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  1. Big_Smokes

    Consider this a warning, read the original post before sending further replies (@what you initially said). Also the LSPD faction has nothing to do with the DOC faction or the lack thereof. As for the Gang and Narcotics Division, it functions fine for the personnel it has. It expands gradually which is whaf we prefer to see and there are no plans to boost recruitment at this time. Also, we don't roleplay corruption for the sake of it and highly discourage doing so. People must have IC reasons leading up to their roleplaying corrupt, thus you won't often see (doesn't mean they're not there) corrupt police officers. It isn't heavily restricted at all, but it does require effort.
  2. Big_Smokes

    In regards to the court cases: we cannot and we will not remove them altogether. We require everyone joining the LSPD to have a basic understanding of the law and how to apply it; otherwise you will simply be a liability in the field. You will find however that it's not just about learning the case-law as the case-law forms the very basis upon which most of our regulations are built. Thus, it is imperative for you to read and understand these laws and we test that by having them as a part of our entry exam. It's either that, or you get the basic procedures which you have to learn before the exam. Either way, it's one or the other, because if we don't make it an entry requirement it becomes way harder for us to check your knowledge once you progress into the faction. If you cannot at the entry level put in enough effort to read through the material provided to you, I'm going to be honest and say that this faction probably isn't for you. There are a lot of things you need to keep up with, including many internal protocols, that are vital to your being a law enforcement officer.
  3. Big_Smokes

    Congratulations everyone!
  4. Big_Smokes

    We currently already have detectives in the LSPD. As a matter of fact, we have an entire bureau called the Detective Bureau dedicated to them. Thank you for your suggestion but this is already implemented!
  5. Big_Smokes

    Not going into the details of the police academy (considering the majority what you've mentioned has been changed since the inception) there is a good reason why the majority of what you were taught is on the forums. You can call them ''just forum posts'' but I feel like you're not doing the process any credit. They are documents written up with the intent to give you the knowledge required to be successful as and beyond a Police Officer I, with other parts of relevant learning materials being left to your Field Training Period. ''hadn't been any curriculum regarding simply roleplaying as a LEO'' - The Academy is a wholly IC process focused on roleplay. We have guides internally in the faction which you get access to after joining which were created with the intent to provide this information. We don't see a purpose in including this within the academy and prioritize this during Field Training instead. TL:DR - We use the short time we having during the academy to teach basic things and to evaluate a player's ability to roleplay- thoroughly. Moreso than we do during the application stage, which we consider a basic check. Everything else the student has to read up on in their own time, which we did on purpose. We don't see the need to sit any individual down for two hours while a group of four recite an entire manual. It's better left for you to do that in your own time, and well, if you cannot dedicate a few minutes to reading these materials we've provided, then you definitely cannot dedicate the amount of time to forum work that is actually required to be in the faction. Either way, this was not what this topic was created for. If you have any further suggestions in regards to the academy, feel free to send them to us directly.
  6. Big_Smokes

    As much as I would love to talk about TS, we can keep discussing it but as it stands it will not change. Some people will always have gripes with it and others won't. We try our best to limit usage both for IC and OOC reasons, and that is what we aim to continue doing. That's in response to both of you that brought it up, FYI! As it stands trucking licenses do not actually show up in game as separate when asked to see your licenses (not even sure if they are intended to tbh as they to me seem like more of an OOC limitation); thus we cannot really look into that aspect specifically. We do however enforce traffic laws ICly for everyone regardless of vehicle. I'll ask the sergeants to monitor if people actually engage with these truckers and if they don't, to encourage them to do so.
  7. Big_Smokes

    Once again, please read the original post before replying. This thread is about the general state of the faction and not a place for you to vent frustration about individual violations. If you have any concerns, feel free to take them to my inbox.
  8. Big_Smokes

    The scriptwise aspects of it won't, everything that has to be roleplayed will. We'll be in a better place to give concrete answers when it's actually out there in the feature docs.
  9. Big_Smokes

    Nothing says we won't do it in the future; but yeah like I said at the moment it's just not viewed as tenable. And well, to the argument that you're making at the end, it doesn't matter if we have HSIU or not: These vehicles will still be deployed one way or another (the interceptor) and people will still have to deal with it. As for the winning part, that's a wholly IC argument that I don't really care about in the context of this discussion. We just want the most realistic approach possible that is also tenable with the goals our faction has set out to achieve. HSIU as it stands is just here to really cover the times when there are no traffic officers in game or available to fill that purpose, something is not likely to ever happen IRL. ''As a police faction you should be winning, but you should be winning fairly and realistically.'' - I agree, so long as the method in which it is done is tenable in relation to the actual situation within the game. And as for the interceptors.. There will be people that like them and people that don't like them. I refer to a post someone made earlier in the thread about his car enthusiast character that wants to see us use the interceptor in that respect more.
  10. Big_Smokes

    This is your one warning. If you have gripes with individuals, read the original post.
  11. Big_Smokes

    These are fair suggestions that we discussed and yes, we wish to portray a police department inspired by the LAPD. We do not however want to be a 100% copy and the ranks you've suggested, even if I wanted to implement them, couldn't do it properly because we lack the people for it. That aside, the structure as is works better for us and we have decided against cosmetic change for the sake of change because we prefer the functionality of current processes. We are not interested in increasing the amount of forum work we have simply to be a 100% direct copy of the LAPD. That being said most of your suggestions are cosmetic internal changes that really won't effect the faction's relationship with the public. That doesn't mean we're against cosmetic change or that cosmetic change is altogether not beneficial, we just feel like it isn't at this moment in time. I could raise them up to be discussed in the command team again, but we recently discussed and denied all those suggestions for the above reasons. Ask yourself, what IS the difference between making Lieutenant a supervisor rank or keeping it in command? It literally has no effect inside our outside of the game other than creating a whole bunch of ranks we don't need and won't make us function any better. Best part is; we won't even be able to implement them in-game anyway because we don't have the faction rank slots for it. Moving on. We have completely moved away from 10 codes a while back and use plain English. We had a faction wide vote on this and the decision was made to keep the codes. This is the system the entire faction (by majority vote) preferred. Some people will not like it, others will love it. As for pursuit tactics like I've stated before, we'll happily review any suggestions made; but we cannot abolish tactics without finding a suitable replacement that works. Finally, in regards to HSIU, we don't have traditional HSIU as I've stated before. We do have HSIU so that our fastest vehicle can be used by people outside of the division that uses it as their primary patrol vehicle for contingencies. These are not super cars, these are black and whites.
  12. Big_Smokes

    I'll limit my response to the first two things. Once again, complaints about individuals, don't post them here. Please send them to my PM box. There is nothing I can do with this information unfortunately. I cannot give people feedback/punish their behaviour if I don't know who it is. Also that newsletter age was incorrect as the person forgot to update their facebrowser info. It was rectified when it was found out. We have those rules in place and you're aware of that. As for the cars; you might think that they are too expensive but that is subjective and not factual per say. We regularly perform asset checks (and when reported) where we review someone's assets thoroughly. If your assets are deemed unrealistic we take action, if not, it's fine. Some of these cars just look fast but in reality really aren't thus they are relatively cheap. As for the high risk stop; it's something we can definitely discuss. I'll bring it up during the command meeting to see if it's a viable tactic for us to use. As for high speed vehicles, we don't own any because we all felt like it doesn't fit. We will have faster and slower cruisers and that's what we're limited to using; a decision we wholly agree with. There are many more assets we can use to catch high speed / dangerous subjects. Thank you for your feedback!
  13. Big_Smokes

    The black versions of police vehicles (with no livery) are unmarked vehicles that serve their purpose. We had more vehicles that were blacked out because we couldn't get the proper livery. With server side mods we are currently working on fixing that. The age argument you're making.. I can say a lot about that but you're making assumptions. We have clear guides (and minimal requirements) for realistic age roleplay. There are currently no 30 year old chiefs in my faction nor are there 20 year old sergeants. And when it is found out that someone is roleplaying unrealistic ages (which has happened in the past, people make mistakes) they are instantly rectified. As for social media? Cringe all you like; these are law enforcement professionals who will constantly promote feelgood bullshit because they're public officials without political color. Some will be less so and others more so. We do try to portray our faction's official pages as close to realistic as possible (which I believe we are doing) but as for people's personal pages; again. I cannot monitor everything that happens and if none of it is reported, there is not much we can do. I suggest you take a look at some of the instagram pages belonging to the LAPD (or other U.S. Police Departments for that matter) and try to see the line we're aiming to follow. I'm sure we make mistakes, but that's that. Either way when I wrote this topic I specifically mentioned this: ''Before you post though, I have to clarify one thing: Our faction has more than a hundred players in it and will continue to grow. My fellow leaders and I are not present for every interaction you might have with any INDIVIDUAL faction member, and thus I would like you to refrain from posting complaints about individual interactions in this thread. If you wish to file a complaint, please refer to this forum (https://lspd.gta.world/viewforum.php?f=261) or send a PM directly to me.'' Other than the blacked out cruisers you are bringing forward mistakes that individuals make. I cannot do anything with that information unless I get a report about the specific person: So once again, please FILE A REPORT so it can be dealt with appropriately.
  14. Big_Smokes

    The Gang and Narcotics division (which hosts the gang enforcement detail) always has this as one of it's main goals. Unfortunately it's very much a two way street; I can give my guys as much feedback as I like on how I feel they should realistically portray gang detectives, but it doesn't work if the community doesn't want to work with them in such a way from an OOC perspective. DB Command is always actively working on training these guys, but it requires both parties involved to do it successfully. That is however not an excuse. I can see where you are coming from. All I can say is that I guarantee you that we recognize this is an important part of what the Gang Enforcement Detail (and by extent the Gang and Narcotics Division) should be working on, and they will continue to be encouraged to do so through whatever viable means we have.