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  2. They praying 4 ur downfall queen.... 🦋

  3. this are`nt relevant pleace stop derail tread
  4. damn thas crazy anyways stan loona @Morning

  5. aloegarten

    something tells me that mafia leaders aren't realistically going to buy literal mansions with blood money and attract the attention of law enforcement in doing so roleplaying rich in general is a pretty notable niché from what i've seen and rarely is it done right — the majority of people i've seen who roleplay rich are barhoppers who drink 1 beer the whole night n don't say much of value and then drive home with a random girl or boy in their 600k pariah like they're patrick bateman so tbh adding in these mansions is a waste of time when there's no one fit (rp quality wise) to take them
  6. damn bro look out they gonna come after ur 7 mill next 

  7. (sory i am useing android )

    Sour Bread and He

    • Sour r onion Sour Onion sour Onion Sour onion Onion Sour cream
    1. 😎Hello it is mye Mongot tv john olsen need to lose a needeed to LOose a bibt waight 250 keelos  😎
      I accompanied my gf in sweden(visiting her grandparents away from tourist areas) with her friends, and exotic males just followed us, trying to offer drugs, some tried to grab ass and grope. I stood up like wtf, guys cmon. One pushed me, I showed him pepper spray in my hand he backed off finally, but it was like, anarchy, they werent afraid of anyhing. After the trip gf said like thank god we live in estonia.
      Welcome backt o my channel its me Schjoor Ooj
    2. aer 
  8. aloegarten

    Except that if it was such a 'poor reason to kill' in the aforementioned post it should be pretty easy to give a verdict, implementing such systems would also probably slow down the volume of forum reports. But keep quote mining. Does killing not ruin the roleplay in general, though? Having people roleplay around it, then having them figure out those awkward moments of talking to the person you just saw shot and roleplayed mourning and crying over 45 minutes ago. Sure, it's a time waste, but it would also be a time waste to have to deal with an admin situation, or worse, a forum report, no?