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  1. Character name: Elizaveta Kerovina UCP name: Hugh-Gi-Oh (Discord name?): Hugh-Gi-Oh#2090  Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 6088 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Calabrone Cyclery Screenshot of teleport entrance: Entrance Screenshot of teleport exit: Exit  Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Garage door  Note: Please enable the option to put vehicles through the door. The intent is to bring in bicycles and work on them in the workshop.
  2. I started wanting to tell the story of an aging detective walking the line between legal and illegal, doing what's best for herself and her kid, taking bribes to get by and provide for her family. Unfortunately at the time the PD recruitment exam was terrible and I got one point below the requirement. But, that wasn't the only reason I didn't do it. It was also because of the PDs corruption rules which heavily limited playing a good dirty cop, it was because playing a detective who barely got by is impossible since especially at this time, you earned thousands per hour and there were no asset rules yet so every cop had a sports car and lived in the canals. That has since somewhat been fixed, but eh. Not entirely. Cops are still the wealthiest demographic around. So I went to illegal rp eventually. A Mexican gang. A few months of this OOC drama fight between our faction and another, which resulted in a ton of IC murders, most of which death matching. Faction management at the time was the one before the one we have now, and that one ended because basically everyone in the legal factions said they have no confidence in the FM team anymore so I'm not alone when saying that it could have been better. I haven't really dealt much with the current FM so I dunno, but all the DMing and people just playing to win really bummed me out of illegal RP. It took me a few months to realize that despite how much we and our faction hated the other faction both ic and ooc, we were really the bad guys there. The faction I was a part of did just as much powergaming, metagaming, death matching and more as the others, and I regret advocating that. I just wanted to tell the story of a pair of twins growing up with a gang and all the trauma's that come with it. My character seriously struggled with the immoral stuff that happened and that was the interesting side of me. Not the money, not at all. In fact, I had hundreds of thousands of dollars that I didn't wanna use IC because if I did, I'd just contract a personal security organisation, buy a well defendable home and defect, but that's no fun. I had the most fun when my character was at home with her friends and fellow gang members and they weren't doing anything gang related like murders and all that, they were just chilling. Arguing, yelling, joking, laughing, crying over traumas, doesn't matter. The kind of drama that stays IC. That's what I RP for. So the faction and everyone in it died, and now I'm in legal RP. And I have what I wanted! Now it's all about the ic drama, the arguments, the discussions. It makes RPing much more worth it when you see everything that happens not as a victory or a loss, but just a progression in rp. My character got shot in the arm with an automatic weapon last year for example and for about 6 months or more now, I've RPd that arm having nervous damage and being barely usable. Nobody in illegal rp ever did that because its nog worth the time rping injuries like that, because it's seen as a loss. None of it is about the money for me. My 18 year old has around 800k assets. Not by grinding for them or anything, no, just by playing and getting the absurdly high hourly paychecks time and time again, 800 dollars an hour, 1500 hours, you can do the math. I don't acknowledge any of the money IC, just like I never did on my illegal character. CONCLUDINGLY! Why am I opposed to illegal RP? Because it revolves around winning and making money, and not about telling a dramatic story. Because everyone just wants to win. What can the server do to make illegal rp better? The same thing they can do to make all rp better. Completely scrap this awful economy that we have and start anew, from the ground up. In my opinion the economy is the root of all issues. It's why people play to win, it's why legal rp is seen as repetitive and boring and everyone drives a sports car. I stopped acknowledging this economy a year ago and it's the best decision I've made in this game.
  3. COVID-19, aka the Corona Virus, has reached Los Angeles, and it's hitting it hard. There's over a dozen cases already, and as of wednesday last week, Los Angeles county and city officials have declared a state of emergency. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-03-04/los-angeles-county-declares-coronavirus-emergency-6-new-cases https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-03-01/heres-where-coronavirus-cases-have-been-reported-in-california This is of course really terrible, but the question is, what's this mean for our RP?! Los Angeles is Los Santos (debatable, the continuity is yet to be decided by the administration, but I'm gonna assume so in here), so I think it'd be reasonable to assume that the fourteen-or-so cases in Los Angeles also imply that there are just as many cases in Los Santos. What can't we just assume,though? We can't just assume that Los Santos is in a state of emergency. We need the government faction to actually put it in a state of emergency. And I think we should do that. What does a state of emergency mean for us? Not all that much. A state of emergency allows the government to act with less restrictions. In some cases that means that the police don't have to wait for approval before undergoing operations. It can mean that citizens are forced to change their daily routines. Only under the most extreme circumstances, it can even mean curfew and martial law. The exact limits of this particular state of emergency will have to be decided by the government. Fortunately, the extent of a state of emergency can all be found in our good old Wickerpedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_emergency Why even bother? Because emergency breeds panic and paranoia, and that's an interesting setting to RP in. News agencies use the 'state of emergency' as a cool headline, "Los Angeles is now in a state of emergency!". In reality, that barely means anything for the citizens, really, but try googling "What does the Los Angeles state of emergency mean for me?" and you won't find that much answers. Because news agencies profit off panic and paranoia. And y'know what? So do RPrs! Panic and paranoia are fun things to RP! Where I live IRL, the stores have been raided almost empty of hand soap and sanitizer, and a bottle of soap now costs you fifteen bucks. Fifteen bucks! Per bottle! Preppers are a thing, panic is a thing, people freaking out way too much over way too little is a thing, and even though it's all really sad and terrible, it's also an interesting change in setting for RP that still aligns with realism while deriving from the usual stuff we go through every single day in this server. Players! Call FD more with pointless paranoia about the corona virus. Create some more RP that's not only gunshot wounds and script fires for FD. Gov and legal factions! Start a state of emergency and use those newfound powers to excercise your full legal capabilities on these dumb citizens! Admins! Start an epidemic! Create more server-wide events! It'll be fun! It'll be glooorious! Or not. What do you guys think? Maybe you think this is a terrible idea. Tell me.
  4. Hugh-Gi-Oh

    I definitely agree that this should be addressed by the admins. Underaged ERP entirely should be restricted. That doesn't mean you can't RP a minor in a relationship, if you wanna have some kinda wholesome relationship then sure, go ahead. If sex happens in that relationship, well okay. But there's no need at all for ERPing it all out. I think that if you want your underaged character to have sex, it should be faded to black, witha simple /do to summarize. Grossly sexualizing minors should be against the rules.
  5. Maybe! But my point isn't to report this person in specifically, my goal is to establish a rule to prevent infringement altogether, so that in the future it doesn't happen again.
  6. Original creator https://face.gta.world/post/108502_my-newest-single-quot-you-quot-is-now-out-i-want-to-thank-my-label-goblin-record.html Post with stolen content Also! I know ethics doesn't equal equality. That's not my point. My point is that legality aside, it's just not okay.
  7. Legal semantics aside, it's plainly not okay. They're distributing another person's content, without giving any credit to the original creator, even putting it up for download.
  8. On Facebrowser, there's a bunch of singers, people who upload songs and say their character sang it. This is perfectly fine imo, and I'd not want these people to stop doing that. However, it's a bit less acceptable when there is no reference to the real original creator. In my opinion, they should post in brackets, ((Original creator is XYZ on Youtube)). I've seen people do this before and I think that's the best way to go about it. Whether or not this is actually a problem is of course up to debate, because there's arguments to be made against it, such as characters IC being content stealers, that kinda stuff. Fair enough. But there are also cases wherein it's not debatable. Disclaimer: I have nothing against this person and I'm not trying to report them, I don't want to report them, I'm just using this as an example because it was the easiest to find. Facebrowser user Sada (https://face.gta.world/timeline&u=Sadas&ref=se) has been uploading songs and claims they are her own. What she's also doing, is putting these songs up for download on her website https://sadagtaw.wixsite.com/sada . This is illegal, and GTAW's name is on it, which might be problematic, I dunno, I'm not a lawyer. Either way, this is piracy. Distribution of the content that's not hers without any credit to the original creator. So, the suggestion is to implement a rule that prevents people from pirating other people's content. When claiming something someone else made as something your character made, at the very least just put in a little OOC credit thingy. People put real effort into these songs, it's common decency above everything else.
  9. If the yard is simply divided by nothing but a fence, then men and women can still talk to each other, but it eliminates the possibility of abuse. Still interaction, just no physical interaction. It's not as divided as prisons are in real life, but I think it's a nice compromise between realism and RP accessibility. EDIT: and obviously don't put men and women in the same jail cell
  10. Can you tell us how we should treat it, for the people who aren't really invested in the American correctional system?
  11. Question: are the jails gender seperated and age seperated? For ic civil rights protests and stuff we gotta know!
  12. Hugh-Gi-Oh

    Character name: Nadia Lujano UCP name: Hugh-Gi-Oh (Discord name?): Hugh-Gi-Oh Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 4376 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 3700 Forum Drive Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony
  13. Hugh-Gi-Oh

    In GTAV, one of the main quest missions involves driving from Los Santos to Paleto Bay in a truck. Lamar remarks that he's never been that far north, and asks how long the drive is. Trevor tells him that in a truck, it's about four hours long. GTAV's San Andreas is based on California, but it's not the entirety of California. And also, GTAV's San Andreas is not all of canon San Andreas. Cities like San Fierro(San Francisco) still exist, despite not appearing in the game. They are mentioned. Even Las Venturas(Las Vegas) is mentioned. San Andreas is a lot bigger than GTAV's worldspace. GTAV's worldspace is also canonically referred to as "South San Andreas", and encompasses only two counties: Los Santos county and Blaine county. The southernmost part of Blaine County most closely resembles the real life California county of San Bernardino. Then you have the area around the Alamo Sea which is more similar to the Riverside county, and finally you have Northern Chumash and Paleto Bay and those areas, which are more like the real life Ventura County. But that still leaves a lot of space in California that is not represented, which would be in the other parts of San Andreas that are not in GTAV. Los Santos still Los Angeles, though, and it's a very busy, bristling city. Playing GTAV will give you a lot of insight about how lively this city actually is, with its vibrant nightlife, its high tourist areas, especially Del Perro and Vespucci are very busy in the game. CONCLUDINGLY: The worldspace cannot be assumed to be as big as real life California, because it just isn't supposed to be real life California. In a big truck, which also has to deal with traffic(which doesn't exist in gtaw), it takes up to around four hours to traverse the entire worldspace. TLDR: 1) GTAV's worldspace is called SOUTHERN San Andreas, and is not all of San Andreas 2) It's not all of California either, it's a handful of California counties at most 3) Trevor in the main quest said it takes 4 hours to get from Los Santos to Paleto Bay source: playing GTAV's story and https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/State_of_San_Andreas_(HD_Universe)
  14. Hugh-Gi-Oh

    Character name: Riley King UCP name: Hugh-Gi-Oh (Discord name?): Hugh-Gi-Oh Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 5151 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 301 Cougar Avenue Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): balcony