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  1. Marty


    Still looking for one. If you have any information for one that can be for sale, please let me know.
  2. Just a bit fat no. I see no reason why someone's character should be essentially deleted after developing it for a solid year for some ridiculous reason, especially considering how some criminal roleplayers don't roleplay any of the consequences of murdering someone as if suddenly they are a stone-cold murderer that doesn't get care about others. Not saying everyone is like that, but a lot are. Sure there are some who do that, but chances are the one who will murder you for some ridiculous reason will not and then you're left characterless. Would it be fun? Not for me personally and I imagine a lot of others are on the same page. There is a reason why there are CK apps and admins can even force a CK if a situation is suitable without there being an app. This brings me to the next point, everyone and I mean everyone should be roleplaying fear of ending up dying regardless if there is a rule or you're gonna be CK'd. Anyone who doesn't is just a terrible roleplayer and needs to educate themselves, because stone-cold killers shouldn't exist from out of thin air. It's basically the equivalent of robocop in the criminal world, nobody likes those right? Back on the point, CK's apps are there for a reason and even when there isn't a CK app, people CK themselves because it makes sense to do in certain situations. This system is perfectly fine, it works, its fun so no reason to fix something that isn't broken. Also, as mentioned early, only CK's will diminish the player base by a big margin and simply will not work to be implemented on an established server. This would require a new server and be a thing from day 1. But as someone mentioned, this was a thing with a server in GTA SA - OwlGaming and is no further for a reason. It doesn't work. In the perfect world? It would, but sorry, it isn't a perfect world.
  3. Marty


  4. SOLD SAN ANDREAS AVE - FLOOR 10, ROOM 2 2 bedroom penthouse apartment in Vespucci Canals The apartment is just across the street from the local 24/7, making it a two-second trip even on your laziest days. Worried about crime? Not to worry, there is a newly opened LSPD Headquarters just down the road. Hunger strikes, but worried about paying delivery? Burger Shot is just across the road. Feel like getting new clothes, but don't want to drive to Hawick? Clothes shop is just around the corner. Feel an itch of going to the beach? Just hop in the car, drive for a minute and you'll be there! Only for the asking price of $150,000, including the newly decorated second room to include a second tenant or maybe your friend who hasn't found a place yet. Price is open for negotiations!
  5. Marty

    Sold, can be L&A.
  6. Selling my sleeper 1969 Declasse Yosemite! Custom built with a LS7 swapped engine with performance turbo. Performance built transmission. Custom built performance air-ride suspension, giving it a sleek, unique look while also being fully functional for both normal and race type driving. Drag radials for added grip. More power than a truck meant to carry furniture or hay bales should justifiably have. Exterior has been primarily left in it's stock form to save the sleeper look. Truck that will leave Hellfire owners flabbergasted of what you have under the hood after they eat your dust. Every. Single. Time. Truck that may attempt to kill you due to it's power output and weight, however, will leave a massive grin on your face. Fuel economy is non existent and neither are the tires, be warned. Truck has been well taken care of and has never showed any issues besides normal tire wear. Pictures Looking to sell it for $80,000. However, open for negotiations if reasonable. No time wasters please. Leave an email to attached address ((Forum PM)), leave a post below or contact me on 6025 via phone.
  7. Marty

    Looking to purchase Caracara. Leave a message below, email me ((PM)) or send a text to 6025.
  8. Marty

    Here's my 2003 Volvo S40 - 1.9 Diesel (economy and insurance reasons), making 115hp. Few things done to it: Wheels, coilovers, tints, debadged and interior swap to beige. Planning to do a straight pipe in the near future. Otherwise, it's been super reliable and has been really good to me. Here's how it looked when I first got it.
  9. Marty

    Looking to buy a Pegassi Bati 801, preferably registered and with some modifications, however, not fussed about that. Message me if you're looking to sell one and the price.
  10. Marty

    Sold - L&A, please.
  11. Marty

    Dominator sold, dropping the price on the Nightblade.
  12. Marty

    Open to reasonable offers - through e-mail ((PM)). Western Nightblade $50,000 SOLD Registered Full performance parts put into the bike Ride with style while itching your speed demon need May kill you
  13. Marty

    I'm loving these, the mystery is real. ?