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  1. Ylva

    I'm not defensive at all, I'm just pointing out the flaws in your argument, if you see that as me being defensive then more power to you. As shown in the image above, you're all over the place with your examples, maybe you should see about clarifiying them in the future as it seems to be an incident you're referring to months ago to an incident that happened a few days ago?
  2. Ylva

    Need I remind you that I'm the one who arrested you and you were non-compliant and continued to flee on foot until after you were tazed and then proceeded to insult not only myself at gunpoint, but the officer who patted you down multiple times, so I'll go back to the statement I've made many times before. Stop weaponizing situations you're a part of fit your agenda. You can brag all you'd like about how you were compliant, but it isn't the case and I'll once again refer to the statement you just quoted, no two scenarios are the same. Edit: I'm not against your suggestion and never once said I'm not, I'm against your constant method of using scenarios that are not truthful to support your argument, as you skew the point entirely and like I've mentioned, use it to fit your agenda.
  3. Ylva

    You should stop thinking so one dimensionally, each and every scenario is different and how you act in those scenarios comes back to how you'll be treated. If you shoplifted and proceeded to cuss out officers and generally be an ass when they're dealing with you, it wouldn't surprise me if they did arrest you. The same if you're being chased on foot, if they have to force you to stop then through a less than lethal then by all means why should they throw you leniency? I doubt running after a teenager, forcing them to the ground through the use of a less than lethal method and then having the teenager insult you would really be a "Well, you learned your lesson kid, now scram." scenario.
  4. Ylva

    As members of PD, we do have a say on this thread. If you weaponize situations to suit your agenda, expect members of the faction you use said situations against to respond. If it’s such an issue for you, write up a faction report because the attitude you present your concerns with is truly troubling.
  5. Ylva

    You can only not contract a specific strain when your body has produced anti-bodies against said strain, if it's an entirely new strain then you're capable of catching it again. It's like the flu, it changes every year because new strains form every year, this is why people have a yearly flu vaccine.
  6. Ylva

    If you stopped shooting one another almost constantly to the point where it’s a warzone almost constantly at peak times then you wouldn’t have members of PD constantly within the area. Just because one situation is over does not mean that as PD, we must now avoid the southside, a presence still has to be shown and yet what happens is even more gunfights pop off and you get what you call ‘turf camping’ and we call crime suppression.
  7. Ylva

    If you do something moronic enough to get force CK'd while dealing with PD, it's the result of your own actions, no one elses. We don't go out of our way to CK people, but if you do something stupid like pull a weapon and gunpoint and end up littered with bullets then that 'character' you lost wasn't a character at all.
  8. As a member of PD, namely a Detective; I can state that we do have the ability to legally CK someone, it's just we rarely if ever do it unless the person in question has a rather large record of multiple serious offences or has commited so many offences in one single incident it would be enough to warrant a legal CK. I can understand the frustration that comes from the lack of consequences for some of these players, those that openly murder others over rather petty issues. But, I can assure you that we do have the ability, but we require in most cases more than one singular incident to legally CK someone. In most cases, if we ever force a CK upon someone it's if they're done something rather stupid such as shoot at cops when they're already held at gunpoint. The biggest issue so far in respect of legally CK'ing someone is down to the evidence at hand, just like how when you apply for a CK to begin with, you need respective evidence we also need the same, but to a somewhat larger degree to prove the fact that they're simply not learning their lesson or failing to fear authorities as they rightly should so after X amount of crimes they've commited.
  9. One of my favourite LSPD members, loved the read Yass.
  10. Ylva

    Loving the thread guys, one of my favourite factions to interact with on the server.
  11. Ylva

    If you do something silly like post narcotics and firearms on an IC platform akin to Facebook, expect an IC consequence as many others are now aware of.
  12. Ylva

    You're being hit with a beanbag round that's flying at around seventy to ninety meters per second, that's a fair bit of kinetic force that's heading towards you and attempting to keep your balance afterwards on a motorcycle is going to be an amazing feat. The bean bag round is there as Western stated, to immobilize and disable the suspect long enough for units to secure them or surround them well enough to induce them to surrender.
  13. Ylva

    Congratulations to everyone!
  14. Ylva

    Mining was removed in the most recent update, it's no longer a feature.