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  1. the_criserk

    Still looking.
  2. the_criserk

    Still for sale.
  3. the_criserk

    I'm not looking to sell it under $100.000.
  4. the_criserk

    Looking to buy a Huntley S. Leave offers below.
  5. the_criserk

    Looking to sell my Albany Alpha. Several top of the line performance upgrades, including suspension, transmission and turbo. Insured and with low mileage. Looking for $105.000. Contact me via E-Mail ((forum pm)) or phone: 75463682
  6. the_criserk

    Tabitha and Michael, truly dramatic.
  7. the_criserk

    Looking to sell my Invetero Coquette. Vehicle has several performance modifications as well as body kit extensions and/or modifications. I'm looking for something in the range of $230.000. Please reply if interested and/or contact me privately.
  8. the_criserk

    Already sold.
  9. the_criserk

    Selling a Ubermacht Oracle. No modifications, it is registered and insured. Looking for $60,000.
  10. the_criserk

    Purchased one; no longer interested.
  11. the_criserk

    Still searching...
  12. the_criserk

  13. the_criserk

    Still looking.
  14. the_criserk

    Interested in purchasing a Coquette. Preferably Silver/Black. Not interested in any Coquette that has body/visual modifications. Leave an offer below or in private.
  15. the_criserk

    **Advertisement would be taken down** ((L&A))