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James Mustaine

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  1. James Mustaine

    Sheriff's Department is no longer a thing.
  2. James Mustaine

  3. James Mustaine

    Congrats guys.
  4. I give it about 10 minutes before my internet gets booted lmao. Thanks for everything Nervous, hopefully RageMP comes soon :)
  5. James Mustaine

    Planning on donating tonight, would I be able to transfer some WP to a friend?
  6. James Mustaine

    I don't know the answer to your question BUT... I don't think the system in place should be /do and asking ICly, I feel like depending on the situation the player will just change their story. If it's a regular traffic stop they'll say Yes, and if they were fleeing from a crime scene or something they'll say No. Nevermind, read what @Aquila said.
  7. James Mustaine

  8. James Mustaine

    Forced CK should never happen. It should be upto the player if they want their character CK'd.
  9. James Mustaine

    I see nothing wrong with this, he bought the house early on when the population density was low, and now it's higher so the cost of the house is more. It's how it works in real life. Not only that if someone still wanted a house they can get one in the area for around 150k easily. I just don't see a problem with this.
  10. James Mustaine

    @Froge is right, @Serenity and @EliH care to weigh in?
  11. James Mustaine

    I think this depends on how many times the player has done this before, if it's just once it should be a fine, and after that you can start impounding the vehicle etc.
  12. James Mustaine

    Agreed, IRL people find creative ways to cover their license plates: And when they get caught they face large fines, if that is incorporated with this system that'd be perfectly fine. Now if the license plate is hidden is it easy to tell with the car right in front of you or how would that work? Is it possible that if the license plate is covered it'd just have black paint all over it or something?
  13. James Mustaine

    I disagree with this, there is already a rule where if you don't play for 2 weeks your property get's removed. Not only that there is high-rises on the map and where we could just have apartment style rooms, there is literally infinite amount of houses you can have with this system. The system right now where the house if it's not owned by anyone is just kind of bought randomly is weird since the prices are just kind of made up randomly, BUT after the houses are bought they can be sold for any amount to another player is perfectly fine, if you are worried about the prices going up over time because of population density, well... that's real life. Source That chart/picture shows that overtime the costs went up for houses in many counties in California. Do you know why? Because overtime the population in the state increased as-well: Source So overall, I think it's actually good that as population of the server increases so does property costs in population dense areas, now if you still want to own a house, you get the money and buy it or... You start making houses in apartments like this and if this doesn't work with you then you end up with a shitshack or rent a house.