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  1. Hello @Seanny, to briefly elaborate on your reply: We have a policy allowing corruption with boundaries. Those who want to cross the boundaries, are allowed to file a request with the faction leadership, explicitly mentioning why their character would do that (events that led to it, character background,...). There was an ongoing discussion where it was explained in depth (by Tranxify if I am not mistaken), it's somewhere in this thread. Hopefully this gave you a clearer image about the corruption roleplay within our faction.
  2. Nice content guys, keep it coming!
  3. Nice guide, sums up the essential points for both parties.
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  5. Something I forgot to mention is the culture roleplay. It is one of the important points that has been brought up by one of our representatives in the Operations Bureau. With the launch of our second area, it is important to us that each area has its own culture, established by history or the (future) officers of that area. A good example by one of our Senior Lead Officers (@santaclaws who also brought up the whole idea around districts) was the fact Rockford Hills is the more wealthier area, where officers could roleplay "bias" towards the richer people. In the end, the aim for all these changes and implementations are to provide more roleplay opportunities for both our faction and the community.
  6. Usually it is Big_Smokes that posts on this thread however this month, I want to cover the upcoming projects for the month of May 2020. For those who don't know me yet, I am roozles, one of the Faction Leaders of the LSPD. I am currently overseeing the Operations Bureau, our "backbone" of the department, both IC and OOC. It has been mentioned before that there were plans for a second area however we did not disclose what that second area entails. I will give you a brief context by explaining on how exactly our Operations Bureau works, who the representatives (internal terminology, Commanding Officers, Directors,...) are in the Bureau and what they are responsible for. The Operations Bureau is responsible for all patrol operations within the City of Los Santos. Our patrol operations are divided in Geographical Areas (currently one, Mission Row Area) that operate from a Community Police Station (currently, Mission Row Station). Each Station houses a Patrol Division (currently, Mission Row Patrol Division) in which our Patrol Staff are part of. The Patrol Staff is divided in several patrols (currently, four patrols) each ran by a Patrol Sergeant and a Senior Lead Officer. In charge of the Patrol Division is a Commanding Officer and Assistant Commanding Officer. To summarize the paragraph: Operations Bureau > Geographical Area > Patrol Division > Patrol As I mentioned between brackets, there is currently one Geographical Area, namely the Mission Row Area. It is currently responsible for the citywide operations as we only have one area. Due to the significant increase in players and faction members, we have decided that it is time to consider opening a second area. We had a discussion about this with not only the Faction Leaders, Faction Management and the representatives in the Operations Bureau, but also the people that will take part in this, namely the Patrol Sergeants and Senior Lead Officers. We came to a conclusion that we will settle our new Patrol Division in Rockford and name it the "Rockford Hills Patrol Division". It will cover the western and northern part of the City of Los Santos, which comes at a great timing with all the new scripted houses and their new owners. When this Area will be launched is not known yet. An interior will have to be mapped, new forum boards will have to be set up and the right candidates to run the Patrol Division will have to be appointed. Now this might not be very interesting to you (the GTA World community) and not what you specifically asked for, however that will now be covered in the upcoming paragraphs. One of the biggest requests by the community is more passive roleplay, community engagement and community policing. It has always been a challenge for us and is not something easy to fulfil. To make a significant change in this, one of our Senior Lead Officers proposed a project similar to something existent in the Los Angeles Police Department. The idea is to have Geographical Areas divided in "zones" or "districts" (the exact terminology has not been determined yet) each under supervision of a Senior Lead Officer. Under this Senior Lead Officer, there will be several officers from the Patrol Division assigned to this "zone" or "district" and make it their primary. They will be tasked with getting to know the community, including local residents and business owners. They will act as the primary point of contact of the department. This might sound like something that is not possible, which is true. You cannot simple know each person that lives there, however an effort can be made. It is expected for these officers to be the one that responds to the nine one one call in that area, simply because they want to know what exactly is going on in that area. A sudden crime spree (i.e. burglaries or robberies), an event hosted by the local residents, domestic violence calls, you name it, they will be attended to by the assigned officers. Does this mean that they can only patrol in this zone or district of the area? No. They are still expected to patrol area or citywide, simply because not every zone or district is as active as the other. This means that the amount of officers per zone or district may vary, depending on the activity and also means that the map indicating these zones or districts may change over time to spread the activity as equal as possible over all zones or districts. This projects is still in the works and what I said earlier should not be taken for granted. A pilot of the project will be launched to trial it in one or two zones or districts and changes might happen throughout the launch, to optimize the project and meet the faction and also the community's demands. This was to give you a global idea of what we are currently working on behind the scenes for the month of May and in preparation for the summer holidays. Next month, we will be giving an update on the matter and inform you about new development. Also, here is the logo for the Rockford Hills Patrol Division, credits to @Lloydski for the design.
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