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  1. Mattkov

    I agree, long haul trucking would be much more fun too, at the moment there is no incentive to deliver the stores in sandy shores as they are much farther than any other stores and pay the same amount. At the moment, the current trucking system isn't trucking. It's just like being a UPS driver, at most. Far from what trucking really is.
  2. Mattkov

    I have a few questions most of them concerns prison. Since there isn't much to do in prison currently, other than self-created role-play which is fine but eventually gets boring. Do you guys plan on adding work details on a regular basis? Doesn't always needs to be outside the prison, during my time in prison IRL. I was part of the crew that worked on cleaning and painting most of the facility, and I feel like work details that would surround the prison would be a very nice addition. Also I feel like the need of a kitchen role-play would be very nice, allowing for nice RP. Usually Chow is served three times a day, but at least once or twice a day would be nice and would give us inmates something else to do. In the prison I was in, there was a chapel opened at least once a day with a priest that you could talk to. But I doubt anyone role-plays a priest so that might not work. In general, I would love to see more additions and rooms for us to have access too, kitchen, work details, laundry, chapel, library, showers, you get the point. A working commissary would be a great addition too, as well as working phones (Much needed) My other question concerns the recruitment side of corrections, what if I only want to be role-playing in corrections, as a correctional officer. Is there a way to only apply for that? Because I would be interested in that type of role-play but I have no interests in patrolling as a deputy sheriff. Last question, is the SASD's registering website bugged? I haven't gotten the confirmation email to activate my account and it's been 24 hours.
  3. Mattkov

    This is a legitimate question, why are most deputies from Sheriff Patrolling instead of role-playing in the prison? I'm just curious as I thought SD was created to be in charge of prison. And it seems like they rarely go in prison except for a few ones. Which honestly kinda sucks when guards are in prison. I just feel like they should be mandated a minimal amount of their time into prison. That's just my thoughts.
  4. Mattkov

    As a truck driver, every time I roll in a place like Davis, I always see a few cruisers here and there parked. But I never see them elsewhere very often, so I would tend to agree. But then again I don't role-play gangs...
  5. Mattkov

    Keep the good work pals.
  6. Mattkov

    Wouldn't mind a Public Works from the Government, that would be insanely fun!
  7. Mattkov

    Would love to see the public works implemented I feel it would bring the city to life and add unexpected situations to the day-to-day experience!
  8. Mattkov

    Or make it automatic that you wear your seat belt and if you rp someone who doesn't then they have to type /sb to not wear it?
  9. Mattkov

    First, do you really think that 400,000$ is cheap? Second if people are retarded to do 9/11 they'll just get banned and they weren't worth on the server anyways. Third this is just to promote more RP, and the skies won't fill up with dozens of planes but they'll allow some people to actually consider it to improve their role-play. And you need to have rp reasons for owning any vehicles anyways. I have the cash to buy supercars but I don't since it doesn't fit your character anyways.
  10. Mattkov

    Then the whole point of this command is pointless, by the time you get to the police or that your call is answered it'll be too late. If this was real life but this is GTAW, people are gone in seconds. And if it wasn't meant to be used without interactions of the police then it would be a law enforcement command not a general public command.
  11. Mattkov

    Hi, currently the /reportstolen command is great and it works, but except who actually remembers their license plate number? I mean IRL I have my registration paper in my wallet. So very simple solution, if you could use your vehicle ID from the /vget list instead of license plate number. Or another solution is to have the license number of your vehicle in the vehicle list. Thoughts?
  12. Mattkov

    This is great, good luck!
  13. Mattkov

    Not a bad idea.