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  1. Username: TruthSeeker Comment: Good Riddance, he deserves it. Goodbye scum of the earth, hope you burn in hell.
  2. I'm just glad to see the community supporting our little 24/7. It's heartwarming to see that! Thanks guys, I hope it's reversed back!
  3. Doesn't matter that it looks like a liquor store or not, sure it might look weird that It doesn't sell scriptwise alcohol but I always had a bunch of alcohol items that I would sell to players if they asked for it. The same for cigarettes, this store holds a special place for me. Having it in the dimension 0 makes it the reason I like it, I can actually see what happens outside, which I wouldn't be able to if it was an interior that you enter. And in the end it doesn't matter what the exterior said, it's all about the RP. If we start picking on little details about everything on the server we wouldn't be able to stop. The role-play was great!
  4. Mattkov

    love it bro
  5. It's with saddened eyes and a heavy heart that I'm writing this thread. Today was the demise of an era in the civilian role-play in Vespucci. The little corner store known as Rob's Liquor was sadly transformed without warning into an actual liquor store. A stranger outside of the situation would be like; "Yeah it makes sense". And to an extent I would agree. But Rob's Liquor was more than a 24/7 store, it was the centre of some character's role-play, it was a hub for creative role-play. Cops, civilians, gang members and factions often passed by for some quality and fun role-play. Sadly, it was taken from us. The store was the home for many of us, not only is my role-play ruined and destroyed by this little action that was done without thinking, and I'm not trying to point fingers to anybody in PM. But I must say I'm extremely sad on how things were handled, and no it's not about money if anybody is wondering. The profits margins of running a 24/7 is very low. The reason that I leased the store was to be able to manage employees, profits aren't important to me or to anyone working inside the store. A liquor store simply doesn't attract the amounts of players that a 24/7 does. Today instead of seeing my usual 10-15 hourly customers in an hour, I ended up having ONE in over two hours. So for me that's it, there's no point for me to run a liquor store, not only does it make no sense for my character, a store simply doesn't change in less than a day from a corner store into a liquor store. The young kids and teenagers that would come inside are no longer even legally able to enter the store. We were even helping the homeless by giving them expired food and free snacks, it was great. The amount of robberies were also very enjoyable. A lot of the robberies were casual and fun, and properly role-played (for the most part) On an out of character level, this store has been scripted as a 24/7 for over a year now, and I leased it as a 24/7 not as a liquor store. The city already has over six liquor store and within 1 miles of this store there's 2 other liquor stores... We didn't need more liquor stores inside the city, not only the ones currently scripted are struggling with role-play and money, they didn't need extra competition. Three Rob's Liquor were sadly transformed into a liquor store. For me what started as a way to earn money ended up being my greatest and my best experience on the server. I never expected that something as simple as a 24/7 would end up opening doors with quality role-play opportunities. I made so many friends in character and out of character, I'm literally so sad that this role-play for me is now ruined.. I hope that I can get some support from the community regarding this situation. I was even working to make an little intro like a sitcom for all of the employees, even that is now ruined 😕
  6. Mattkov

    Uniform lady! Have fun with this!
  7. Mattkov

    I like the new rule, better than before, is it perfect? No, but it's a step towards the right direction.
  8. It's not trucking, it's like being a FedEx driver, there's barely any real trucks. It's simply the old courier job that was glorified. I feel like there's so many issues with it. The lack of business needing crates ends up in 15 truckers at the same location doing one /me. I feel like the trucking job should be like hourly paid just like a 24/7 or something like that. It's not trucking it's just like the old mining, and it's far from being fun when you see people racing with white speedos over the city.
  9. Mattkov

    If only city government had public works..... That would open a nice thing for most roleplayers. But currently tje government is kinda dead and the mayor barely plays...
  10. Mattkov

    Would be very useful if you're trying to stalk someone, I approve.
  11. Mattkov

    A lot do it, for the 4k paycheck tbh. You'll never see them more than 3 hours at their jobs, trust me. But maybe not that rare, I guess.
  12. Mattkov

    A proper civilian that isn't a businessman/legal faction. Someone that isn't a super human, and someone that is actually scared of being robbed/assaulted and that just curls up in a ball when confronted.
  13. Mattkov

    Username: Taildragger Comment: Dude above is right, more like Rent-A-Crash, don't fly with those fools. They don't even know what flaps are.
  14. Mattkov

    I always wanted to go in there for minor things, such as pain back and what not but I felt like y'all would probly be overcrowded so I never dared to go inside. Are you guys usually full or kinda quiet?