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  1. CloutToken

    @arrdef In regards to your last statement. I'm from the state of Virginia in real life. I can tell you for a fact the people, culture, economy, infrastructure between us and West Virginia are vastly different. Regardless, we're talking about two states which are literally identical. We don't have a knock-off Charleston in North Carolina. It makes no sense to have a knockoff Los Angeles in San Andreas (or West California??)
  2. CloutToken

    But then you have the issue of having two very similar-looking states, with similar gangs, with similar organizations with similar histories. How do you justify that?
  3. CloutToken

    You'll be fine. RAGE MP doesn't modify any of your directory files. Whenever you try to connect to GTA Online with mods, it just automatically redirects you to singleplayer with a message saying that you have a modified copy of the game, so you're safe there as well.
  4. CloutToken

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  7. CloutToken

    It's a gray zone really. In my mind, our game map is just Southern San Andreas (Southern California, which is 56,505 mi²), not the whole state, and Los Santos is a sprawling metropolis that would be the size of LA. This is going a bit off-topic but the whole "1 city on an island off the west coast" thing has no logic behind it and is not realistic. The Palomino Highlands on the eastern part of the map exists to give off the feeling that more lays beyond than just ocean. Being in the Sheriff's Department, I have to constantly drive between Sandy Shores and the city. It's not really something I put much thought into. I don't necessarily roleplay a 3-hour commute every time I go from my apartment in LS to Sandy Shores, or a 4-hour drive when I respond to a 911 call in Grapeseed from Mirror Park. While I don't necessarily roleplay the drives being long every time I do it, our game world should be pictured as bigger than just 8 miles. Just don't put too much thought into it and use suspension of disbelief. It's similar to the idea of aging up a couple of years after a few months in PD/SD. It's not something that'll have a perfect answer.
  8. CloutToken

    The timezone being an hour ahead or behind doesn’t make any difference for US players. I can’t remember the last time I got to experience daylight. Also, while on the topic, the time on the phone clock is different from /time.
  9. CloutToken

  10. CloutToken

    When the MDC has a dark mode, the forums should absolutely have it as well. Full support.
  11. CloutToken

    If the roleplay being provided to me is reasonable (some 15-year-old running from the cops on foot), I'll usually have a word with them, roleplay bringing them to their parents' house, and have them deal with him. My character isn't going to ruin some kid's life by giving him a record due to some dumb decisions he made at a young age. I fully disagree with the notion that we should ban minor/teenage roleplay just because it'll make your life as a cop easier (it honestly doesn't make a difference). It's ignorant to say "who cares about someone's gang roleplay, ban teenagers" when they're very essential to gangs.
  12. CloutToken

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  14. CloutToken

    The weather isn’t synced properly and most of the time when it rains it isn’t legit. Admins will usually reset the weather if they notice this. The IC weather is in /weather and what is on there should be roleplayed. If it rains but it isn’t in /weather, don’t roleplay it because it’s probably not on many other people’s (if anyone’s) screen.