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  1. ur my friend ur my friend ur my friend ur my friend

    1. aloegarten


      tera mina olen pappel kevin

  2. ecco pull up ina rover

  3. so call me maybe 😛

    1. Ikechukwu
    2. aloegarten


      yea its woo back wednesday

  4. mine pekki.... tsägga teeb tobi ??? ??? haige.. olen õhinat täis oodates su arvamust sellele


  5. kanye failrp minge

  6. green ,,, me say alone ramp ,.... me say a.. me say alone ramp!!!!

    1. Ikechukwu


      green..... GREEN what your prolem green??

    2. Pascal


      blue..... BLUE ,... me no longer blue

  7. Yoooooo my slime I know you really don’t know mandem like that, But I was wondering if I can purchase suttin still fam. Just a bit of Grub my driller. I really wanna know what your prices are saying cuz I wanna blem a zoot... with my boydem and gyaldem, G, you feel me. So get back to me cuz I know your the top dog around ere. I wanna purchase the food from you Bruce and nobody else. So peace out tho roll safe and get back to me on the Quickting brodem

  8. helo my from lituania was looked to started a lituania gangsta faction for at leat 1 year , Get back to me on a quickting brodem I wanna purchase the food from you bruce and no body else ,
  9. "take it far" nah take that shit 2 the archives my guy ((not ktown please dont crucify me))

    1. Morning


      crucify him 

  10. After checking rule 9 like three times, yeah, it's listed as not allowed
  11. didn't know it wasn't against the rules but yeah please and thx
  12. tbt to being called a tier 14 (REDACTED) for this incident
  13. ?

    1. kaerlig
    2. aloegarten


      have Mine briefcase , your epic 

    3. kaerlig


      thank you for this ?

  14. chicken sandwich

    1. aloegarten


      i Made up my mind

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