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  1. aloegarten

    Except that if it was such a 'poor reason to kill' in the aforementioned post it should be pretty easy to give a verdict, implementing such systems would also probably slow down the volume of forum reports. But keep quote mining. Does killing not ruin the roleplay in general, though? Having people roleplay around it, then having them figure out those awkward moments of talking to the person you just saw shot and roleplayed mourning and crying over 45 minutes ago. Sure, it's a time waste, but it would also be a time waste to have to deal with an admin situation, or worse, a forum report, no?
  2. aloegarten

    Did you even read the thread? An application to have your character kill reviewed/appealed -which negates said shitty reason(s)- has already been talked about.
  3. aloegarten

    I don't see how "the risk is astronomically higher" in the server when all of the situations you mentioned are something you'd face in-real life, too. Most people won't pick up strangers because they don't know them, they are going to be intimidated by vandalism (and alert authorities depending on what side of the law they're on), they're not going to turn into Liam Neeson and rescue a friend from a kidnapping, they're going to check left and right before crossing and have sufficient home security installed depending on where they live. To elaborate, I know some players may hold a certain disdain to the quality of life, but I'm pretty sure these things would not happen as often (to my own knowledge, they don't happen much outside of faction wars anyway) as you're saying if the stakes were raised for such an act, whether it be higher, longer jail time, or prison depending on if/when it's implemented and of course a risk of being character-killed in any of these scenarios. And then there'll come more excuses, such as "people will make (alternate) characters that are much more 'disposable', the "it's a game" argument we've seen in every other discussion held towards achieving a higher roleplay standard, or the rule-breaking and poorly roleplayed, bug-induced deaths, (which I assume would probably be able to go under review). I'm sure a few of you on this thread will say that there's less room for development because of it, despite actual real death you can't just respawn from opening up more avenues of character development for players outside of factions. That being said, I personally don't believe that right now it's feasible to outright replace the two, despite me thinking that 1357's death strike & review system is pretty well thought out.
  4. aloegarten

    This sums it up pretty well. No one wants to see the small-yet-vocal minority of players who RP jack of all trades suddenly becoming pilots and doing spins over hotspots because it 'looks cool' or some other half-baked reason. Maybe if there was some sort of brief roleplay evaluation lumped in there, I'd say it's a viable solution, but I've no idea how practical or time consuming that'd be.
  5. aloegarten

    extremely easy considering /speedlimiter is a thing too but i often see people that make me think paul walker fell victim to a cloning experiment
  6. aloegarten

  7. aloegarten

    ????? jokes aside tho I don't even think this is possible game-wise but even if it was, it's not the place for it - as GTA V is, well, set in a parody modern day LA
  8. aloegarten

    nice car
  9. aloegarten

    Either increase price or decrease storage. I'd be more for the former tbh.
  10. aloegarten

    NPC's will more than likely break immersion than add to it. They'll only say things that the NPC's say, as if it was a VOIP server or something. Even though they're different because they're professional actors, the point still stands. Will also cause conflict during many RP scenarios, as stated above. I don't want to be hit by a car because the AI in GTA is garbage. If there was a way they just "existed" as pedestrians that walk, drive, and weren't able to be interacted with, I'd personally be fine with it. Well, up until we hit double the player rate we're at right now. In current time, though - I'm certain it'd cause a fair few optimization issues. RAGE is obviously far from perfect as of right now. I don't wanna rule this out entirely and I hope people should come back to this when it's able to be supported properly, so tbh, I think I'll look out for this.
  11. I think what OP was getting at is the fact it's a roleplay server - not an MMORPG. People should be earning their money through realistic means in-character, not pressing /cf or AFK'ing on the top of Mount Josiah. I'd also like to reiterate as OP did that there's all too many people doing skids in their Elegy Retro earned through spamming CTRL-V in a high-pop area. This would mean people would have to throw out a dozen reports every single day. Also, people do tend to get enormous wages. The ludicrous amounts I've heard of semi-successful business owners/workers get for around 1-2 hours of RP is pretty wild - and it blows all script jobs out of the water, tbh. There's a few good examples of people who someone could just come on this thread and name, who showcase the "script job" issue extremely well - but obviously no one will, as it's extremely immature. Also because of the fact the staff this server has, are probably already on the case.
  12. aloegarten

    Personally (as in speaking for myself), the only periods of Discord chat I partake in usually aren't moderated all too heavily and everyone seems to get along fine and have somewhat healthy discussions - sure, occasionally things get a little out of hand. e.g - Someone completely butchers another users opinion on a topic via a misconception, strong language comes into play and such, but it doesn't last long at all and is usually nullified fairly quickly, either by changing the topic or people going quiet. I noticed this has also happened in a fair few forum discussions, too. I don't think trimming down personal freedom is the way to go about this at all - even if said countermeasures were to be put in place, things like this would still continue to happen. Why? It's the internet, there's all types of people, whether it be overly edgy, ignorant, blind or narcissistic, it doesn't matter. The main issue I see is that people don't utilise the #other chat alot of the time, it's been stated that if things like this were to happen, people should carry it over to that channel, as afaik there's considerably less moderation in it. Maybe it's time to reinforce the idea of using that channel -- instead of trying to nullify the discussions completely, which won't work at all. Perhaps we could create a more obvious one, like #spam, #debate, #discussion(s) or whatever the staff team can think up, I'm not too good w/ ideas. also: I do agree that racism/homophobia should be a rule that's enforced more than it is, the majority don't want to see that in 2018 and it's bad for image if it goes unpunished or unnoticed.
  13. aloegarten

    But the main body of say - the Dominator, seems to be heavily inspired by a fifth generation Ford Mustang, doesn't it? Comparing a smart-car to a Lamborghini Gallardo (which would be the Vacca iirc) is just a bit dramatic for no reason. The two aren't really comparable in this situation, no one is going to PG and say that their Faggio is a Harley or something. As Pascal has been saying previously - having it should be fine aslong as it's actually reasonable, e.g an almost carbon copy of the vehicle's real life counterpart.
  14. aloegarten

    Not really. I'm pretty sure a lot of people advocating for it are from another -now closed- server because it was a "rule" there. I don't see an issue with letting people roleplay what they want, real-life or GTA Universe. It was left open without a rule for a reason, surely because some people aren't lore experts, and shouldn't have to be just to roleplay. Those people more than likely don't know the less common GTA brands (e.g Sessante Nove) and would prefer to use the real-life counterpart. It's purely preference, and I believe people should leave it at that.