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  1. CloutToken

    nothing short of perfection 😍👏
  2. CloutToken

    good work seech
  3. CloutToken

  4. CloutToken

    "From 2020 onward, all legal factions will be expected to closely portray the Los Angeles equivalent. The LSPD and LSSD in particular have made several changes recently to bring them more in line with the LAPD and LASD respectively. The key thing to remember here is that things should be as realistic as playable. This means that we will be aiming to make these factions to be as similar to their real life counterparts, but if a change is too detrimental to in-game effectiveness it will not be implemented." On the LSFD forums, check for yourself.
  5. CloutToken

    Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, and by the way, after 2020, the factions are gonna need to be required to base off their LA counterparts, just as gangs already have to. We're emulating Los Angeles as much as we can. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from an IRL department, I don't understand why you felt the need to retaliate like that to Bospy in your first post.
  6. CloutToken

    Please. There’s times where it would make sense but to force yourself to use an apostrophe literally every other word that is uttered is pretty goofy.
  7. CloutToken

    Tracking mode is always an option for situations like these however it's not used by the department. Either way, I would rather lose and be realistic about it than forcing a win by using questionable tactics. It shouldn't matter if you catch suspects or not, it should matter if you roleplayed properly.
  8. CloutToken

    I suggested a tackling system months ago in order to cut down on the amount of spam tasing and bean bag shotguns being used however no one seems to have actually looked into this.
  9. CloutToken

    This is something I also strongly support as a member of the faction. Believe me, being based off the LAPD can be very interesting and honestly opens up a whole new world of RP rather than being just the usual police department on a GTA roleplaying server. I don’t usually bring up other servers, but LSRP did this on SAMP and I was skeptical and against the idea at first, however I eventually grew to love it much more as opposed to the old days. The roleplay quality and the roleplay experiences I’ve had on there with police department, despite what some may say, is honestly incomparable to any other police faction I have interacted with and is nothing like it was in the past. Like stated, you gotta break out of your comfort zone sometimes.
  10. CloutToken

    I agree with everything you've said, especially the second part. Good roleplayers are created by influence from other good and experienced roleplayers.
  11. CloutToken

    good stuff
  12. CloutToken

    good job everyone
  13. CloutToken

    Considering we're on a roleplaying server that emulates Los Angeles, roleplaying snow in such an area seems weird and is not consistent with what we are trying to portray. I remember back in 2017 when the snow had reached out to Sandy Shores and it was so weird considering it's a patch of desert that's meant to be hot. Also: This was the Great Snow Debate of 2018 as some people call it that pretty much ruled this idea out from happening again in the future.