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  1. Brox

    (( As mentioned above, PM do not provide mechanic garages to purchase, so on that note will be L/A this thread.))
  2. Brox

  3. People will always break rules unfortunately but don’t let that deter you from making suggestions, if you have an idea you should always share it!
  4. Agree with Danne 100%, sorry but not supporting this one.
  5. Brox

    ((Reserved.)) Comments enabled for testimonials:
  6. Now open daily, walk-ins are available but bookings can be made by emailing [email protected] (Forum PM) Tattoos - Piercings - Removals - Tattoo design commissions - Tattoo aftercare products Fully trained and professional artists, clean environment and friendly staff.
  7. Brox

    A small electrician, plumbing or home improvements firm that isn't linked to organised crime. I saw somebody roleplaying this recently and whilst there is no script support, they did seem to generate a lot of roleplay. Could be a cool faction idea with a fleet of vans and a HQ.
  8. Brox

  9. Brox

  10. Brox

  11. Gator Born to the rural marshes of the southern Louisiana bayou in a sleepy town, Ralph Weston was 'raised' by a family of nationalistic, 'patriots' with heavily racially motivated christian values. Alligator hunters for thirty days of the year, the men of the Weston family won bread by utilising their isolated location for a small scale methamphetamine production operation, distributing to smaller street level dealers in the city of New Orleans, a city notorious the world across for it's violent criminal elements and rampant drug trade. Through a turbulent and isolated childhood where homeschooling replaced mathematics with poaching, literature and writing with petty vehicle theft and geography and history with the production and packaging of hardcore narcotics, Ralph found life a backwards struggle that was only overcome with the passing of his overbearing and religiously fanatical mother. Stealing his uncle's motorcycle and a lock box of cash, his nomadic flight across the states began. A long and lawless ride ended in San Bernadino, where he was caught attempting to steal the motorcycle of a patched member of the Vagos Motorcycle club, but rather than brutalising the young man, the Vagos put him to work cleaning their auto shop, eventually prospecting him, tapping into his knowledge of methamphetamine and finally patching him in. Thus Gator was born, a rider and a warrior.