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  1. Big_Smokes

    I have the same/ a similar issue. It pops up at random and only works on specific menu's. It will either default skip to the 8th option or the 4th option, and every time I scroll up/down it will rubber band back to the 8th or the 4th option. I have not found a fix to this either.
  2. Big_Smokes

    We were pretty late joining the competition compared to everyone else. Even though civilian staff is just as important to us as the law enforcement officers in the faction, we simply didn't have the time to sketch proper scenes with them in it. We had several set-ups with civilian staff in them but didn't agree with the scenes; due to this being very late in the process we were unable to set up proper scenes and put them in. Next time they will be represented strongly, if not be the sole focus of a future video.
  3. Big_Smokes

    Our promotional video that was submitted to the GTAW Faction Video Contest:
  4. Big_Smokes

    The LSPD's entry.
  5. Big_Smokes

    LOL although I get what you mean we're not here to police the server. If anyone breaks server rules by not properly following the results of imbibing alcoholic beverages, then that is very much up to administration to deal with. In fact there is nothing we can do when players just not decide to roleplay the results of drinking alcohol besides reporting them on scene. I think Westen already covered the other part. I'm a bit ''meh'' on it because I'm not a big fan of it either. That's not policy, though, that's just my opinion. I teach people to do it as little as possible because it's a dead giveaway. But sometimes there are reasons for doing so. Especially if you're looking for a specific person and need to have a good look.
  6. Big_Smokes

    There is no law that states any such thing. If anything, while a business is being operated, it is perfectly acceptable for a police officer to walk into the part of the business that is open to the public just like anyone else is. I don't have any context to what you are referring to or why the officers were there. Like Westen said, there may be a 101 different reasons for the officer to walk into the publicly available area of any business.
  7. Big_Smokes

    This is an idea that has always been on the back burner, but I am very much against implementing things for the sake of implementing them. I want to build on this system in the future when we have more work to do in game then we currently do and this actually becomes a beneficial function for us. As it stands, we don't have the workload that makes these types of things necessary at the very moment. Your idea is not bad, as a matter of fact, it is a very good suggestion that I will be holding onto, but it is not something I see being feasible at the moment.
  8. Big_Smokes

    Actually, when it comes to the ''training'' part of it, we disagree! Ever since that post was created we have internally developed media training for MRCAD and command personnel. When it comes to the building a report/community relations side of it, we are trying to do this through incorporating it into the Field Training Program. At the end of the day training = / = pushing people to do certain things in a certain way in my book. Thanks for the feedback though, it helps!
  9. Big_Smokes

    I think I already replied to this and / or posted my own version of this argument that I published in an internal memo a few months ago. But just to reiterate, here goes: ''More and higher quality interaction with the media: Together with MRCAD we are working on creating media trainings for (higher ranking) officers and those assigned to MRCAD, in order to improve the level of information we provide the outside world, create more transparency and have better logistics when it comes to dealing with the media in general.Continued emphasis on community policing: As the community has stated through different means over the past year, they feel like we could do a better job at community policing, and the LSPD command team agrees. We will be working with areas such as Media Relations and Community Affairs, Gang and Narcotics and Operations Bureau on improving the training we provide to our officers that deal with communities on a daily basis.Create more civilian staff positions: To improve the level of support we provide in the field, the LSPD staff team has been working tirelessly with Human Resources and areas such as the Detective Bureau to create more worthwhile civilian staff positions in the department. The specifics will be announced by HR when they are ready to present our new programs.And there is a lot more to come: Obviously I would love to lay out all the plans we currently have, but some of them have to remain under wraps until we can provide you with a better idea of what we intend to do. Other things are simply not properly fleshed out enough at this point and require more attention before we can announce them.'' Obviously this attacks it from a different angle but it's basically the same. Work in progress!
  10. Big_Smokes

    I study law. Currently in my fourth year for my bachelor's degree and about to start an internship somewhere. Still trying to decide if I'm going to work after this or get a master's degree.
  11. Big_Smokes

    The reason I mentioned the original post it because it clearly states that any gripes with individuals should be taken to my PM's or DM's, because that's where you can report them. This thread was made with the intention, as I've stated countless times before, to tackle wide spread issues / concerns about the faction. What you quoted were individual situations involving individual officers. I can't help you if you choose not to report them by name in my PM's or DM's, because I don't know who these specific individuals are that you mentioned, I don't know their side of the story, I don't know anything about this situation other then what you've just decided to post. Furthermore, I'd ask you to please stay calm. I'm not trying to diss you, I merely had nothing else to say other then point out the specific guidelines made for this thread so it doesn't turn into any type of OOC argument. I would be the last person to say my faction is perfect, but I honestly believe that you're just saying this out of anger and/or to make a point. My faction's standards are not extremely low and you are not helping my faction improve or yourself by posting in this thread out of anger. Feel free to hit me up in DMs if you want to discuss specifics, but please stop replying to my thread if you are not here to have a constructive discussion.
  12. Big_Smokes

    Not getting defensive, I just didn't know what you define as pointless. I can however guarantee you that we don't in fact have pursuits with fifteen cars responding to them. We are definitely more relaxed on when pursuits are allowed, and this is intentional.
  13. Big_Smokes

    Refer to my above post about the use of force ladder in reply to Sebz. Some of my supervisors get creative sometimes and it's not always for the better. Bikes should never be rammed with the intent to get the rider off. Only with the intent to end the threat. Period. Your notion about beanbags is wrong, however. Either that or the terminology. Beanbags are generally used when dealing with suspects that have a deadly weapon OR present an imminent danger but don't require lethal force to be taken down. The reason why beanbags here are not an accurate representation of what they are IRL is because the taser isn't. Taser isn't actually used quite as often or quite as succesfully IRL. Taser bad. Pins don't connect bc shirt, coat, too lose, only one pin connects, etc. It also depends on whether or not the department has access to tasers or beanbag shotguns, which by far not all American Police Departments do. Saying ''American Police'' is equally vague as bringing European Police Departments into the mix. You cannot compare all American Police Departments because there are significant differences in equipment and quality of equipment. In the context of the LAPD, this might well be true but it also might not. Regardless, we are currently in the process of updating our Use of Force policies to more accurately represent those generally used by US Police Departments with access to similar equipment as the LSPD does, but still with a grain of salt / nuance because there is a big difference in how equipment is utilized in comparison to IG and OOC. Tennessee versus Garner. Tennessee versus Garner. Tennessee versus Garner. Well. That's because most questions that aren't specifically about roleplay are posed around certain actions the LSPD does... most of which are based off of US supreme court case law which in turn makes quoting x or y case law a very reasonable argument in such a discussion. I don't think a large part or even a majority of my faction feels any type of OOC ''us versus them'' mentality, and when they do, it is usually equally in response to bad experiences that have happened to them. It's hard to put a solution to the above in words, other then that me, my command team, my supervisors and all my senior members do our best to prevent this from happening. Sometimes people just find themselves in a shitty situation and commit something shitty. Probably happens to me as much with criminal players as it happens to you with police roleplayers. It happens. We do our best to avoid it or combat it, but it's impossible to order people not to have a bad day or not to rush something sometimes. We take action against it if and when we can, but it's an unfortunate reality. What do you define as meaningless? Yes. Our pursuit policy is by no means as strict as the LAPD's. It isn't on purpose. But it's not like it's non existent either. Please read the Original Post. Also, my faction has over a 100+ members. Please don't generalize all of them. I'm glad to hear that, dude. We recently went through a major reform in the Detective Bureau which included a somewhat sizeable reduction in manpower. We are currently hard in the process of building these things back up with help from the community's illegal factions.
  14. Big_Smokes

    Please read the original post. It is clearly stated without a lack of nuance this thread isn't here to provide non-contextual bashing of my faction or it's members. If you have a complaint, DM me on the forums. DM me on discord. Forum PM me on the LSPD forums, name is Charles Hughes. File a roleplay report with the LSPD command team. Time and a place, this ain't it. This thread was specifically made to combat faction-wide issues and be more transparent about the LSPD. To provide information. If you need to vent, do it elsewhere. Just to make sure you guys understand this (also in response to you, eTaylor), Sulli isn't telling you off for bringing bigger issues to light. He was trying to point out this thread is not here to single out individual members and complain about them. Reference what I wrote above. Thank you. That's very nice to hear. Personally I like to take any situation in game with a grain of salt; people make mistakes and most times they are genuine. Doesn't make the experience any less fun for me. Thank you for taking the time to write this, it means a lot to me and the people working hard on this faction. This, and the LSPD isn't a classroom. We have everything from Cambridge English graduates to people who taught themselves the English language by watching twenty-some seasons of NCIS. The point is that everyone is welcome so long as they pass the server requirements and have a higher level of speaking/understanding of the English language. That doesn't make them perfect or native speakers, though. Regardless, my Assistant Chief Roozles has been working with supervisors on his own free time to help people out with making serious grammatical mistakes or screwing up some of the more nuanced areas of the English language. The LSPD makes up what, 2% of all registered users on GTAW? If the other 98% starts speaking and writing English as if they were born in the United Kingdom or the United States and have a Cambridge C2 Level certificate in English, that's when I'm going to take this issue more serious. Until then, grammatical and writing fuckups happen because the majority of our playerbase is European and non native English speaking across the board. Hell, our founder Nervous tries his best but still makes mistakes sometimes. We're here to have fun and try our best to portray a character accurately, don't let silly grammar or spelling mistakes take away from you having fun. We're making an effort here but until someone starts paying me the salary of an English teacher, I'm not going to be giving any classes. Refer to the above! It really is that simple. If you have an issue with an individual faction member, just hop in my DM's. Name's smokey#3454. You get a free complimentary donut with every complaint. Thanks for your guides, dude. We're working on integrating some of them at the moment, and there's certainly interesting stuff in there (we got access to them a week or so ago). Help is always appreciated. I think the cat's out of the bag on this one, CloutToken. I doubt I can find any person in the faction who doesn't know your opinion on the subject 😉 I highly doubt every criminal in game is foreign born and speaks any language other then English (or Spanish) fully 100% correct with no accent whatsoever. Yet that's also the reality for the criminal side. We're starting to put more work into encouraging our faction members to apply with American born characters, but this issue is as widespread on the server as it is in the LSPD. We do our best, but this is something that will require some serious attention from the other faction's leadership teams, server management and PLM. I'm not going to restrict certain types of characters from joining the faction (other then what requirements realistically exist. We've based ours off of those that the LAPD has for citizenship etc) and am therefore reliant on players teaching players. Refer to my above post. The Saint makes a good point. No, it's not. In fact, you are wrong. Including OOC backgrounds in applications does nothing but make the recruitment process more tedious, more intensive and does literally nothing of value whatsoever beyond the type of checks we already do. Tried it out, didn't work. Also, key word: The LSSD is being created - it doesn't exist as of yet. In the context of this discussion it is far easier to create a faction in a certain image and force people to abide by it. It's ten times harder to change an existing faction so radically. Also, I don't think it's fair to say the LSSD is emulating the LASD. They are taking a lot of things from the LASD, yes, but their faction is still created in such a way that it's properly modified to work on the server. The LSPD by en large is going the same route and has been doing so ever since I became Chief. There is no time table for these changes, however, as we carefully review things and how they impact the faction as a whole. We implement things when we're ready to implement them, and we aim to continue at that pace. Don't forget we're building the LSPD and modifying it at the same time, while it has already been functional in the game for two years. Makes change a little more difficult, but the challenge is a welcome one. Our goal is to roleplay a most realistic police department with the LAPD in mind as the template we grab things wrong. That doesn't mean we don't modify things to make more sense in the context of the server. Example: The LAPD has the Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau. In this are the major crimes division, metropolitan division, etc. Counter terrorism in it's truest form is not something we have any use for on the server whatsoever. So we deleted the Counter Terrorism part, called it the Special Operations Bureau and only used those divisions we have an actual use of in the game.
  15. Big_Smokes

    Hello everyone. Sorry for not responding for a week or so. Life's been busy! But let's get back on track. Going to try to cover as much as possible in this post. This is an example of a gun rack. For more in depth info, it's best to just google it. Plenty examples out there. Read over this piece in the thread. I uh, don't know the other side of the story so I'm going to be really careful answering this one based on the info you've provided. Without diving into it too much, there is a limit of things my police officers can realistically do from an IC perspective before ''ignoring crimes for the good of the community'' starts becoming OOC incompetence. There's a very fine line there and I have to say Henning was not wrong there. However, I don't know who the officer was, if the charges are perhaps being deferred while they're attempting to recruit the character as a CI, etcetera etcetera. Tricky area that's really hard to discuss in a topic like this without the proper context. EDIT: I just lost half my response because of the forums being stupid. Going to try to re-write as much of it as I can and then just split my replies into multiple posts. Hello eTaylor. You've written a lot of replies to this thread already which is highly appreciated. Let me delve into your replies on this page as well as I can. First and foremost, I disagree. You paint a picture of the standing that is incorrect. In MY eyes, it is extremely unfair that my officers spend about half their playing time on forums. No-one wants to be on the forums, we want to be in the game. It comes with the territory. They are the only players that are forced to write up every action they take, because it's realistic. It's what police officers do. It's a choice they made. But on the other hand, players in the LSPD also are the ones that often find themselves at the mercy of administrators because of players... Well, abusing, not following the rules, yada yada. And in all those cases, the LSPD can't get away with not reporting those players. My faction members can't get away with not pursuing action: Because the faction mandates that they do. If they don't follow through, there will be questions asked. When you run an organization that runs like clock work, when there are gaps, there are questions. Thus we try to minimize the gaps. (Example: We have a pursuit on guy X. Guy X drives like his car comes straight out of star wars. Officers lose sight. Officers now have to file an arrest warrant OR report him for non RP driving.) As you can see in the example above, 9 out of 10 situations, there is no turning the other cheek for us. Because evading is a felony and our faction rules, to protect the community from anyone joining the LSPD with bad intentions, make it so that our faction members without permission are not allowed to ignore felonies. Thus they must always follow through in order not to break our OOC rules. Thus they are required by faction rules to report that player. Player is reported, gets dealt with by administrator, learning moment for them, if they had the right intentions it doesn't happen again. See how that works? It's a feedback loop. If you turn that around, wouldn't you say that as a member of the community it is just as important for you to speak up against INDIVIDUAL members of the LSPD making mistakes rather then argue it's not your responsibility? I would argue that any member of this community, if it has the community's best interests at heart, should want to bring this to someone's attention. It doesn't have to be with a specific negative connotation nor does it have to be a super elaborate 300 page 5000 word report. It can be as simple as sending me a DM on disc I would argue that it's unfair of anyone to expect the LSPD to be much better then anyone else if you find yourself reluctant to take a step to help out. I'm not asking you to write out a massive application with extreme detail so that I can give my faction member feedback. Not at all. Neither do I ask of you that you act like a CCTV camera every time you see one of my faction members around. But the least anyone can do that has the best interests of this community at heart is speak up when they see something go wrong and then actually follow through on it. My DMs are open to everyone and always have been. Everyone that has DMed me following this thread (which are a fair amount of people at that point) I've had discussions with, taken reports from, and I believe everyone has left satisfied. I am not trying to put any mistakes by my faction members on the community. To the contrary, I take full responsibility for them. As faction leader it's my job to ensure my faction performs to the best of it's abilities. But I would by lying if I said I could do that on my own. Yes, I have a kickass command team. But people actually speaking up and reporting mistakes helps. It genuinely does.