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  1. CloutToken

    Feels like a term straight out of GTA Online or a racing game. I wouldn't mind people saying "this car is packed to the brim" in IC chat for example, but the term maxed shouldn't be on a roleplaying server.
  2. CloutToken

    Just wanna chip in - if all of the faction's internal issues had to be resolved from an IC standpoint, then almost nothing would get done. It needs to be clear what should come off as an in-character problem and what should not. If it's an issue of the mindset of the members of the faction that is roleplay related and it's more appropriate for it to be addressed on an OOC level, then it should be addressed on an OOC level. Realistically, medics and cops would never argue at each other over "transportation issues" especially because the police don't ever self-transport in real life. Providing quality roleplay should be the number one goal this faction has in mind. Keep these two short and simple, yet important quotes in mind: "It's not about policing the server, it's about providing quality police roleplay to the server" "We should be winning most situations, but let's win realistically"
  3. CloutToken

    shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn
  4. CloutToken

    i shall not judge a man by his graphics but his talents ((roleplay)) following!
  5. CloutToken

    sounds cool
  6. honestly the cars have too much detail put into them for them to be RPed as anything else. the cars mimic real life ones with their logos plastered all over the place. it's not exactly feasible to roleplay real life cars UNLESS the server management and developers decided to scrape together hundreds upon hundreds of vehicle models that are from the real world, which doesn't seem likely at all
  7. CloutToken

    Again, nothing about long RP lines make you look like a good RPer, and if anything, it just shows that you're trying too hard. However, a few details here and there aren't bad however when it's appropriate, of course. That's just me though.
  8. CloutToken

    this guide gives good advice that people should actually take into consideration though, this isnt about the "mindset of other servers"
  9. CloutToken

    This was actually a pretty good read and I believe it can teach quite a bit to the average roleplayer or people new to police roleplay. I’m working on something similar that is more oriented to the LSPD.
  10. CloutToken

    This is a really good guide that everybody should read in my opinion. People seem to think that having a long /me makes you a good roleplayer. Fact of the day: Having a long /me describing every minuscule detail does not make you a good roleplayer. A short /me such as /me socks David in the face. gives you the same understanding as /me balls his right hand up, lifting his arm up, aiming his fist at David's face before rocketing a punch at his nose.
  11. CloutToken

    Gonna start off by saying that I'm glad to see that a thread like this was finally made, as I have some things that I'd like to point out for a while now. The first thing that I'd like to point out is the pursuit protocols on this server. To my understanding, it's basically the old take off, call it into TAC, intercept, and try to box them in as soon as possible. Boxing is the first thing I'd like to cover. This technique is pretty ancient and is something that roleplay servers are starting to get rid of. Boxing in suspects is inherently dangerous and possesses a massive risk for all the officers that do so, and it's not used in real life by big departments such as the LAPD. The suspect can easily pull out a gun and start popping shots at the officers who've boxed him in. I understand that you guys don't box suspects who are known to be armed but you can never be sure. Along with that, boxing looks really messy and unprofessional. High-risk stops are what's done when a suspect's vehicle stops in real life instead of surrounding it with cruisers. This is an example of a high-risk stop. Cruisers parked behind the suspect's car, shouting verbal commands over the PA. Here's a high-risk stop in action. Another issue that I won't put too much into, are high-speed vehicles owned by the department. It's not a common thing I've seen around here, however, this is another thing from the older days on RP servers. High-performance vehicles would cost a ton of money for the department to maintain and simply not be efficient. They're unrealistic for the department to possess. Even the LAPD's Lambo isn't used for pursuits, it's only used for charity purposes. The next issue I'd like to tackle is character portrayal. With all due respect, some of the character portrayal I've seen from some members in this faction is just blatantly unrealistic. This includes age, income, and assets. Not gonna point any fingers but I've seen a Detective III with a bachelors degree at 24 years old who was even featured in a department newsletter with that exact backstory. Detective IIIs are the equivalent of Sergeant IIs who'd be in their late thirties to early forties. In my opinion, you guys should lay out a rule requiring members to roleplay being a certain age at a certain rank. There's a rank guide somewhere on the forums which you guys can take influence from. I've also seen several sports/supercars parked outside Mission Row, and have seen members of the faction driving such cars (can't remember who exactly, so I couldn't report them if I wanted to). It should be understood that being a police officer is a job for their character; their main source of income. A POII in the LAPD alone makes around ~$71,000 a year pre-tax. If I come up with anything else, I'll post it, however, these are the primary issues which I could think about at the top of my head.
  12. CloutToken

  13. CloutToken

    roleplay in factions and the money will eventually start rolling
  14. CloutToken

    looking good
  15. CloutToken

    no it doesnt san andreas replaces california case closed