovely screens guys, keep them coming!
  5. kilerbite

    I'd like to add to Big Smokes reply, that inside the PD forums we have multiple guides regarding assets, and how to make a sort of comparison between IG and real life, like, how much each rank IRL gets paid, bonus depending on divisions, education etc etc. Thank you for your feedback regarding the felony stops and pursuit tactics, we will definitely discuss those. If you have more sort of suggestions like those, do not hesitate on writting them down.
  6. kilerbite

    I understand where you are trying to get to with this reply and I agree that for people that actually roleplay a car enthusiast that breaks road laws often and actually would like to interact with PD more can be frustrating. And I do agree, that most people in PD won't bother much to interact with people that are speeding. That happens due to the fact that, most of our cars won't even catch up to pull you over, and most people that do that, are cop baiters, which you are not responsible for, obviously. In regards to car meetings, and all other sorts of vehicle enthusiast roleplay, we can try to enforce more interactions there, specially in our Traffic Division, which is something that we are looking into, with the creation of more operations and more traffic stop roleplay, other than the routine ones. Thank you once more for your feedback!
  7. kilerbite

    At the moment this is one of our priorities in MRCAD, build relations with the press and perform more interactions with those factions in general. Cascade already has some plans for that, but, if you have more ideas that are more detailed we can look into it. We've already spoke about this on discord anyways! Besides what I mentioned, we also have plans to make press roleplay surrounding major scenarios that involve more people in general, such as bomb threat, missing person etc etc.