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  1. Trukken

    Don't worry, Rage is gonna push an update soon. Consider joining GTAW discord so you have up to date info.
  2. Trukken

    St3fan[NL]Today at 8:17 PM @here RageMP updated the launcher and it should work for everyone now. If it does nothing follow these steps: 1. Close ALL Steam and RageMP processes. (Double check in task manager) Or restart your PC 2. Go to your RageMP folder and run "updater.exe" 3. Connect to a server and wait for the RageMP loadup screen
  3. Trukken

    Doesn't work for me.
  4. Trukken

    (( OOC Post ))
  5. Trukken

    I have texted a few people from the PM already hopefully one of them replies and can validate it, thanks for the input.
  6. Trukken

    Bit of background, I am the owner of a trucking company and we have contracts with certain businesses to supply them for a fixed price. For that I set up a seperate discord channel so people in my company can keep track of contracts currently being prioritised by us. We RP having tablets in all of vehicles so that the employees can get notifications. I also set up a logging page where employees must record what vehicle they had taken from the company garage. My question is, does it count as MG? We recently had a discussion about pagers not being approved by the FM and I dont want to fall underneath the same category. Same goes for the log, is it MG to record those informations on a seperate discord server? If it makes you any easier to decide send me a PM and i can give you an invitation to the discord server.
  7. Trukken

    In fact you could hear it from mouth of people who have no idea about cars, but still want to talk about it, aka ricers.
  8. Trukken

  9. Trukken

    We are still looking for drivers with or without experience! Now with a premium system, Look for us on Facebrowser or give us a call!
  10. Trukken

    I am interested in buying it. Are there other bidders?
  11. Trukken

    For example a police officer arrives to a car crash sceene, is it a good practice if the police officer asks in /do what happened and what he could see?
  12. Trukken

    Awesome, thank you for the heads up! 🙂
  13. Trukken

    Any info on this one? Was it clarified?
  14. This would also decrease the load on the server with the continous /crate commands