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  1. Trukken

    We are still looking for drivers with or without experience! Now with a premium system, Look for us on Facebrowser or give us a call!
  2. Trukken

    I am interested in buying it. Are there other bidders?
  3. Trukken

    For example a police officer arrives to a car crash sceene, is it a good practice if the police officer asks in /do what happened and what he could see?
  4. Trukken

    Awesome, thank you for the heads up! 🙂
  5. Trukken

    Any info on this one? Was it clarified?
  6. This would also decrease the load on the server with the continous /crate commands
  7. While I agree with you on the fish prices I dont think its time to talk about that lets stay at topic. I wouldnt make it mandatory to roleplay every single element of trucking while no people are around. Of course if there is even just another trucker near you, you better start roleplaying your shit, but otherwise its just a chore no one really wants, henve i think timers at businesses would be flawed. Its more up to the staff to regulate those who dont Rp deliveries when people are around imo.
  8. Trukken

    So monitoring the income from each employee for the owner of the business is too much of a hustle to do, do i get it right?
  9. This! Thanks dude.
  10. Limiting the time you have to spend at a drop off point is not going to change whether or not people roleplay delivering. As many said before the job simply needs to get company bound that way we can monitor people better and fire them if evidance is shown that one person doesnt roleplay. I dont aim to milk alll the business owners from their hard earned cash, to fill up a business with 15k comps it takes roughly 85k dollars, I have no idea how much money you can make on that amount of comps but further rising the price of the crates wont do any good for them I belive. Lowering the requirements further is an absolute joke, everyone will want to drive big rigs to businesses which lets be honest will lead to more confusion and more annoyance from the business owners side. I think the delivery amounts are in the right space. Its not something unachievable i have something around 450 since the trucking script is in place(3weeks i guess?) and i have not been playing everyday.
  11. Trukken

    Trying to blame it on someone else, ha. Scammer.
  12. Trukken

    Wow, my offer is off as well. Have fun selling it, scammer.
  13. Kind of kind of not, better making it sure everyone gets the idea
  14. I have not seen anything about it either and there are no rules about it on the game rules topic.
  15. Totally agree with you, my initial plans were that I will set up an "office" team as well for my company, but i just can not afford it at the moment. I do not want to employ people just for a couple of runs and then have them leave the company just because they get bored of the repetative nature of the script. I would like to create major event that would involve at least 20-30 people roleplaying together, but ultimately people are there for money and I can not just say, hey just do it for the giggles because at least half of those people would not be interested in my plans anymore. If companies could generate sufficient amount of money, it would make more opportunities for its management to organize new structures around it, thus involving more people.